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  • Adnan

    IASbaba is not working properly on IE9 . Page and Heading breaks at different parts. Contents overlap making it difficult to read.

    • Adnan

      Our Website, for now is compatible to GOOGLE CHROME only. Kindly Open it on this only. We will update other search engines very soon. Thank You for the correction ๐Ÿ™‚

  • DO or DIE

    Hai baba, why cant u make optional guidance and discussion clubs. If you are having such idea please start with Pol.Science optional.

    • @aspirant28588:disqus

      Have patience dear. We have just started. Its too much to handle here ๐Ÿ™‚ Surely IASbaba will come up with new initiatives. It will remain a surprise for all of you

  • Himanshu Mishra

    Hello IAS BABA i was searching for a website for hindi medium guidance but didn’t find any. But its good to see u are working hard for hindi medium students too, ur work is really highly appreciable but being a hindi medium student i want to give a suggestion that ur hindi translation of english news does not make sence sometimes its hard to understand becoz sentences are not organised accordingly and it takes too much time to understand so plz fix this issue as many other hindi medium students found a helpful website so make sure they don’t disappoint with the hindi translation..thank u for the initiative and efforts god bless ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @disqus_himanshu:disqus

      Thank You. Your suggestions are well noted. Your valid points are appreciated, will work harder to get it better. Keep suggesting and spread the work. Let the needy join IASbaba and become a member of our community. BTW Welcome to IASbaba ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Vimal Singh

    Amazing IASBaba.
    Hatss off to you!

    Please let me know how can I help in your mission!

    Please keep your site like this only, neat and clean view and high quality content!!

    Once again thanks for the intense efforts you are putting in for us.


    • @disqus_qIi0xPKJcw:disqus

      Thank you Vimal. We appreciate your kindness ๐Ÿ™‚ IASbaba needs needy aspirants who aspire to qualify UPSC. The Mission is to create a ‘One Stop Destination for UPSC preparation based on QUALITY work. Intention is to cater one to one guidance to everyone in need. Let us build it together ๐Ÿ™‚

      Share about our work and forum and let others join this. We have lot to offer and it will come only as Surprises ๐Ÿ™‚ Be part of it and let others get benefited

  • dhiliptcs

    Hi IASBABA.. I have geography optionals. I didnt start preparing for mains and geo optionals till now . But I am confident that, I can cover the GS1,2,3,4. But I do not have to time to cover geo optional. How can I clear mains then ? Would you provide strategy for optionals too along witth mains strategy ?

    • @dhiliptcs:disqus

      You will surely clear Mains. If you have trust in yourself and IASbaba too ๐Ÿ™‚ We have just started. Considering the amount of work and ongoing initiatives, we are tight but you never know. You will be bowled with a Googly of IASbaba in time to come. Spread the word. Let others join.. You will get everything you have asked for. To tell you frankly, Baba already knows your heart, So even if you don’t mention your worries…Baba will get to know and come up with solution ๐Ÿ™‚ Wait and watch

    • A_Novice

      Dear dhiliptcs,
      We are in the same boat Brother!!
      Do let me know how u plan to cover Geo optional…I messed up on the strategy due to lack of proper guidance ๐Ÿ™

  • karan dhanjal

    Splendid mind maps and the daily test with their explanations and the quality of current affairs is very good. You guys have come in at such a nice time with good prelims plans and I am loving it. Thanks gor your crucial role in our journey of civil services.

    • Thanks karan. We would love to be of any help ๐Ÿ™‚

  • anu

    thankyou so much for all the excellent initiatives… if possible plz provide strategy of mathematics optional… as good coaching is not available for mathematics… it will be great help..

  • the dark knight

    Hi IAS BABA!!
    first of all, thanks a lot for putting out this wonderful website..
    I have a request regarding Think and Learn initiative…since you are giving the answers @ around 9-10pm in the night, could you post the questions for the next day @ around the same time…
    The reason I ask this is:
    1. This will provide a 24 hour window to write the answers
    2. Many of us are nocturnal, so it would be comfortable for us if we had questions before 10pm the previous day
    3. Many of us have joined coaching, so most of our day is spent there
    4. Many of us are working professionals, so night time is the best time for us
    5. You will have the whole day for reviewing…so no night outs for you for the sake of Review

    • Hello Dark Night

      Request accepted ๐Ÿ™‚ From now on wards we will post next day’s questions the same day to fulfill the requirements made by you. Synopsis will come the next day so that even our burden is lessened. Its too much of work to handle. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for your timely and effective requests

  • Vimal Singh

    One request,

    and everyone might reap the benefits.

    Please come up with in-depth analysis of UPSC-Mains examination, topics distribution, Marks distribution etc. NOt now, but just after prelims.
    and I too want to be the part of that analysis. I will mail you my analysis by 1 September.

    and this Disqus app is bit slow, isn’t it?
    Its unable to match my typing speed sometimes.

    • Hi Almeida,

      We will come up with all the initiatives in due course of time ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thank you for you magnanimity and we look forward to it.
      As we want to build the best online resource for IAS , we would look forward all positive and constructive contributions ๐Ÿ™‚

  • RG

    hello sir/mam …. first of all this is a great intiative n i have seen ur magazine and yojana issues .. those were quite helpful…… though i never comment on such platforms quite often but coz this platform is at its infant stage so probably our views will be considered thats the only reason m commenting …. sir i have seen many platforms but one problem i always came across is the punctuality on the part of provider… we as aspirants when starts depending on u n when u guys become an integral part of our daily study plan , then sometimes have to face delay on your part… my humble request and my feedback is – if u cant handle so many of initiatives like yojana magazine current etc. do one but be punctual so that we can depend on u on that part atleast and dont have to look at any othr source

    • Thanks for your feedback RG

      We are compiling it already. Small team is overloaded but we are trying our best. Current Magazine as already said will constitute our Daily Current Affairs Analysis and in the end of month a magazine from the same but in lucid presentation. Now onwards, it will be released from July regularly…For yojana-April and May is released and June will be published in a day or two. July edition will be given around 20th of july

      We have just started and the response is overwhelming. Consider the fact that we have to manage everything with the same team. Daily updates cannot be delayed but monthly can be if something serious occurs. hope to hear from you again and consideration our issues as well

  • srk

    baba i m not receiving mails from u i hv subscribed it pls check

  • guest

    hello IAS baba,
    thanks for such updated content. i love read to GK so reached here , but i feel u should come up with a mobile app so that students can get a offline study material and also mobile apps have there no. of advantages. thanks to Akand sitra who mentioned about IASbaba on

  • A_Novice

    I have 1 suggestion.
    When we look into the daily archives, we usually find around 5-6 articles that you publish daily.
    I think it will be a little better if u reduce the size of the icons and turn them into hyperlinks. It will look less intimidating and more compact. Easier for us as well to find the article that we are looking for.
    Moreover right now we cant read the entire name of the article, hence end up opening the wrong one.
    Just provide simple hyperlinks in the archive section please!

    • A_Novice

      This is not our fault. Its a default theme of wordpress ๐Ÿ™

      Will look into it if at all some change or modification can be done

  • Dexter

    Hello Babaji,

    I have one doubt (off the topic) regarding UPSC APFC exam 2015. I have 2.5 yrs of IT sector experience.Will my experience be counted as a relevant experience and will be counted? should I mention it? (if cleared then not mentioning it will have a bad impression..I guess so). Can it become a cause of disqualification in later stages?

    Also you are doing a great service to the aspirants esp. working people.Thanks for your efforts.


