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  • December 11, 2022
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Power of Emotions:

As of now, we are being controlled by our thoughts, and thoughts are powerful because they are supported by emotions.

A thought is not just random, it always has that underlying emotional support; when you’re happy, you generate happy thoughts, when you’re sad, you generate sad thoughts.

It is next to impossible to generate happy thoughts when you’re sad. Emotion is like the glue that sticks thoughts together. You take away the emotion, thoughts are random, disconnected, and they don’t make any sense.

To give you a simple example: There’s a tree and there’s a bird. These are two random thought processes. There’s no connection. But when you put them together there’s an emotion, there’s an experience: A bird flying from the tree.

Watching the tree and watching a bird, and a bird flying from the tree are two completely different experiences. One is simply acknowledging life: There is a bird and it is flying. The other one is to see the bird fly from the tree and emotionally try to see yourself in that.

That is why life is such an intoxicating experience. We see ourselves in everything; in children, plants, and animals. We see an expression of ourselves, and it’s all glued together by our emotions.

That is why we cannot simply close our eyes to what’s happening outside of us. We simply cannot accept that there is pain, suffering, all kinds of nonsense, and simply go about our lives. I

f that were the case, then we could go on saying,  “It’s not my life, why should I be bothered about it?” But, you will be troubled by it because there’s a part of you in everything, and there’s a part of everything in you. You’re not just a body, you’re not just a mind. You are something more vast; you are the consciousness, you are the aliveness.

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