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Environment & Ecology
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Context: According to the analysis by TRAFFIC, a global wildlife conservation non-profit, and World-Wide Fund for Nature-India, over 1200 Pangolins were poached for illegal wildlife trade in India from 2018-2022.

About Pangolins:

  • Pangolins are nocturnal, toothless mammals that dig burrows and feed on ants and termites.
  • Pangolins are scaly anteater mammals and they have large, protective keratin scales covering their skin.
  • Pangolin is the only scaly mammal on the planet.
  • It uses these scales as armor to defend itself against predators by rolling into a ball when threatened.
  • Out of the eight species of pangolin, the Indian Pangolin (Manis crassicaudata) and the Chinese Pangolin (Manis pentadactyla) are found in India.

About Ecosystem Services:

  • They play a vital role in the ecosystem management, mostly in aerating and adding moisture to the soil as well as succession of plant communities through burrowing.
  • They also keep in check the population of certain insects they prey on.
  • The burrows made by pangolins also get utilized as shelters by other species within their ecosystem.

Indian Pangolin

  • Range – Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
  • IUCN – Endangered
  • The Indian pangolin, which dons a thick scaly skin, is hunted for meat and used in traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Both these species are listed under Schedule I Part I of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

Chinese Pangolin

  • Range – Bangladesh; Bhutan; China; Hong Kong; India; Lao People’s Democratic Republic; Myanmar; Nepal; Taiwan, Province of China; Thailand; Viet Nam
  • IUCN – Critically Endangered

Source: Down To Earth

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