  • Surgical Strke

    In one word….Excellent

    • Thank You Strke ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Santhosh Venkatesh

    Honestly the initiatives here are truly remarkable .I say this because of your emphasis on clearing concepts when exams are nearing .And the questions framed in the tests also make sure that one is good with concepts.Great work BabaJi ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Thank You Santhosh ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bilal Ahmad

    Hello Baba,
    Thanks for this wonderful initiative. You are on right track towards “One stop destination for UPSC preparation”. Your initiatives mind maps, yojana jist, current events, prelims tests & Think & Learn have no comparison with other portals.
    If you will continue with the same pace, no doubt within months you will be the online – don of UPSC preparation.
    But there is one thing worries me is that you are not providing review to each and every answer of Think & Learn initiative. You must take this seriously. Rest is going fine. Thanks…

    • Thank You so much Bilal

      We will surely provide reviews. Just few more days of Team building. Regularity will follow with strong Team. Right!! It will be beneficial for you in long run. Kindly cooperate with us in our hard time ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Eathan

    If u need part time english to hindi translator then i m in..??

    • yes yes…Kindly put an email at [email protected]. Thank You

      • Eathan

        Done. mail sent..!

      • MANAN

        BABAJI aaj subah se kahan adrishya ho? IS ALL WELL?

        • Health Issues. Please cooperate ๐Ÿ™

          • MANAN

            Take care IASBABAJI…..WE all pray for you!!GOD bless you!

  • whatsdereinname


    Sir, i observed you are working around 2 am..
    I would request you to take care of your health as well. It is being said that the best sleep is in the night especially between 10pm to 2am. Though these days routines are getting changed, yet its best to keep routine in sync with nature and natural body clock to get efficient results..

    Sir, I am no-one to suggest you for all these personal things.
    Also I read somewhere mentioned by you that doubts and concerns must be related to studies only. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am very sorry for this.

    • Hello Dear

      Thank You so much for the concern. We at IASbaba, always strive to do justice to our words. From few days due to some issues we couldn’t review most of the answers. And it was very disappointing for us for whatever reasons. We are trying best to be available at the door step of every aspirant. And will do so.

      Yes, Health is very important. We will take care of this ๐Ÿ™‚ We already said, never be sorry on this forum

  • HungryHopes

    Baba ji… koti koti Naman!
    R u planning something of only figures/data/stats for supplementing answers mainly for Mains exam – GS & Essay, like Agriculture& Food production- Land, Top producers, Crops situations, Food production, Reqmnt & Gap, Wasteland, Forest cover, Health-IMR, MMR, Malnutrition, Major Disease scenario, Infrastructure-Road, Railway, waterways, Air, Education- Literacy, Tops States, Schools & Colleges, Vocational Centres, Poverty- %, Top contenders, Hunger&Malnutrition scenario, Economy-Investment, FDI, Bank lending, Energy- Potential, Current Avlty./ Supply & Requirement , Renewable Enery-scenario & perspectives, Manufacturing, Tourism etc etc.?

    • Yes, will do it for sure…In our mains program after prelims

      • HungryHopes

        Thank you, Baba ji

  • San

    Keep going sir. Thankyou so much for this initiative.

    • Welcome to IASbaba San ๐Ÿ™‚ We will keep on with your support and love. DO spread the work if you liked it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dear

    Thank You for the support. We will surely do our best to reach to more and more people and mobile app is a good idea.

  • Tacit Observer( A Hope)

    Sir, will u start anything for essay writing???

  • saiprasad dhoot

    baba….any plan for sociology optional….?

    • Sure….will try our best ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Santhosh Venkatesh

    Babaji i have a small suggestion … Your prelims tests have covered the length and breadth of the syllabus … But other parts of geography overshadow maps in almost all mocks … Last year around 8 to 10 questions were directly or indirectly related to maps. And i feel input output ratio is also good in it.. So If time permits can you set 3 or 4 tests to test our level of preparation in it ??

    • sure sir. will do it. But we feel you missed some map based questions that we asked already. Anyways, you will find more questions from maps now ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers

      • Santhosh Venkatesh

        Thats great to hear ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers !!! There are definitely questions in the mocks from maps… I felt the proportion could be a little higher …
        One more thing Baba… Your Mocks are a breath of Fresh air..Really .. There are no filler questions …Questions are neither too technical nor too trivial…Wonderful efforts from your side ..We will definitely do the best from our side …

        • Thank You for the motivation Santhosh ๐Ÿ™‚

          The purpose of Mocks are misunderstood in the market as you can find. Our effort is not only to fill this gap but also give you real training of UPSC papers. IASbaba is for a purpose and we are happy you have understood this ๐Ÿ™‚ This is just a start…many more to come. Do spread about us since we lack userbase and the purpose of quality learning and sharing this knowledge is getting defeated as lakhs of poor and innocent aspirants are still devoid of this ..Keep up the hard work

  • Rohit Yadav

    sir any stratergy and plan for csp 2016??

  • Raja Hindustani

    Babaji, your compilations and prelims tests are very helpful. Is it possible for you to come up with a compilation of all the recent schemes launched by the present govt? That will be a great help!!

  • isha

    I want to thanks from deep down my heart for such an initiative taken by to help aspirants with information……………covering each n every nuke of UPSC syllabus……….current affairs, pib, ncerts, nios, eco. surveywith regular tests and now these revision notes…………..thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚
    thanks is a little smaller word for the efforts taken by and specially by Ambalika Samiti mam ………..a hearty thank u ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank You so Much Isha ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Iqball Hussain

    Thankyou so much IAS BABA……………………….. keeep it up

  • Arun

    I am a regular follower of your website and try never to miss any of your article.
    Exams are fast approaching and i think i am much late to ask for a request.
    Not much days are left for the exam and INDIA YEAR BOOK 2015 is an important one that one should not miss. We aspirants would be thankful to you if you can provide some sort of summary of the book.
    Also, S&T is sort of a trouble non science aspirants. Please provide us with some of that too.

  • TGV

    Please come out with a strategy for Public Administration. The subject has attained difficulty in the times of unpredictability in the questions asked in the exam. Pl give the method to study along with the books. I am sure many aspirants will be benefited.

  • Ruchika D

    Please bring initiative for upsc 2016 aspirants too…

  • Prashasth Baliga

    We are all very thankful to you IASbaba. This is a small request from a lot of students from Bangalore region ( specially engineers ) . Please try to make a strategy for Economics optional. It will really really helpful to many aspirants. And yea waiting for 2016 initiative. Hope , you will take my request and help us.


    Hello sir,
    It will be very awesome for all aspirants, if you start a mobile application which can run on all platforms.
    thank you,


    baba 60+3 days and revision of NCERT and megazines in question answer format may be frequently or daily for the year 2016 CSE aspirants.


    Daily prelims test and GS mains based question may be posed daily basis.

  • sandeep sharma

    i just stumbled upon this website through facebook. Initially i just thought it is a website not much different than others but after careful study of some post i got to know that i got my hands on gems. thank you for such a nice efforts.
    Almost everything which is require to prepare for this examination is here except one very important thing, which i may not yet to find out or may be not present, is the forum for discussion among those who visit this website regularly. if you can provide this feature it would be very great.

    • Sandeep

      You never know Baba has already planned this!. May be your wish could be fulfilled today only ๐Ÿ™‚ Just wait and watch ..Thanks for the support

  • abc

    Thanks for your sincere effort………please provide strategy for political science optional

  • abc

    Thanks for your sincere effort………please provide strategy for political science optional

  • abc

    Thanks for your sincere effort………please provide strategy for political science optional

  • abc

    Thanks for your sincere effort………please provide strategy for political science optional

  • abc

    Thanks for your sincere effort………please provide strategy for political science optional

  • Mav0522

    Check your mail asap.. Its not about me its something about you…

  • sir,please…………………………………teach us arts $ culture OR else make videos to teach?

  • Ankit

    hey I just referred Yojana material from this site. find it quite good. but along with this, can you please make list of important or unique terms that might be helpful in optional. eg: 2-3 years back there was cryosphere which came in geo optional exam or say green or pink revolution !!

    Thanks !

