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  • August 21, 2022
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Dynamics of Suffering:

An individual who has experienced the Truth of his nature can see that there are no accidents in existence. Suffering is not an act, it is an experience. Suffering can have no meaning without the participation of the Self. Suffering cannot happen without the involvement of the Self.

If one goes deep and looks at the causes of suffering, whether it be their own or someone else’s, they can see that the source of suffering is always within. For example, when you watch a person suffering, it is not just the person who is suffering; it is also you who is suffering.

If you aren’t suffering along with that person, then you can’t recognize the suffering of that person. The moment you watch someone being hurt, something in you hurts too. The source of suffering is not in that person, but it is in you.

When you recognize the suffering of somebody, when you recognize the suffering in the world, you are recognizing it through you. You can only identify suffering through suffering. You can’t talk about suffering or think about suffering without suffering. It isn’t possible to objectively talk about suffering while you are in a pleasant state of mind. Knowing that suffering is happening inside you is the first step to go beyond it.

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