IASbaba’s TLP ONLINE Programme – OPTIONAL’S Mains Answer Writing 2017 SCHEDULE

Hello Friends,

TLP Mains Answer Writing starting on 10th July. Here are the Optional Subjects part of this years TLP answer writing. We advice you to make this initiative successful by your active participation.


Download the Schedule











Note- If anyone is interested for taking responsibility of any Optional, kindly send us email at [email protected]

  • One punch man

    have been waiting for this schedule…..thank you so much Babaji!!

  • madan kumar k j

    Any one with anthro.. can we start?

    • Rajendra

      Yes, I m here.

    • darkknight


  • will make it

    Thanks babaji

  • JustChill

    Philosophy schedule is not able to download

  • Piyush Mirje

    where is philosophy?

  • rupn

    Please have a Management Optional thread too; am sure Guru-baba would be able to guide us

  • Gurpreet Singh

    Babaji what about anthropology online test series? Is it not happening.

    • That is paid with reviews…This is TLP for answer writing among peers

      • Gurpreet Singh

        Ok. Babaji can I join the online test series for anthropology by July 20 -22? Or is there any deadline?

        • Email ID is given there. Get in touch with gagan sir through email ID and ask details

          • Gurpreet Singh

            Ok babaji.

      • HereiM

        Hi IAS baba team, ur SOCIOLOGY xls file schedule is not opening, plz convert the xls file into pdf.
        Thank you.

      • gargi

        babaji plzzzz sources k bare me b bayayen….topic prepare kahan se karen

        • Piyush Bhardwaj

          U can see the sources in the optional preparation strategy from the menu.

      • RKK®

        Babaji is there gonna be Geo with paid reviews like anthro?

  • HereiM

    Hi IAS baba team SOCIOLOGY PDF schedule is not opening. Plz correct it as soon as possible. Thanks.

  • Omer

    Add public administration man… 😉

  • UPSC aspirant


  • raj

    Thanks baba ji… Was waiting for this…

    I had a look at your last year TLP geo optional… There u have provided 10 days for geomorphology and nothing from paper 2…. But this year it is within 5 days + physical setting from paper 1….. Is it practical to complete ??? As we are even doing your tlp for GS…. Please clarify

  • Thanks a ton for including Philosophy 🙂 🙂

  • santosh

    why not history optional babaji …you are always biased with geography optional

    • We are not biased. If we could find some one to assist would have surely started it. Still trying to get resources.

      • santosh

        If you not find anyone then let me know, Babaji…… last time I only did for history optional question at your platform. I am not free now. I will try from next month.

    • ajay

      lets create a history grp..

      • santosh

        sure …. we have whatsapp group

      • santosh

        babaji will upload history tlp from tomorrow

  • Sherlock

    Thanks a lot sir for TLP Sociology

    • HereiM

      Hi SOCIOLOGY file is opening in ur phone???

      • Sherlock

        Check now bro
        They have uploaded PDF file

      • Sherlock

        Are you writing Mains this year?

        • Don’t Give Up

          Don’t know whether I’m IN / out of the race.

  • Anjali

    Nothing for history anywhere… It’s also in upsc optional list. 😑

    • We are trying

      • Anjali

        It would be really a great help if u get success in your try. ☺

        • ajay

          lets create a history grp.

          • Anjali

            It would be great. But I am not sure that I can help much. As my syllabus is yet not complete. Still if u are ready, then add me. I have your no. From other comment. I will msg you if you are willing.

          • ajay

            I started mains prep only after pre, so syllabus is not an issues.its will be a collective effort so join it.im myself running to complete gd portion of syllabus before 28.

    • Don’t Give Up

      Visit selfstudyhistory.com may be helpful.

    • Siddhartha_IAS

      Pls check my comment above list..

  • Siddhartha_IAS

    We request for History


    • We are trying 🙁

    • ajay

      lets make a history grp.where we can review each other n advise accordingly.

      • Siddhartha_IAS

        Thats best way .. lets know who will be admin & add numbers on watsapp??

        • ajay

          anyone can become admin.its my no msg me 9035188597

          • ajay

            hi siddhartha.right now im in nagaland,transferred to bangalore,mains centre v bangalore hai.

    • Don’t Give Up

      Visit selfstudyhistory.com

  • shonali

    Babaji not able to open the sociology file…

    • Don’t Give Up

      Same problem I’m facing.