    • You can make and send us ๐Ÿ™‚ if you want..we can’t promise to do everything…trying our best

  • sam

    plz baba ji magazine,pib and gist hindi me bhi share

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    Babajee barring few aspirants u are not reviewing others’ answers, beginners need more attention.

    • We don’t know who are freshers ๐Ÿ™‚ Secondly we are trying our best. You can see the number of answers out there…increasing everyday. We also work for other initiatives,,,synopsis..reading all al. Also we are in constant touch with few other successful candidates from our community to spare some time for all of you. Kindly have patience and support for some more time ๐Ÿ™

  • PK

    I have subscribed for mails but there are many mails. It would be better if we are let to choose the initiatives we wish to subscribe instead of all posts. Anyway, I salute your efforts and consistency in posting.

    • PK

      Its not possible as of now. Its technical issue and we are already overburdened. Do one thing, register with a new email id only for Baba’s mail ๐Ÿ™‚ May solve your purpose

  • Sumesh S

    Sir your GS strategy is of great help to me.If possible kingly provide the synopsis of best answer for optionals too. since with that we can self evaluate ourselves.

  • kavitha

    this is what i want to be in upsc preparation superb thax to the team wonderful effort i feeeeeeeel so happy today

  • mtf

    IASbaba โ€“ UPSC Civil Services Mains Strategy โ€“ Paper 3 link not working…plz look into it.

    • Its not yet published ๐Ÿ™‚ Will be out very soon. Thank You

  • Merit List

    A small suggestion. There must be an option of subscribing to selected posts eg on TLP Mains rather than – entire digest through email. For an aspirant posts on Geography may not be that useful as on GS Mains. Hence on the subscribe by email section – there can be check boxes to select custom posts based on user preference. Thanks.

    • Yeah…we will do it soon. Right now so many issues to handle from content to reply to other technical stuffs…Thanks for the concern ๐Ÿ™‚

      Special thanks for the motivation ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Merit List

    Feeback: the entire initiative is commendable and will only grow as more and more aspirants will come to know about this portal. overall direction and speed will determine the velocity and rank.fortunately enough iasbaba is imparting just what is needed. Its a big big big help. Hoping for the best. Good Luck!

  • Saarthak 01

    Your website is amazing. It’s interface is so user friendly and easy to the eyes. All the best Baba ji ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nm

    hats off to you.. u r doing splendid job for those who cnt go coachings. A big thanks to technical team who is behind the scene thank you for such a wonderful platform. Who ever behind this initiative thank you thanks alot. everything on one platform. it is worth to spend time here.
    IAS BABA a man/team well done luv ur site.
    From the strategy section to magazine, news analysis, prelims, mains, optional everything is perfect.
    Actually, this was one of dream project nd me nd my team had started working on dat bt because of some disputes my project remain uncompleted. And this is the reason of sharing my GREAT feelings.
    thank you whole team……:) <3 !!!

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰
    wait for ur reply hope u read it..

    • nm

      Thanks for the appreciation ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope to continue this unhindered with much more quality stuffs

      • namrata

        some magazine compilation like kurukshetra….other dan yojana.. ny help in technical support wil b welcummd..

  • JP

    Strategy given for International Relations is good. If possible, can you please provide the gist of introduction/important chapters of the books that are mentioned. Or else, soft copy of those relevant chapters, from GS perspective, also will do. Thanks in advance.

    • Cannot promise

      • JP

        Ok no problem.. thanks for your efforts anyways!

  • xerox_14

    Can you please have a mobile website. This is too heavy on a mobile. Would make my preparation easy on the go.

  • jagdish

    can u add details on exam date and how to apply for IAS exam and about paper selection.That will be helpful

  • Pra Jo


  • Rahul Nanglot

    hello frendz m new on this PAGE and i wanna login to TLP but m not getting it, so kindly help me ….

  • ~S G~

    Baba Ji agar apki aagya ho toh…can we have a Whatsapp group for mission UPSC 2016 so that we can be in touch with all updates & also it can be a sharing & learning platform for all of us. What u all say?

    • We will give u better platform…just wait till 29th


    baba. once go through the post independence part in the link. i have history optional. and i found it pretty useful for gs-1 also. it will save time as we can leave bipin/guha.

  • Tushar Kumbhar

    Plese give me strategy for Mathematics

  • sonu india

    BABA, PlZ don’t stop to put questions of TLP GS mains 2015 in hindi, PLZ PLZ

  • aarti panchal

    PLZ update PIB section..last update is on april 2015

  • Virat

    @[email protected]:disqus can you please help me

    I have seen the questions of TLP-2015 mains but then I feel frustrated and demotivated because I am not bale to write answers for those because of lack of content. How do you I can improve on this? And how do other write? Do they already have such knowledge? Kindly guide.

  • Captcha

    Baba, can you please include the mindmaps(if any) for future yojana editions in the magazine itself. Landscape mode maybe or at least a link to the same. Had just downloaded it earlier without seeing the mindmap. My bad :/ On another note, AIR Spotlight I feel is a better option than RSTV as they are just 15mins in duration ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Manmeet Sidhu

    hello baba ji, actually i want to know from where to purchase your magazine, if it is not available plz provide hard copies also that will benefit more because first downloading and then going for printing would not be economic

  • vikram singh

    I personally appreciate your efforts and quality for the students.
    I been to your website for ILP-2016 and feel uncomfortable to understand. Its not critic but request you to please simplify the contents in tabular for easy grasp of matter in first eye.


    • We have given a separate Page for all ILP related updates. Seems you missed it ๐Ÿ™‚ Look at second menu bar, last tab (right hand side )

  • amolkapil

    Babaji I went through your content but was unable to form a trust genesis with the authenticity of the content. i am not doubting it though but will feel obliged if you can bridge the trust deficit by affirming your sources and the authenticity of information.

    • Your opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

      You will be comfortable if you do some research

  • Rajeshwaran Muthuramalingam

    Babaji I have come across many gurus but you are the master of all .
    My suggestions :
    1.Current affairs analysis – Should be precise/Brief but not this much detailed
    Why? – Daily the availability of time is 6 hrs here 90mins is done for hindu main paper So for babaji
    CA analysis paper 30mins can be spent .
    Please think from a student perspective(which you mostly do) and give us a PDF that is coverable in 30mins and also it will be good for revision in long run when average 5 issues per day rather than 2 issues in depth per day
    Rest – Mindboggling
    “Thank you Babaji you are > Dadabhainaroji”

    • We only cover “issues” that too, only two in a day ๐Ÿ™‚

      Our Magazine contain whole months current affairs analysis in pdf format only. Do refer that

  • Ravi Mantwal

    Hello Team IASbaba!

    Need Help!

    Right now the biggest issue for me is reading The Hindu. It easily takes 3-4 + hours to complete it. I went through the concerned section “How to read Hindu” of yours. Actually that should be the approach to read it in terms of UPSC, but then the hours to complete it that way will also be increased.

    I am sure many more IASbabaites would be facing the same issue. So,if this get resolved more than 50% of our time and tension will be reduced. For the same I have a suggestion and request.

    I know you guys have hell lot of things to deal with and this will be an add-on burden on the team but this would be one of the biggest “Ehsaan” on all of us.
    If you guys can please create another section like ‘The Hindu Decoded’ sort of, in which the news will be filtered and structured on issue based, in the same manner as it’s been explained in your ‘How To Read Hindu’ post.

    Hope you understand and will consider this.


