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Here we are with the JANUARY 2017,  edition of Yojana and Kurukshetra.


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    ty for your support iasbaba team 🙂
    jai ho 🙂
    gn too


    thank you for ur selfless support team baba. humble background aspirants like me , cant find a perfect word to shown our gratitude sir. hope i ll clear one day , hope i too can do .motivates me to pushing hard .

  • Raman

  • V Kumar

    Concise and relevant stuff for Animal husbandry& Disaster risk reduction and management. First time I find interest in reading this book in one sitting. Thank you baba ji for interesting and appealing presentation of magazine gist

  • Aajay Paachpute

    The livestock census is carried out once every 5 years with last one (19th census) being done in 2012 insead of 2019 that you mentioned in YK GIST JANUARY ISSUE

  • Rakesh Ranjan

    Sir the resolution of mind map is not good.
    It’s not readable. i tried different ways to download it but every time the result was same.
    plz upload a new one.
    Thank you.

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