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  • August 7, 2022
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The Individual:

The next time you are outside, look at the vibrancy of life all around you. You will see the insects moving, the birds singing, and there will be no disturbance. There will be no questioning, no seeking, and no trouble. They will all just be going about their simple lives. You could even say that they are blissful. Bliss is nothing but a state of non-disturbance. The insects and birds are simply being in the moment.

A bird flying in the sky has no religion, it has no name, it doesn’t know where it has come from, and it doesn’t know where it is going. A bird doesn’t have a philosophy or an ideology, it doesn’t believe in heaven and hell, and it isn’t interested in redemption. Yet, look at the life that is gracing that bird; it is utterly free in the vastness of the sky. If you can be absolutely free, for even a single moment, you will know the value of individuality, and you will also know a tremendous force that is the individual.

An individual is an ocean – a vast, unimaginable ocean of life. An individual is not what you see; an individual is simply what you are. There is a big difference between the person you see in the mirror and the person you actually are. The person you see in the mirror is just a form – a play of colors, light, and darkness. Switch off the light, and poof! The image goes away. What is not visible, however, is the conscious aliveness that is pulsating within you, through which even the contemplation, “This is my body,” is happening.

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