  • Rajeshwaran Muthuramalingam

    Babaji I found everything under the sun here except the bible NCERT.
    Babaji I request you to provide MCQ’s based on ncerts which is very core to our preparation.
    Your reply is much sought after babaji Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dear

      In our ILP 2016 Plan, we will do this

  • innovating idea

    sir our first test series on 15 november and there is also ask CA in the test there mention 1 august to 31 august from news paper / pib and our monthly magazine and yojana gist, and there easy to find CA from pib but sir there is difficult to find CA affairs from newspaper cause there is no single news paper cover complete current affairs so we can find it from several news paper so if possible than provide CA affairs which only related to prelims oriented cause mains ISSUE very preciously cover in our monthly magazine, so sir its my kindly request if possible than provide august 1 to september 30 CA. thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Its quite impossible. We will start giving Prelims Current Affairs as promised in the Plan but backlog, cannot promise. The best we can do is to give you comprehensive coverage of previous CA in the form of MCQs in the test. That will be enough

  • divi

    hello sir…plz start this initiative for hindi medium student also fully in hindi…so that many can include in civil service exam series..

  • Debula

    I understand that time and time again, the moderators have emphasized patience for the comprehensive 2016 initiative. Having said that, I had read comments where IASbaba had mentioned that the initiative would start sometime around October 25th. I have not received any additional information, and was curious about the status of the program. Have others started receiving their username-password combos? Somebody shed some light on this.

    • Did you receive it or not?

      • Debula

        Got it baba. This was an old query

  • NANI

    IASBaba please change fonts in monthly pdf. The font which you use in daily Current affair articles is good and comfort to eyes. Please try this change. My sincere request.

  • nirbhay garg

    iasbaba i am unable to login into the platform. everytime it takes an hour to login. pl resolve my problem . i have sent you multiple mails reg. the same as well.

  • nikhil jain

    baba ji , i am completely relying upon your wisdom for current affairs part your daily analysis + yajana +rstv .my query is that is it sufficient or i need to spend more time of frontline and idsa issue. also i would request you to start a program of kurushetra magzinelike yojana, also pib issue should be dissucced in detail.

  • Neha Mishra

    Thanks a ton sir ๐Ÿ™‚ really appreciate your efforts !!

  • anvit

    Including a search functionality would transform navigation and ease of learning.
    For example – if I want to search all the sources, question, articles say on Make in india …….it would give all the results related to it .

    • Extreme right hand side…its dark in colour ๐Ÿ˜› will change it…

  • Ved Prakash

    would u provide sociology notes? sir

  • DSP

    First of all, thanks a lot for sharing many useful documents and helping us in our preparation.
    One small suggestion as of now – please include page numbers in the documents/PDFs uploaded on the website.

  • Srajanias

    thanks for this awsumm website
    u surpassed insights on india
    and ur tlp initiativre is best becoz u give the synopsis of the answers
    continue it

  • Bond

    IASBABA.. your work is
    2.High Yielding
    3.Really helpful to many aspirants..
    Thank u so much..

  • Rajeshwaran Muthuramalingam

    Please update the site according to 2015 Q.papers

  • Shakuntala

    PIB compilation is an awesome initiative, if you could provide something similar from IDSA and PRS from gs-2 and gs-3 point of view it would have saved much of our time.

  • Govind Kumar

    Can you please send me the compiled notes for upsc assistant provident commissioner exam on email address [email protected]

  • Prashant Shiva

    BABA ji .. wen will u resume RSTV section??
    m eagerly waiting for updates.. In meanwhile, since i hav no option, m resorting to insightsonindia…. But i dont like their summary….

  • Prashant Shiva

    further, also reduce the font size & spacing between the lines of monthly magazine ….

  • Rahul Verma

    sir as I cannot afford money for test series 2016 so can you help me for preparing ias 2016 by sending test series on my id [email protected]
    and also I requested you to provide free test series for those who are poor and cannot afford
    I shall be very thankfull to you if you solve my this problem

    • We already provided it to many

  • Ammy kler


  • vishu Patil

    Babaji ,there is problem to daily news analysis link ,it can’t open from 2 days plz sort out the problem. It really helpful…

  • vishu Patil

    Is anyone face the same problem? Plz tell me.

  • Thanks Babaji for this wonderful initiative
    though I have some complaints or you can say some suggestions.
    Your earlier pieces of DNA were quite good, you used to do a thorough analysis of a single issue but now the practice has been reduced to editorial where you just categorize the editorial and make little additions. Though it is helpful but I think everyone is reading editorial on his own but require efforts to do a thorough analysis as you used to earlier.
    second thing, I see your mind maps in DNA and in case of Quick revision too. I think you can see it yourself that there is a gap in quality. The Quick revision mind maps are so wonderful while mind maps in DNA seems to be copy-pasted statements.
    I didn’t want to sound harsh, neither I want to burden you. You are doing great in your initiative but these are small suggestions. Hope you won’t mind my words. Thank You!

    • Regarding Editorials- When we were doing thoroughly people complained and now you are complaining ๐Ÿ™‚

      Mind Maps- There has to be a gap since DNA MM is based on particular editorial of the day only and in no case we can cover them like Quick Revision since the scope is limited.

      We will surely work on your constructive suggestions. Thank You ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Roman Swamy

    Amazing initiative!

    Areas to improve: Mindmaps. Please also include some explanation instead of copy paste from the main article.

    Rest all amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks a ton.

  • Abhijeet Nikam

    Your daily current affairs section, monthly compilations and weekly summary of PIB is simply amazing! Hats off to your efforts!

  • chilukuri sohilkumar


  • Prashant Shiva

    Babaji.. Please try to add points from science and technology (like gagan, kisan, road management system etc) in issues.. It wld make d quality of the magazine impressive..
    Please.. I wld b waiting fr this updating in magazine..

  • Jagadesh Rajendran

    Hi Team,

    Why there is gap on your updates daily. Awaiting for your updates.

    • Gap as in?

      Kindly subscribe to iasbaba to get updates in your email.

  • Sharan

    hello ,
    I know you all are to busy with your schedule…but its my request , please try to consider if you can…..
    like ILP-2016 is for general studies can your please also start same for geography as an optional where daily plans n material would be provided from your side.
    TLP was good….but this would be different scenario….
    thank you

  • Priyesh Bhikhalal Patel

    can u put your magezinr in hindi?

  • Priyesh Bhikhalal Patel

    why enybody dosn’t oprate any hindi site also for upsc preparation?
    please baba, if possible translatr your site hindi also

  • Pukhrambam Priyo Singh

    Hi, IAS BABA, first of all thank u for ur constant efforts which help lakhs of UPSC aspirants and make them easy in their road to success. I have one suggestion from my side or may be from various followers of yours..
    # Please make various topics in the magazine easily distinguish by using different types of fonts or styles.
    # please give number to the topics so that we can easily find out withinthe book
    without the aboved cited things, we faced a lot of difficulties in finding things. It seems everything is continous and face difficulties in reading.
    @@.. You are doing a great thing for us and please dont take otherwise.


  • Prashant Shiva

    Since there is lods of ambiguity abt the optional syllabus and the books to refer..
    Can u guys please please please suggest various books and study material to refer for various optional, jus like u guys hav made clear abt prelims books.
    My optional is commerce.

    • Urvashi Saini

      Please go with CA IPC material.. Its comprehensive .. Along with that go with ranker’s class material for Paper 2.. Practice Every concept And Previous year paper! Keep yourself updated by ICAI amendments.. Join CAclubindia.. They publish many articles which will clear your current affair regarding optional!

      • Prashant Shiva

        Actually, I have gone through the ipcc practice manual.. Personally I feel der r some topics which r not to be studied n some topics which r of Final level.
        I ws thinking, if v can get topic wise bifurcation abt the topics that need to be covered frm various materials.
        Further, fr paper 2, rankers notes are not enough.. A couple of more books meets to be referred…

  • shinigami

    I am not able to access feeds of Iasbaba at feedly. The last post shown is of 30th Dec. I checked it with my friend and he also has the same issue.

