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  • IAS baba
  • January 8, 2023
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Knowledge vs Wisdom:

Anything you want to accomplish in the worldly sense – if you want to attain any kind of success, any kind of life that you are desiring – you need to direct this mechanism, the mind and the body, in that particular direction.

How would you be able to do that when you are unsure how it functions? Unlike other systems of knowledge that are simply external, meditation is the knowledge that one acquires by experience. We know the difference between information, knowledge, and wisdom.

Information is available everywhere. A twenty-year-old person can read a few books or watch a few videos and think that he knows the entire world. Nowadays, he can know so much more than a fifty- or sixty-year-old. But when it comes to understanding life, dealing with failures or with negative emotions, unless that individual has gone through experiences where he has fallen and gotten up, where life has knocked him down several times and he has learned how to pick himself up, he has not developed emotional strength at all.

He simply has intellectual strength, which is useful only in times of absolute peace and calm. You can sit and read a book only when you are in a good state of mind. When you are angry and frustrated or upset with something,  intellect is useless. You need to deal with the body and mind as a force, which is emotion.

Meditation helps one to understand the deeper layers that make up the human mechanism. The human mechanism is made up of thoughts only on the surface, like the waves of the ocean. In the depths are hidden the true desires, motivations, and emotions that bind us to everything else and eventually, to the underlying reality of life itself that is present within us.

Everything we are trying to seek outside is present within us. In the most basic sense, meditation is like taking a flashlight and traveling into the deep, dark, dungeons of ourselves and looking at the landscape for the first time.

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