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  • October 9, 2022
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The Art of Discipline:

There are a lot of things that contribute to success. Success in anything requires a coming together of many factors. But, one can at least agree on the fact that it is impossible to succeed at anything important without discipline. Discipline is easily one of the most important qualities that determine whether one succeeds or not.

While it is easy to understand the word discipline, it is a lot harder to understand its true impact on our lives and how to cultivate it. To begin with, discipline is not a momentary one time skill that once developed will stay with us forever – it is a continuous process that requires effort and practice.

Discipline is not an acquired quality, but a developed quality. One has to consciously work at it to be able to become disciplined. Discipline in anything requires work. So how do we define discipline then. Discipline is the residual learning that becomes a part of our being, once we have spent enough time learning something.

For discipline to be a lasting quality, it has to become an integral part of our being, not just restricted to an activity. This is where people get differentiated. Those who are truly disciplined, aren’t even aware of it. It is only when someone point to it and bring it to their notice, they become aware of it. Discipline can become so integral to one’s nature, that one need not ever worry about not being disciplined. Getting to this depth of discipline is the real challenge. Once there, success is guarenteed. 

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