    Please let me know if there is any particular method to do so. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kept6363

    I do not stay in Delhi and just came for a day to attend the Delhi workshop … to say it was amazing would be an understatement…. I had come thinking that even if one hr is fruitful it would be worth the effort of coming all the way to DeLhi. However the workshop exceeded my expectations. International relations by Vivek sir was just mindblowing. Among other things I learnt how one could build a decent answer by concentrating on the 4Cs even if one has not ‘specifically’ read about our bilateral relations with that country. Thank you so much.
    Yeshwanth sir’ strategy on essay was especially helpful for a person like me who scored average marks in essay in2014 paper . The lectures on answer writing and current affairs were the other stand outs

    Thanks ias baba team ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rangrez

    Sir in anthropology notes repository Paper 2 notes have nothing. Can you please rectify it.

  • aastha bamaniya

    please add a search engine to search using keywords on site.thanx

  • Hello Baba,

    Just a thought, it would have been great if you could also include GS-1 (History, Geography) and GS-4 questions in TLP-2016. Or you may be having something different in the store.
    Please consider.

    Thank You.

  • Bhakta Baba Ka

    I wonder what is the ideal time for an average student to cover the syallbus for UPSC Prelims 2016 from now, considering the fact that he can give ample focus from mains point of view. If let’s say IAS Baba team is of view that 150 days is enough or 180 days, how we can prioritize things in that duration to get the best output.

  • Abc

    kindly launch the app for ios as well. It will be of great help!

  • Balasairamkumar O M

    Babaji, Can you provide us with a Strategy for Public Administration Optional as you have done for Geography Optional… ??

  • Shah Fuhaid

    @iasbaba:disqus How many of the aspirants who have followed your strategy were able to get through the exam?

  • Ambarish

    Baba I wanted your help…. I had started my preparation throwing all in last year in August and was diligent till Feb… However the prep has started to take a toll now.. I feel I have plateaued. The piling backlog is making things more difficult. Can you please help me to find out a way out of this and get my prep back on track?

  • Heisenberg

    Babaji please make application for tablet, I don’t have android phone ( & there are many like me )
    UI of app is very friendly , it takes much time to access the same from website so app is very much handy
    Please do make it asap (this version do not support tab )

  • Atharva Chauhaan

    first of all a very whole heartly thank you. The work you team is doing is applaudable and i express my gratitude towards your appreciable and honest work done. you have placed special focus on current affairs like daily analysis, AIR, pib. The most commendable work done by your team is the gist of yojana that really helps and saves time so we can devote it to other topics and last but not the least the cherry on the cake is your monthly magzine which provides a holistic view of the month and the most precious thing is its FREEE not like other educational websites which charges for everyrthing. its a good initiative from youe side for the ones who needs it the most. keep it up

  • Pablo Escobar

    BABAJI, apka website me RSS feeds is not updated…. please fix the issue…so that Feedly can be used…….

  • Dreamz Unlimited

    Respected Sir,

    Kindly make a compilation of all HOT Q synopsis.
    It will help in quick revision.

    Thanks and Regards.

  • Bhartendu Pathak Kariyanwala

    Respected Sir,
    kindly begin current affairs in hindi.
    very very thanks

  • Bhanu

    Babaji, you are doing a great job. My opinion is that whenever you post updates, you can also include the context, or source of the update, so that we can relate to it better.

  • Om

    Dear Sir, Can you kindly post a comprehensive Optional strategy for Public Administration aspirants similar to that of Geography. Thank you.

  • Rajan

    Dear Team IAS Baba, I hate to say that the issue I am about to share has been voiced by many users of this valuable work you guys put in thus facilitating the aspirants. Your MINDMAPS are turning out to be highly confusing at times, disorganized, unrelated abstracts at times and incoherent. The very basic thing as to where one has to start reading it has been puzzling a lot of readers (Specially considering that sometimes it gets hard to understand and relate it). Please look into the issue. Regards.

    • Ershad Akhtar

      I would like to say that this MINDMAPS are not for everyone’s piece of cake. To understand any map you need to match your thinking to the makers of these maps. These maps are not anything but thinking process, and every mind process it differently. These maps contains all the infos so without having the prior knowledge about the topic or without going through that map’s related topic ypu’ll always find it confusing to relate it. So i would suggest to go through the literature sharply then try to picturise and relate these maps and once you’ll start relating these maps it will get embedded in your mind forever.

    • Mind maps if provided from A to Z of any issue will not be a mind map in first case. We clearly mentioned that current affairs mind maps will be gist of the contemporary issue as discussed in the news only so that once you go throught the article can relate the imp domensions well.

      We also give other imp dimensions not mentioned in the given article..its a consolidated process and will take time to understand and condense the issue as per need.
      We started this with a purpose and it was clearly mentioned. Those missing are actually not doing the ground work. Everything cannot be spoon feeded (harsh reality)

      But we will try our best to make it more comprehensive. Thanks

  • gourav

    every book say name of tributary of rivers but no one say what are right and left from north to south abd east to west please explain

  • govind

    Just like rajya sabha tv analysis kindly provide analysis of discussions on AIR 106.4 fm done at 9:15 pm.

  • ashutosh ranjan

    if it possible please provide material in hindi..


    The Initiatives are Really Good but the only thing that becomes problematic is that the website is too much overloaded with Stuffs. would kindly request to keep everything in proper place as too much information creates misunderstanding. for example : Prelims 60+3 days initiative is beginning from today so should people also opt for the ILP Prelims test Series too or not? This is a little bit of confusion. Also there are micro plans which is not understood as to where it will be implemented. So for rookies it must be kept simple and Links must not be provided everywhere so that the student may not get confused. Apart from that this is the best platform one can prepare for CSE.

    Thank You.

    • Hi Mohit

      We clearly mentioned that ILP is a paid program and for which a separate page is already there in the second Menu Bar.

      We cannot force anyone to buy it so clearly mentioned, but if one wish to then surely can.

      60 Days will start from Monday and we will create a page for it the very same day. 60 Days Plan is a free initiative and ILP is Paid but if anyone wishes to solve more questions and want to prepare prelims and mains (having access to our Value Add materials for both) then they can join ILP Program 2).

      You are late in our family that is why not aware that Micro Plan was for reference when we started ILP back in October. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Dreamz Unlimited

    Respected Sir,

    I attempted first day test of your 60+3 days programme and i would like to give my humble opinion on this.
    To be honest, i was left wanting for some really tough quality questions both for current affairs and polity.Almost all q were simple and options given were such that it was a cakewalk to deduct answer from them.Also i was not impressed by the structuring of the test. I propose the following changes:-

    1) Total of 30 questions should be there. Not less than That.

    2) Keep the ratio of subject questions to that of current affairs 75:25.

    3) Out of the 75% questions of subject i.e out of 24 q, keep 16 questions from last 20 years questions of upsc from that topic only. Upsc has tendency to give tricky q with difficult combinations. Also almost all people don’t look into previous years q papers. This way we can revise them also and you are spared from the trouble of framing new questions.

    4) Balance 8 questions should be INSANELY FACTUAL but also nature should be such that it helps in understanding of a bigger issue.Your Minerva Mills question is a good example of this.You can cover exact features of amendments,majority required,comparative analysis between two eg governor v/s president etc

    5) In current affair questions, please focus on news related to current culture,sci & tech and environment only because These are some areas especially culture and science which are ignored by the aspirants because of low cost to benefit ratio since not more than 3-4-5 q asked.

    These i submit for your consideration.
    I am a regular follower of the site and hence thought to give my bit to improve it.

    Thanks and Regards.

    • Hi

      Today was the first day only.

      We will go exactly like the way you mentioned. Its already in the plan. It may be a cake walk for you since you must be well versed with the topic of the day. Do not forget a days target is defined as per the plan.

      Be patient, still 59 days to go!

