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  • October 2, 2022
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Difference Between Right and Right:

It isn’t very hard to know the difference between right and wrong. We have already defined what a right is, and what a wrong is, at least theoretically. Our social structure, education, and upbringing lays out the difference between right and wrong very clearly. 

Despite there being a clear distinction between right and wrong, why do people still find it difficult to follow the right path. Why is it so difficult to pick the right things and simply stick to it. If life is an eternal choice between right and wrong, then why should it be so hard to choose the right things.

The answer to this question lies in a simple fact that the real challenge in life is not choosing between right and wrong, but choosing between right and right. Although there are clear definitions of right and wrong, more often than not, we are presented with the challenge of choosing one right over the other.

How often do we struggle with the question of choosing between two rights? In fact, the whole of life is a journey in learning how to choose between one right and another. It is easy to know the difference between good and bad people, but it is a lot harder to know the importance and value of two people who are equally right in some way. We are constantly presented with a choice to choose between two rights, and that is where the real challenge of life lies.

This is where it is very easy to falter. If we are not able to make a clear distinction between two rights, then we would be trying to juggle between both, eventually ending up accomplishing neither of them. Sometimes, the hardest thing to do in life is to learn how to let go of one right, in order to focus on the other right. In the battle between two rights, learning how to sacrifice one is where the real secret of understanding life lies in. 

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