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  • October 28, 2023
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Dear Students

Now that you have done well in the Prelims, it’s time to assess your Mains writing abilities.

Master Anthro through Testoffers a unique, unparalleled 65-tests, a pioneering initiative in the realm of UPSC preparation in India. Recognizing the complexities and nuances of anthropology, this IASbaba has meticulously crafted a test series to ensure aspirants not only grasp the theoretical aspects but also apply them practically. Each test is designed to challenge and refine one’s understanding, making it a comprehensive tool for UPSC anthropology preparation.

In the competitive world of UPSC, where every mark counts, “Master Anthro through Test” promises to be an invaluable companion in an aspirant’s journey. By joining, candidates are investing in a proven, structured, and expertly curated path to success. Dive deep, practice rigorously, and let this series be the catalyst for your anthropological expertise.

Seize this unparalleled advantage and elevate your preparation to its pinnacle. Secure your success; enroll today!

Features of Master Anthro through Test Series

  1. Syllabus Mastery: Ensure full coverage of the UPSC anthropology syllabus, addressing both Paper I (38 Tests) and Paper II (22 Tests) with 4 full syllabus test.
  2. Topic-wise Tests: Apart from full-length tests, offer topic-specific tests for targeted preparation.
  3. Timely Updates: Regularly update the test content to include recent anthropological findings and developments.
  4. Current Affairs Integration: Current affairs magazine provided, questions are designed linking anthropological concepts with current national and global events.
  5. Diverse Question Formats: Incorporate, short answer questions, long essays, applied questions for comprehensive preparation.
  6. Case Study Approach: Offer Indian-centric case studies for an in-depth understanding of theories in real-world contexts.
  7. Regular Mock Tests: Every alternate a test, a schedule periodic tests for simulating the UPSC examination environment.
  8. Detailed Feedback: Give aspirants personalized feedback highlighting areas for improvement.
  9. Interactive Platform: Use a user-friendly online platform with features like real-time doubt clearing, forums, and peer discussions.
  10. Reference Repository: Offer a collection of essential readings, research papers, and expert articles.
  11. Expert Sessions: Organize webinars or interactive sessions for concept clarity sessions and previous UPSC toppers for guidance.
  12. Time Management Tools: Include timers and time analytics to help aspirants manage their exam duration effectively.
  13. Offline Availability: Allow aspirants to download tests and practice offline, especially beneficial for those in areas with erratic internet.
  14. Affordable Pricing: Ensure that the test series is competitively priced, allowing aspirants from all economic backgrounds to benefit
  15. Holistic Preparation Guide: Beyond tests, provide aspirants with study plans, reading strategies, detailed standard source material list, and tips for effective anthropology preparation.


Procedure of Answer Writing, Copy Evaluation, and MAT Improvement Through Writing:
  • Procedure 1 (Theme, Details & Its Topics)

    1. Every round of Answer writing initiative will be related to the Subject/Topic inspired from UPSC previous year question paper & expected question for 2024 mains.
    2. Please read the theme and its description, and try to cover the topics given within the topic before writing the answer along with the sources.

  • Procedure 2 Answer Writing)

    1. Questions will be uploaded on the portal on the scheduled date at 10:00 AM.
    2. Aspirants have to write their answers on an UPSC pattern answer sheets.
    3. Mention your name, email id, location, and phone number on the 1st page in the top right corner.
    4. After writing the answers, Click pictures of each page of your answer sheet, merge them all in a single PDF and upload them in the upload section of the same question.

  • Procedure 3 (Copy Evaluation)

    1. After evaluation, copies will be uploaded into your account.
    2. During the copy evaluation period, doubt clearing and discussion about the theme or topic of the test mentors of the test will be done in a dedicated telegram group.

  • Procedure 4 (Mentorship):

    1. Evaluated copies will be sent to you via mail and also uploaded into your account on the website.
    2. Model answers are given by IASBABA expert team.
    3. Top 5 copies of every test will be shared in the group for reference.

Value Added Materials Only At IASbaba's MAT Test Series:
  1. Model Answers
  2. Micro-list of Anthropology Syllabus.
  3. Topic wise previous year question from 1985-2022.
  4. Previous year solved from 2019-2022.
  5. Monthly Current Affairs/Case study magazine segregated topic wise.

FREE Open Session (Online & Bengaluru)

The Session will be held on 1 November 2023. Please register for the session in the google form below. Registered students will be notified about the session timings.


Anthropology Optional Mains Test Series - 2024

14000 9,999 + 18% GST
  • 38 Paper I Tests
  • 22 Paper II Tests
  • 4 Full Sullabus Tests
  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • Live Interaction Sessions
  • Value Add Notes (VAN)


Indra Kumar M.A.

In the realm of civil service coaching and education, the name Indra Kumar resonates with authority and experience. As an accomplished book author, educator, who has dedicated 5 years in shaping the careers and aspirations of 700+ UPSC aspirants. With an unwavering commitment to nurturing the minds that steer the nation, Indra kumar has emerged as a distinguished mentor and author whose insights are sought-after by both students and fellow educators.

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