      Regarding number of questions- 25 is our limit as of now. If possible, we will increase it.

      current affair questions related to current culture,sci & tech and environment will be there in time to come especially when the subject’s topic is same. Do not forget that even for static subjects, we will frame it from current affairs point of view. Thanks for the objective and honest feedback. Keep it up

  • MSD

    Respected sir,
    Pls post strategy for Public administration paper 1 and paper 2..resources and books to read…

  • keener

    hello ias baba u r framing questions on current affairs nd arts etc also. but u said u said test was confined to mentioned topics on that particular date may i know the reason…..

  • Dreamz Unlimited

    Respected Sir,

    Apologies for asking the q late but my internet was not working since last 3 days.

    Sir, in your second test of 60 + 3 initiative, third question, answer has been given wrong.
    It should be D.
    As per laxmikant, foreigners do have right to establish and administer educational institution of their choice.
    Please see table in laxmikant 4th edition, page 7.4
    Posting a Picture.

  • fahed

    if you upload questions in economics with economic survey 2016 it will be very helpful to go through..

  • arunkarthick k

    sir in your 60 days prelims 2016 test activate solutions link next day is not properly downloadable. if i click the solution tab to view answers some pages are visible some are blank……pls rectify the issue sir or please put solution archieve….it wil be very useful fo
    r revision..

    • The Solution is shared via Google Drive. There is an option to download the pdf (on top of it)

      • arunkarthick

        sir pages are partially visible for example first four pages are visible and another 7 or 8 pages not visible if i press downloading option as u said only first 4 pages only downloaded pls try to understand…

        • Your internet might be slow to load the full doc. Kindly check

          • arunkarthick k

            sir i checked my 2015 prelims marks in gs 1-56 marks which i scored and in gs 2- 56 marks how to improve my score and get selected for mains pls suggest me sir………….

  • prince

    baba ji hindi me tlp mains upload kijie matlb synopsis v hindi me.result 100 percent hindi medium ka bhad jaega.bahut useful ka ias baba

  • Manu

    Hi Baba,

    Just read your post on June 12th, hinting of a new initiative for 2017 aspirants. I hope that it would be rolled out very soon. I believe that the initiative will be a complete long-term coaching-like guidance for us (replacing the need of a coaching institute), right from the beginning of our journey till the end.

    My heart full thanks for all your hard work. We guys owe a lot to you!

  • Abhishek Thakur

    some answers in the daily quiz are wrong.For eg (test no-26 question no-20).The power of the election commision to appoint tribunals for election disputes was taken long back by 19th amendment.But in your answer it still shows this power of the EC which is wrong.I am a new follower of IAS BABA.So wrong explanations erode the trust and can prove disastrous for the students if they dont cross check,.Please take care of this.I by chance checked this on wiki.

    • Hi Abhishek

      Do not just go by WIKI!

      Plus we also provide Clarification Document for 10 Days TESTS. In the next document, all such issues will be addressed. Thank You

  • Ravi shankar

    You should also provide clicking of option in daily prelims question. It feels better.

    • Hi Ravi

      Yes it feels better but in real exam this feeling (Click) won’t help ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Dhawal Shah

    Baba provide for Economic Survey Questions Separately. This would help a lot.

  • Ravi shankar

    AIR 3 Jasmeet Singh Sandhu recommended IASbaba through which I came to know about IASbaba. Also include his strategy of preparation too. Thanks.

  • Chola Queen

    Dear IAS BABA,
    I am one of the 2017 aspirants who are anxiously waiting for your ILP 2017 to be rolled out. I presume that there will be lot of surprises waiting for us. I have a suggestion : It will be nice if you integrate optional subject preparation along with ILP. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Awani Khodkumbhe

    sir,iam beginner.i have passed 12th from science stream and will be joining engineering college from this you have a preparation strategy,booklist,etc for me?please do let me know what should i do.i am able to devote on an average 4 hours a day for upsc preparation.assume that my understanding skill is good….please tell me the best plan sir.
    i will be appearing for upsc after approx 5 years.

  • Tulsi Kumar

    Hello Sir,
    My name is Tulsi. I am preparing for CSE 2017. This is my kind request to that please provide this website in Hindi too.
    thank you

    Yours faithfully
    Tulsi Kumar
    Patna, Bihar

  • SanketSavale

    Hello sir,
    Please start with essay writing challenges.

  • Upsc Bpsc

    hello sir,
    when r d programs for 2017 batch gonna start..plz furnish details and tentative schedules

  • avinash pareek

    sir pls give blessing to hindi medium students ….i visit reguler ias baba but problem is lots of time waste in translation sir pls m very intrested with ur view on any topic …but i not exactly get this due to english
    pls sir a single translato rperson done this n its make lots of student carrear whos exceptation from u ..thanks alot

  • rpc

    dear sir, good afternoon. i believe the purpose of all these dedicated efforts by IAS BABA is to make sure that reliable information is available timely. i suggest all the question & answer (month-wise) for mains exam should be secured in the DOWNLOADS section for easy retrieval. it becomes hell lot difficult to hunt for the matter. thanks and regards.

  • rpc

    dear madam/sir,
    with your kind permission, i would like to request that instead of tabulating the current affairs materials under the heading DAY1, DAY2 etc, it would be far better and understandable if dates are directly used, for example, DAY-1 (05.04.2016), DAY-2 (06.04.2016) etc. it not only helps to locate the relevant matter fast but also helps to compare similar news and update out notes. i hope u will try to incorporate this suggestion. thank u and regards.

  • rohit

    baba ji ur 60 days prelims series was an awesome…as i was anonyms reader i cant share the gratitude in words…number of question in pre xam just like picked frm ur that per various keys available getting 114 score..baba pls guide if hav some online prg for mains 2016..tx in advance….

  • Konark.D

    Hello baba…I’m preparing for 2017 CSE …could you please declare about your ILP plan for next year….just 10 months are left…please guide me accordingly as soon as possible.

  • Abhimanyu


  • rpc

    dear sir,
    i have a suggestion. if u may plz provide a content list at the beginning of the yojana-kurukshetra magazine, it shall be an icing on the cake. thanks & regards

  • sam

    guys salute to u for ur philanthropic work…a small request please upload remaining compilation of daily answer writing challenge . it is immensely helpful for guys those who dont a privilege of git etting costly coaching. plz guys do it soon

  • Benign

    hello sir,
    when will you start HOT?

  • pankaj pandey

    gd afternoon sir/mam

  • pankaj pandey

    sir can u give some guidance for geography optional in hindi medium

  • Shubham Het

    I m not getting able to access TLP GEOGRAPHY MAINS OPTIONAL .

    • Seeker – PH2

      Me too, I think they would open it on 29th Aug iteself. BTW, what is your book list for “paper 1 and Paper 2” in general and “IAS baba Geography toptional initiative Day 2 topics” in particular?

      • Shubham Het

        Well for Paper 1 I m thoroughly relying on savindra Singh physical geography and environmental geography &
        Majid Hussain’s human geography.
        For paper 2 I haven’t read yet any book but in future my focus will be on DR khullar for geography of India.
        So this is mine how’s about yours.
        As I can certainly guess that ur opt is geo so how’s about discussion on daily topic provided by our BABA.
        My whatsapp no is 8009203157.

        One question- In TLP OPTIONAL GEOGRAPHY it keeps asking for password.

  • Vishnu Jat

    SIR, please start some options for hindi medium students like ;-daily answer writing challenge, ethics case study etc.

  • Sireesha Inturi

    Dear Sir, is there online learning program for those who cannot attend your offline course at Bangalore?

  • nitin virmani

    Sir today I made payment for ilp2017. But it’s showing invalid id . Plz look into the issue. My email I’d is [email protected]

  • nitin virmani

    Sir test show nhi ho rha. Plz help

  • Kohli2018

    Anyone still searching for Accomodation in rajajinagar and in need for a room mate….please let me know as I have also decided to shift to rajajinagar.
    And if anyone knows any good pg or 1bhk flat for rent…please give me the details. I need help…and Thanks in advance.

