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  • October 23, 2022
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We know the meaning of Self-Reflection – it is to pause once in a while to take a look at what’s happening in our lives. A moment of quiet self-introspection. But, we are hardly taught how to use self-reflection as a tool to transform ourselves.

We rarely give ourselves enough time for self-reflection. We are mostly so busy running around that we rarely pause to self-reflect. Now, why is self-reflection such an important tool and skill to possess.

Firstly let us think about how we know all that we know – how we have acquired all the knowledge and understanding of life we possess. It is easy to think that we have acquired our knowledge by learning and absorbing things from the outside. It could at home, college, at work, or in the society.

But, what we do not realize is that, everything we are and everything we know about ourselves and the world around us comes from self-reflection. We learn only in moments of self-reflection. 

We don’t learn when we fall – we learn when we reflect on the fall. We don’t learn when we fail – but when we reflect on our failures. We don’t learn when we are angry – we learn when we reflect on our anger. Everything we know about ourselves comes from self-reflection.

If self-reflection is the only way we know how to learn, then why not make it an integral part of our lives. Why not dedicate some time every day for conscious self-reflection. There is a difference between self-reflection and conscious self reflection though. Throughout the day we are self-reflecting in some way, but it is only when we consciously self-reflect, the learning sticks. Another phrase for conscious self-reflection is being in the present moment. 

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