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  • February 20, 2023
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Context: The role of welfare schemes and policies for the Parhaiyas of Jharkhand.

About the Parhaiyas

  • Parhaiyas is one of the nine Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs) of Jharkhand state.
  • Mainly concentrated in Latehar and Palamau districts of Jharkhand state
  • Parhaiyas are still lagging behind on most of the important indicators of development such as health, education, and income.
  • Parahiya literally means “the burners of the forest” or “hill dweller.”
  • People rely on the forest for their sustenance.
    • Collecting various types of forest produce such as roots, fruits and leaves and sell them at the local markets.
  • Hunting is also one of the major sources of income.

About PVTGs

  • Sub-classification of Scheduled Tribe, who are most vulnerable in certain parameter then the other Scheduled Tribe community.
  • During the fourth Five Year Plan a sub-category was created within Scheduled Tribes
  • Created based on the Dhebar Commission report.
  • The features of such a group include
    • a pre-agricultural system of existence,
    • that is practice of hunting and gathering,
    • zero or negative population growth,
    • extremely low level of literacy in comparison with other tribal groups.
  • Groups that satisfied any one of the criterion were considered as PTG.
  • There are total of 75 PVTGs in India.

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