  • Prabhat Singh

    Respected IAS baba,

    Happy teachers day to you and your team.Thanks for the superb job yo people are doing.

    I wish that you people would also start a test series for the aspirants who dont want to join ILP.

  • xyz

    Daily Quiz should be improve, like IOI website.

  • AKR-78

    @iasbaba:disqus Please provide a PDF version of the Mind Maps for Mains strategy.

  • Hitesh Kumar

    Please prove the material English as well as hindi.
    it’s my humble request. there is scarcity of hindi test series, daily updates and so on.

  • sudheer
  • Mahesh Deshmukh

    Hiiii , IASBABA I’m preparing for YASHADA (ACEC) exam which is on 20th Nov 2016. I want to buy a book which will give me the information since one year. So which book I should prefer ?
    1. India Year Book 2016 or
    2. Manorama Yearbook 2016
    Please give me feedback

  • Molshree Malik

    baba. Discuss is not working in tlp gs mains 2016. Please fix that ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jaswantdhakad

    monthly magzine ples also provide in hindi ,as there is no standard magzine for hindi medium

  • Ravi shankar

    Sir, plz update the PIB section in IAS Baba app also in order and provide yojna magzine. There is only one month of magzine in app.

  • abhi

    Sir, please provide answer writing initiative so that those of us who even haven’t joined ILP 2017 can participate, barring the other privileges they get :p
    PS: Your work is quite motivating and selfless. But it looks weird and funny when you are being addressed as babaji by some! Please let us know your name sir. A humble request!

    • There is no answer writing for ILP even other than mocks and its synopsis. We will start answer writing like before very soon.

  • Abhijeet upadhyay

    Hii Baba ji , when are you going to start prelim 2017 test series . i am eagerly waiting for this

  • Aakash

    Babaji please provide your app for iOS App Store.

  • mandar jeware

    @iasbaba:disqus Please restart the TLP answer writing initiative…Your questions have directly come into papers this year mains as well..Ex-Border management question..So i request you to keep posting daily practice questions ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ashish prajapati

    Hello, can i get paper copy of daily current affairs magazine somewhere?

  • Sharad Singh

    @IASbaba I have paid for the late joiners integrated learning program and first test will start from 14th Jan.But still there is no update on your portal.

  • pritam

    ias baba
    please give a number to contact. the number u provided on google is switched off. i have send my concern through email also

  • Dhananjay Kumar

    Please sir ji continue PIB initiative.

  • bhawna

    Hey! Why is the PIB section not updated anymore?


    Babaji, u r fantastic. every praise in this world seems less in describing you.
    Ur words are electrifying and can motivate even the dead wood. Kindly keep reviewing answers in TLP as I have no other authentic source to follow and practice answer writing. even your sharpest rebuke will do for me. thank you.

  • Sweet_Halwa

    Baba… I have a suggestion, do consider it… although your platform is one of the best… you can add a section of gist of frontline and down to earth of whole month… Baba do consider it, it will help a lot to many aspirants…

  • UPSC aspirant – Please update the question paper sections (2015,2016)
    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Scrabbler

    First of all thanks to provide us immense strategy. there has an issue to opening in GS MAINS TAB like Mind Map, Mains strategy, previous year paper, monthly magazine and few other links,showing ERROR Establishing a database connection. So please try to stable and fix the site asap.
    thanks BABA JI

  • Ajish Rajendran

    First of all, thanks a lot for all the effort. I’ve been doing your daily MCQ on current affairs. The answers to the questions are always of the type of
    Both are correct
    All of the above
    Now that I’ve learned the trick. I can simply get the answer.

    It would be immensely helpful if you can make the options little more challenging


    Hello Sir, thank you uploading valuable information and helping us in our prep. But, recently PIB weekly compilation is stopped. Can you please continue them again.
    Thank you.

  • Bharath Reddy

    I would like to attend geography optional test series.In your website there is no mention of any test series regarding optional subjects(off course main test series will be conducted only after prelims) but it would be very helpful if you conduct mains optional test series keeping in mind short time available after prelims.

  • Prince Phogat

    can u early posted the monthly magazine of mar-2017

  • Ravi shankar

    Plz improve the search section for key words as while searching for some topics it doesn’t provide proper information.

  • Venu Yaramshetti

    I am unable to login to ILP. My mail id: [email protected]. Plz help

  • pearl

    can you please frame the topics of the current magazines (e.g. yojana etc) in the questions form, which can be asked in upsc and state psc mains exams ???
    if so than it will be grateful !!!..

  • Dpk Sal

    Dear Sir,
    As you had done last year, can you please compile the important topics for science and technology, Environment. It would be very helpful as we won’t have to rummage through a lot of content.
    Thank you.

  • Prince

    Honestly speaking, You have done what many others are doing surely in a better way. But why is there no one doing anything such as good topic wise mains writing test series inside your ILP Program. Prelims test series are surely easy to do (objective paper- less back-office work). it is only mains test series, regular checking and evaluation which is missing, in Delhi coaching centres or even IAS Baba, Insights, Mrunal. Model answers is not the way out. No one can say that if applicant’s answer is different from model answer, he should get lower marks. So, i guess the core heart of UPSC is still missed by all coaching centers, you or whatever website there is

    • Buddha Smiling

      Check mains test series. They give very good feedback . Their main focus in on mains n essay! So students get extensive feedback n they’re prediction was good last yr.

    • Hi Prince

      Agreed with what you said but being an online functionary, it is quite difficult to address thousands of sincere aspirants demand of evaluation on daily basis. We have restricted workforce but we will try our best to take this suggestion and work forward. Hope for the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jamalia mohammed


    i find this site as very useful for each and every topic bt i have medical science as my optional and hardly there are very specific explanation regarding this topic. if u could guide me to how to follow this subject i will be really thankful .hope you will reply

  • Bibhuti Mishra

    My self Bibhuti
    I am a aspirant of IAS
    Well, I find this is a very useful site for students. Advantage of this site is, at one platform u will get all the data which is useful for the examination as well as interview. Hope IAS BABA update us day by day in all aspects related to IAS EXAMINATION.
    Thank you

  • Now-Here

    hi Team IASBABA
    I was following some other portal’s daily quiz and other initiatives, but somewhere I was feeling that their standard was not upto UPSC standards,
    I have been following your subject wise prelims 2017 compilations, these are really good and upto the upsc standards, and explanations are learnable
    One important Suggestion or rquest(as you consider) please spoil the whole document by showing big watermark of your logo, we understand how important in this today’s competetive and pirative world, but it is really really obstructing the good READ

    hope you rectify

    PS: I wholeheartedly thank for your initiative,it is helping a lot

    • Hello

      We will try our best to improve upon. This exam unlike others is very unpredictable. There is nothing concrete to say like ‘This is important/this is not’.

      Watermark front, we will look into it ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks so much

      • Now-Here

        thanks for your prompt reply
        I have completed your 350 page Current affairs compilation; very helpful

  • Shashank Chaudhary

    Thank you iasbaba for helping me out through your various initiatives during my preparation. I secured 130 rank in first attempt. Kindly let me know if I can contribute towards preparation of future aspirants on this forum.

    Thanks again
    Shashank Chaudhary

    • Vikram Solanki

      Hello Sir,
      What is the procedure to join ILP 2018 initiative of IAS Baba ?
      Secondly, Is it helpful ?

    • Shashank

      Missed your comment. Please get back to us on [email protected] asap.

  • Gaurav Chandra


  • ajay09123

    iasbaba team i have enrolled for ILP 2018 program,i got the confirmation email,but have not received username and password,please clarify it

    • Raunak Sinha

      ILP 2018 is not yet announced…how did you enroll in it? Its clearly mentioned on the website that it will be announced in the last week of june

      • Raunak- He misunderstood it for Scholarship criterion of Offline Students. Do not worry.

