OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: UPSC declares Civil Services Examination 2016 FINAL RESULT

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: UPSC declares Civil Services Examination 2016 FINAL RESULT : Click here

  • Guru

    Not selected.
    Preparation for CSE 2017 Prelims at poor level.
    Gya re main to..!!

    • Simplex

      Thats sad. Its a hard day, dun worry something good is coming and that good in on 18th. I am sure to see your name next time.

    • arun

      look at urself……. u gave interview…….. do u know how much repect u just earned from me mate
      cheer up buddy

    • Lord Vorminious

      “Those who can, do
      Those who can’t, teach.”

      If I ever make it to the interview, I’ll quit my job and teach. Its the most satisfactory thing you can do, and once you have students looking up to you, you’ll never run out of the motivation to take this exam again and again and again.

      Best of luck. Jai Hind.

    • Bhaisaab

      Attention seeker detected.

      • Guru


    • Vibhor Sharma (Vib0516)

      Same here bhai😅

      • Guru

        koi nhi bhai….koshish jaari rakhte hain.

        • Vibhor Sharma (Vib0516)

          Yup! Thats the best we can do!
          Lets give it our best now!

    • Give your best this time. Focus on Prelims !

  • Simplex

    Congratulations to all of those who made it.
    Your hard work really paid off. Now you all are a national pride.

    All the best for future.

  • tito

    When will upsc release cutoff for prelims

  • Siddhartha_Bangalore

    Nandini KR(kolar) Karnataka topped this time ..

    After 16yrs candidate from Karnataka topped in exam

    Last topper from Karnataka was Vijaya lakshmi bidari in 2001

  • iasvet6attemptmainsfailure

    got through rank 141.

  • Sanki_Procrastinator

    Congratulations mate. Good luck for your future.

  • Beautiful heart

    Attentions Toppers:

    Firstly congratulations 2 u all…

    A request:

    If u have filled this year form, then please attempt the test on 18th june and mark all questions wrong to get maximum negative marks, this will help in pulling the cutoff down….i know this request is a bit cheesy(hehe). But this will be a help that you topper ppl. can provide us. Thank you

    • karan

      this is not how it works….

    • Bhokal

      hahahaha, you really need to work hard.
      UPSC takes top 14-15k, no matter what the lower marks scored ?

      It is not like 110 cut off k upr sbko lege.
      They will take the required ratio only.
      So study for ur score, not the others.
      All the best buddy.

      • Beautiful heart

        ohk,,,i didnt knew that….thnx for ur info

  • Mani

    Mani Agarwal
    Rank 126. ..
    I cannot thank IASBABA more…it would never have been possible without your constant guidance, support and motivation.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Sincere respects to the team.

    • Abhijit (ABG)

      Congrats Mani 🙂

    • Siddhartha_Bangalore

      Congrats Mani !!

      You deserve the spot !!


    • Usha T N

      Congratulations madam.

    • Madhu Babu


    • V Kumar

      Congrats mani.. really happy to see you in holly pdf… ur hard work and consistency paid

    • saran


    • VKS

      congratulation mani 🙂

    • Tyler

      Congratulations Mam 🙂

    • Hemand


    • Bhaisaab

      You have been very consistent with your efforts.You deserved it the most mam.Thank you for being a hope to us….Keep doing great.Thank you

    • Bhokal

      @disqus_hHMwSz0589:disqus I was wondering about ur Mains Result, U haven’t updated about that, so thought u didnt clear Mains.
      But u come with a wonderful news.
      Congrats, finally a deserving candidate achieved her feat.

      • Mani

        Thanx Bhopal 🙂

    • The Leiter

      This is a BIG SURPRISE…:)

      Congrats Mani..:)

    • iasvet6attemptmainsfailure


    • KTR

      Congratulation mam 🙂

    • Yogesh Bhatt

      Congrats Mani. All the best for future.

      • Mani

        Thanx Yogesh 🙂

    • Pankaj Nimbolkar

      Congratulations mam 👍👍

    • Diwakar

      CONGRATS MAM…it,s very pleasant to hear that!!!

    • Sheoran

      Congrats 🙂


      congratulations..All the best ..

    • congratulations Mani….ur success gives me immense strength to keep on working hard and belief ki koshish krne walo ki kabhi haar nahi hoti…god bless you and make this country proud with your work..all the best for future..

      • Mani

        Thanx SherniZaad 🙂

    • Bismarck

      Congrats Mani. Your answers were always a delight to read.

    • Kindar

      Hearty congratulations 🙂

    • Geeta Singla

      Congratulations Mam…

    • WicConman..!!

      My heartiest congratulation to you ma’am:)

      keep enriching this platform wd ur guidance & support.

      God Bless n Bliss You🔔🔔🔔

    • Madhavi Yadav

      Congrats ma’am 🙂

    • Winter

      Heartiest congratulations……..:)

    • Putta

      Congrats Mani 🙂

    • K S

      congrats my friend…

    • khelo India.

      very happy for you mani..

    • darkknight

      Congrats mam!!:)

    • The Silent Guardian

      Congratulations mam!!!!

    • ROCCO

      congratulations dear 🙂🙂🙂🎁🎁

    • vidhu

      congratulations mani…very well have done yourself and your parents proud by your success. All the very best in life ahead 🙂 Congratulations once again 🙂

      • Mani

        Thanx Vidhu 🙂

    • RKK®

      Congrats mam!!

    • Simplex

      Congr8s mam. That is so awesome.
      I still remember your answers and your constructive comments on my answers.

      All the very best in life.