    • Try now

  • Yakshi

    Mathematics ???

  • havi

    public administration??

  • Winter

    Thank you so much for this initiative. I will be indebted to you IASbaba. 🙂

  • Ann

    Thanks for sociolgy 🙂

    • Here , can be create a group for sociology ??
      it would be better if 4-5 aspirants put their full efforts in posting ,reviewing ,answering etc
      thus will be fetching good score in final exam !!!!!

      • moon debnath

        yes it will be good?

      • moon debnath

        can anyone tell me where we have to write this answers..i am very much uncomfortable in typing…is there is any other alternative to write the answers of sociology which is going to start from 10th july? please help.

  • Sunshine

    Thanks so much Baba ji.

    Was waiting for Geography optional’s Answer Writing Programme. ☺

    Truly indebted!!

  • Sonia Sharma

    sir don’t you provide history optional

    • ajay

      lets create a history grp

      • Don’t Give Up

        selfstudyhistory.com visit this website.

    • Don’t Give Up


  • Ashok Yalla

    commerce and accountancy ?

  • Ashu

    IAS Baba
    Why no economics optional????? 🙁

  • Strongking

    Hmm that’s sawn ,, has review Karle nah philosophy ,, aaplog ,,@iasbaba

  • priya

    awsm baba ji ty

  • Neha Pal

    plz provide history optional for those who cant take coachings

    • ajay

      lets create a history grp

      • Neha Pal

        history grp on whatsapp or what????

        • ajay

          preferably on wtsapp,there uploading n reviewing will be easy.any other suggestion?

          • Siddhartha_IAS

            Ajay you be d admin on watsapp & lets start preparing tomorrow Auspicious Guru Purnima day .. my # 9945805662 ..

            Guys any 1 interested on history optional watsapp group pls send msg to Ajay .. lets do it !

          • ajay

            Thanks, everybody wid history option plz come together to help each other.

          • salvatore

            I am in. Lets start a telegram or whatsapp group

          • ajay

            Thanks,Msg me frnd or give ur no

          • The best takes take time!

            m in.

          • ajay

            Reply on this 9035188597

          • salvatore


        • Don’t Give Up

          For History Optional visit
          Great site for history optional.

  • Nairātmya

    <3 for Philosophy @iasbaba:disqus

  • aspirant2017

    Thanks for Pol sci & IR

  • Anand


  • BST

    Is there a paid review for sociology optional?

  • Pooja shokeen

    sir like gs will you also provide synopsis for geography optional also please..!!!

    • Iron man

      hi frnd
      I also preparing geography optional
      I am working professional If possible help me…

  • Zahoor Khawaja

    What about pub ad …..

    On the mercy of God. …..

    Aesa ne hosakta

  • divya deepak

    Where has gone history

    • Guest

      Just check this site selfstudyhistory.com

    • Siddhartha_IAS

      Pls check my comment above list

  • Anjali Gupta

    do we need to register for geography optional TLP and on what link questions will be posted

    • Anjali Gupta

      just need to sign in via any email id so that we can post our answers, the questions are posted under NEW POST on right hand side of one’s screen. All the best to everyone.

  • Siddhartha_IAS


    This is Siddhartha from Bangalore .myself & Ajay( study member) together have started history optional watsapp group just today for serious aspirants only .

    If interested our numbers are just below mentioned
    Ajay 9035188597- admin
    Sid admin : 9945805662

    Pls note : this is not a paid / marketing business . As aspirants we think sharing study strategy ,notes will upbring our future & others too .. its purely free of service & our aim is to crack this exam

    Thank you

    • Guest

      Check out selfstudyhistory.com

  • Amir

    thanks baba ji; phase 1 ka ek compiled version avaliable karwa dou; for revsn sake agar ho sake tou

  • BST

    Where should we write the answers for sociology ?

    • Anjali Gupta

      Click on the question links and post your answer below the discussion box…i just found it. was struggling with the same issue.. hope u get it easily and save your time

  • lostmonk

    @iasbaba:disqus ji will there be any questions from philosophy for self practice or only geography ???

  • Ghåïñt Nāddî


  • Mutahir Waseem

    What about Public Administration

  • yNa

    Will we get SYNOPSIS for answers

  • aspirant 001

    what about HISTORY SIR

  • Rocco

    Economics optional 😒

  • vinod singh

    public administration optional sir

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