  • VS

    thank you very much for all these initiatives …just one request …kindly upload PIB weekly , monthly magazines etc regularly every month as continuity breaks …… don’t take it otherwise i am just suggesting otherwise you people are doing great job ๐Ÿ™‚

    • VS

      We will. Had some issues. Will update and be regular. Thanks dear ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Manisha Rai

    Hello iasbaba sir Can you tell me which months current affairs should be kept in focus while preparing for prelims 2018?

    • Start from now only.

      • Manisha Rai

        Thank you so much๐Ÿ˜Š


    Dear administrator at @IasBaba request you to pls start TLP optional on sociology also. Or suggest the resources to follow.

  • rahul

    Hello sir its already a week gone now and as optional plays a crucial role in mains kindly provide the TLP programme for optional Anthropology

  • Meena

    Hellow sir

    I am new aspirant of ias baba and interest to join in ILP 2018 online program
    So i need some clarifications regarding.
    —whether its a live stream video or pre recorded videos
    —separate chat window after login
    —separate mail id after login
    —doubts clarification

  • Vivek

    IAS Baba is a brilliant initiative and I appreciate the effort. As a point of improvement, I would want IASBaba to work on its User Interfaces. Both the website and app has poor UIs and it is very difficult to find out what you are looking for. I dont know about the ILP UI, hope it will be better than this.

    • Vivek

      Working on this…Thanks so much

  • Vinayak Vaish

    Kindly provide a detailed ILP plan so I may compare it with insights plan and choose. Thanks

  • rpc

    dear iasbaba, i have an advice to make. u have been compiling both yojana and kurukshetra magazines but you will observe that covering both of the magazines seriously impedes their essence and content too. it shall be more beneficial to the aspirants if either of the magazines is covered fully. i hope u are listending. thanks & regards.

    • rpc

      had some serious issue w.r.t this work. Working on it.

      • rpc

        we are glad u listen so promptly. regards

  • Sushmita Sharma

    Sir please provide ILP plan soon so that we may start our preparation accordingly.

  • Prince

    Dear sir, it is my serious request to you to please make summary of yojana regularly. what happens is that if you miss one month or delay it for too long, our timetable suffers quite a lot. I have joined ILP and i am fine with paying more just for this initiative. I am sure you know that the way yojana explains a particular issue, no coaching center or holy laxmikanth etc can do.

    • Prince

      had some serious issue w.r.t this work. Working on it.

  • Chandrasekhar Das

    Babaji…here are my suggestions;
    1. The user interface of the website could have been better organized
    2. Remove all irrelevant or very old contents from the website

    3. mobile app platform needs to be organized
    4. PIB news analysis could have been on daily baisis
    5. publish the whole ILP time table in advance

    • Das

      Well taken. Will try our best to do so

      • 2shar

        please remove videos added on home page :
        it takes too long to open to tab,
        waste of data
        and no need to put so much at home page, put it in toppers corner
        thank you

  • Rock

    IAS baba
    if i’m not mistaken, there is no programme for public administration going on as they are for some other major optionals. i, therefore, request you to please start some answer writing programme kind of thing for public administration.

    Thank you

  • Lenny

    Plz start a TLP for Agriculture optional and a mind map as well.

  • Dr.Strange

    I am a regular user of your app. I just think it would be really great if you add tlp in the app also.

    • TLP is answer writing. App won’t support it. It becomes too heavy to load comments with answers on app

  • Sivaji Kotipalli


  • Sivaji Kotipalli


  • Sivaji Kotipalli


  • Sivaji Kotipalli



    plz tell me where to find the mindmaps?…your website is not showing mindmaps of june-july

  • Siddharth

    I just wanted to know, that since it is an integrated approach, at what stage will you begin with ethics. Secondly, a block will include prep. For both pre and mains right? I’m considering joining the 2018 program

  • Parul Singh

    Should one by heart the preamble of constitution also if preparing for upsc or any state psc

  • Sanidhya Jain

    i registered for ILP 2018, want to TALK… give me your no. baba. or contact me plzzzzz on 7500808546

  • Sanidhya Jain

    my mind is blowing out, looking at these heap of books and i am not able to work out a concrete strategy… please help me baba.

  • Wsyrous Lawaniyan

    BABA i am hindi literature optional student. facing difficulties for test series or quality revision with many others too. now result has also announced. request u to please start TLP OPTIONAL FOR HINDI LIT. also. asap ,will be highly grateful to u .

  • NSK

    Sir, Babapedia is really not user-friendly…It be better if all the articles were put on a single page so that it is easily navigable.

  • Pacman

    basically i am a working person and opted for IAS ILP 2018 program, i access my profile through my home system, library in the place i live because that is the place where i study most and sometimes my office, but there have been pop ups stating that there are problems with logins, if i dont have the flexibility to study where i want to study , what is point in going for a online program?

  • Vinayak Vaish

    All India Radio (AIR): World Earth Day

    Please see that such terrible piece of writing is not uploaded. You are doing a good job, don’t let the standard of writing fall. It’s almost impossible to read that piece.

    PS: I am an ILP2018 student (fresher, working)

  • pooja

    thank u team ias baba for providing awesome pib notes..:)

  • One punch man

    This is your humble follower who is always overwhelmed by the number of initiatives you provide and I truly appreciate your efforts.
    I was following your TLP sociology initiative right from the beginning and it was really helpful, but from last 3 to 4 days question haven’t been posted in that initiative regularly.
    I wanted to ask if it would be continued or not?
    please reply!

  • venky

    hello baba ji
    daily quiz initiative was really very helpfull.but solution part some improvements can be made ,

    actually i was not able to get in a question some options are wrong,

    why they are wrong, i am not getting in solution part even though going through the solution part twice .

    if mention why option is wrong, it will be very help full.

  • Sivaji Kotipalli

    plz arrange the daily quiz in app as we write ilp blocks.

  • Sivaji Kotipalli

    please take initiative of csat .thanks for essay initiative

  • baby

    Babaji!! I just got to know about “IASBABA” and TLP-2018..
    I am a final year Engineering student..
    2018 would be my first attempt..
    i had thought earlier i would attempt for 2019 after coaching soon after graduation..
    but now, as TLP is prepared based on schedule for working professionals too, i think even i can join and give attempt for 2018 itself..
    i am a late joiner now!!
    how would i cope up with missed sections ? and how will i gain that acceleration..??? and most important of all.. final year engineering.. lots of project work classes and stuff..
    can i still join ILP???and make the best use of it in the very little time i get???
    please reply


    Is there a issue of server?
    I cant log in my account since 7 pm. Its very frustrating as today is the day of 3rd block exam of Set 1.

  • Rising Spirit

    When will its july ca magazine come out





  • kiran karol

    Hey , In your TLP Mains Answer Writing Program, since you already have subject tags on questions it would be great if you could compile it subject wise as some students take their preparation one subject at a time. Having a compiled version of the questions and synopsis would be really helpful for such students. Thanks

  • suresh malladhi

    dear babaji i am regularly following your daily news analysis from feb 2017 and even joined ilp 2018, but in many dna issues i am unable understand some statement and some phrases such as managerial inbreeding, some of statements in dna for example from 14th dna i.e it would be timely for new industrial policy document to dissociate both state support for industrial development and public sector firms from the legacy the excesses that were part of import substitution industrialisation and grant them their rightful place in financing long term investment and technological change. my opinion is in understanding dna perfectly such one or two phrases or statemennts blocking to get a complete grip on topic.
    so please provide a platform in as ilp member to solve such doubts in future and try to give simple elaboration for any non ilp member. i hope that you are working very hard in every area such as dna ,ilp etc but one thing difficulty in understanding and giving perfectly grip on dna for fresh aspirants, by such phrases and statement will leads your hard work is not going to benefit a true and serious aspirants completely

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