      • Mani

        Thanx Simplex 🙂

    • ISHAAN

      Many congratulation Mani… It was pleasure reading ur answers and u deserved this rank .. God bless you and all the best for ur brightest future….

      • Mani

        Thanx Ishan 🙂


      congratulations mam,
      can you please upload your gs marks.
      as last year i used to compare my answers with yours .
      but i got only 390.
      please upload if possible

      • Mani

          Have you joined any get series other than iasbaba tlp.
          For gs papaer 3 – any extra things u did?

          Lastly is it necessary to read bipin Chandra for modern history to score good in paper 1.

          Please help I am really confused .

          • Mani

            1. No, I didn’t join any test series for GS other than TLP. TLP is more than enough to revise, write, improve and evaluate your answers for all 4 GS papers.

            2. For GS 3 I made sure that I covered the whole syllabus and then revise and revise.

            3. I think Bipin Chandra is a book that gives an overall comprehensive analysis. You can read any other book that covers major aspects too. I personally found Bipin Chandra’s book useful in keeping my concentration focussed rather than running behind many books.

            Don’t be confused, hear your intuition, you will be guided. Plus IAS BABA is a good platform to clear your queries.

            Good Luck

    • vivek s.

      Mam congrats . Can you provide your email id?. Mainly for answer writing practice I thought we have to spend 30k in vision ias or GS score. After seeing your strategy I got confidence that TLP will give more guidance for GS. So, you follwed only TLP for answer writing no other test series like VISION or GS score? And you joined any test series for essay?Mam this time also you are giving this exam?

      • Mani

        Thank u vivek s.
        I can assure you Vivek that if you are regular and consistent in TLP you will be able to improve your answer writing skills. I joined TLP for both my attempts and didn’t join any other test series for GS. I realised that TLP was enough since there are only 5 questions to write daily so it was very manageable. For essay, I read articles online and wrote essays on TLP itself which were posted by the IASBABA team every sunday.
        No, I am not giving next attempt. I am satisfied with my performance.

        Good Luck.

  • VKS

    could not clear CSE 2016..
    prep for prelim is poor.

  • Tyler

    Congratulations to all who have cleared the examination with so much efforts. It’s very happy to see real hard working people getting through:). Those who couldn’t , Just try one more time.

    “Some knows about UPSC since their childhood. Some will get all facilities to prepare for the exam from 12th it self. Some take coaching and do preparation for 4 yrs in delhi by keeping their degree as optional paper and gives first attempt to get through. Some don’t have any pressure in their young age and will go into preparation for years and years. Everyone’s circumstances are different. That’s why UPSC provides number of attempts.”

    It is here to remember that No Superman will ever choose to attempt UPSC. Superman’s, Genius people won’t be that much fools to sit for an examination years and years and will crack only to sit idle. If they exists, they might have changed the world in many more creative ways than UPSC. It is just an another examination, some knows better ways to clear it with all facilities. It doesn’t make anyone a top of the world person. If they have a potential of Superman, they might have already been appearing on Time magazines in their early teens only. So chill, the persons who cleared/clearing/ will clear examinations conducted by any organisation or institute is just a mere mortal and who works hard consistently.

    Its an inspiration for all of us that Nandini KR kept her Perseverance till fourth attempt. Trying one more time despite failure is the real key.

    All the best to every one 🙂

    • Smiley

      Its not about a superman or spiderman… Its individual interest that makes us to get what we desire.
      Love towards something makes you to get what you really love inspite of all the difficulties and hard ships we go through…
      Feeling happy when you gain something n Sad when you lose it… Its part n parcel of life… Its not every single person dream to appear on Time Magazines. All Supermans may not have interest appearing on Time Magazines. So, it doesnot make sense telling that superman’s doesnot choose UPSC and People who chose UPSC are not Superman.

      Sorry… This is not to hurt your feelings but pls dont post in a discouraging way.

      • Tyler

        My only concern is about the people who mislead others. I don’t think my post is in a discouraging way. Times magazine line just an example.
        Ofcourse, I stick to my words. The persons whoever cleared UPSC and topped till now since it’s inception, no body is a superman. Normal persons with excellent hardwork gives us the results. I don’t know how that statement is discouraging.
        People some times publicise like they studied for one month and got cleared without any facilities and coaching and all despite they have started prep years ago and fake themselves to misguide others to project them as super human beings.
        Most people misguide after getting ranks.
        Super man is one.. who excel in after getting ias and form a model district not one who makes strategies to crack exam and publicise like anything and run away from job and give excuses like I like teachings.
        Cracking an examination is not a super human thing. That’s all I want to say. Still u find it discouraging , can’t help.

        • rashmi

          very true..people fake a lot for getting publicity, attention and misguide others,,some even start considering themselves as celebrity couple and role models…common man, role models are the persons with a stature of Dr. Kalam, how can someone become that wise just by clearing a so uncertain exam..but anyways i really thank Ms Nandini for making us free from the clout of past year toppers.,and its so very much true that one who has missed out the race either by 1, 2 or say any no of marks is no way less intelligent and deserving than so called and revered “geniuses”

  • Sun Light

    In with rank 694, i didn’t join any coaching , no test series, but wrote answers here on iasbaba as well as on insights, so all credit goes to these platforms, i started writing practice from IASBABA, and fellow aspirants like sepoy and IASBABA mentors helped me by giving feedback on my answers. it gave me confidence, though i wrote in hindi but i got very much advantage from these platforms. so, will be very happy to contribute for hindi medium students. thank u very much babaji.

  • Moon light

    bhai bhut bhut badhai….god bless you!

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