NEW INITIATIVE- Indian Year Book, Eco-Survey and Current Affairs

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  • June 28, 2015
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NEW INITIATIVE- Prepare Current Affairs with IASbaba

1st Week PlanClick here

To be started on- Wednesday, 1st July 2015                      

FOCUS- Prepare India Year Book, Eco-Survey and Current Affairs in 40 Days with IASbaba

It’s been two weeks (18th June, 2015) since we started this journey and the response received has been amazingly overwhelming. Thank you for the appreciation. We will live up to your expectations and be your partner in the journey.

We are constantly striving to update our products based on the need of the aspirants.

Many of you had asked to add more questions from Current Events, to cover IYB and Economic Survey.

In swift response to that, here we are with our ‘New Initiative’ specifically focused on all the above aspects.

Why that is, in spite of best preparation people find it tough to crack the prelims. When you will appear for Prelims examination all the questions will be new and unpredictable at first glance. Current affair is an ocean in itself and UPSC through its intelligence wing has access to all the coaching notes available in the market. Thus the notes of Vajiram , KSG or Shriram and the other who and who of Old Rajinder Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar will be with UPSC and they tend to avoid any direct questions from these sources (The credit goes to the brain of D P Aggarwal – IITan himself and bringing in the best practices of IIT paper setting to create a level playing field)

Hence we want to throw surprise at you and simulate the conditions on the prelims D –day and test your consistency as well as seriousness about your preparation.

In the next 30 days we will make a plan for you to cover all the above mentioned topics.

The questions will be based on Current Affairs, IYB and Eco Survey and broadly you will know the subjects and sources on the basis of per day plan.

Do not expect many direct questions. Intention is not to overburden you by asking useless stuffs. One can make numerous questions from current affairs or static sources but is it going to solve the purpose?

Think about it!! Why would you come to IASbaba? This is the question that the TEAM of IASbaba keep in mind. Being from the best institutes in INDIA our sole intention is to provide through the website/platform best quality for your preparation, howsoever extra push our team has to exert.

In the end your satisfaction level and confidence before and after the exam matters to us. UPSC questions are totally unpredictable. The feeling that one has while solving UPSC paper is hard to find when you solve any mock. But we will try our best to give you the same feeling of anxiety, confusion, sudden joy (when you know the answers correctly 🙂 ) and temptation to mark with less confidence.

With every mistake before the exam, your preparation is getting better. Never ever get depressed if you are scoring less. It is a sign that you have learnt new things and your base is getting stronger. This attitude will also help you in the examination hall. It may happen that at first glance you are not able to solve many questions. Use this exercise to train your mind and body.


This initiative will focus on-

  1. India Year Book
  2. Economic Survey
  3. Current Affairs- Environment, S&T & Culture


These sections comprise of more than 50% of UPSC prelims examination and the most challenging questions are part of this. There is a way to study and prepare them. We will present it to you. The intention is to boost your confidence before you are tested for real. Leave your anxiety, fear, inhibitions and join us. We assure to build your concepts, boosting your confidence and most importantly guiding you in the right direction.


Environment and Science &Tech Section

If you have followed previous years UPSC papers then it is not required to tell you about the growing importance of this section. Kindly look into our PRELIMS STRATEGY for Environment and S &T to have an idea about it

We will be covering all the important issues of past 1 year from various news papers and articles. Just for your reference here are the broad sources-

  1. Down to Earth
  2. The Hindu
  3. Times of India
  4. Ministry Websites
  5. Government Reports
  6. Indian Year Book
  7. Economic Survey
  8. International Organization Website

Do not panic about number of sources. They are just to assure that most important issues will not be missed. We cannot give you specific details since questions will be framed more on analytical perspective (Even in UPSC Prelims it is not the case) and that too random. We don’t want to end up doing redundant exercise of preparing notes and publishing it unlike others. Trust us, it will help you least. We assure that wholesome coverage will be there. If you have any doubt about the quality, kindly check the ongoing Daily Prelims Tests and reviews on the respective tests.

Art and Culture

Though we will cover this section in our 60 Days Plan but in this initiative focus will be given to relevant terms and issues in recent current affairs and news. In this way, you can also go back to your basic books and revise. It will also cross check your preparation level.


  • The Hindu– Friday Review Section and Features- In this section lot of articles can be found dedicated to Indian culture covering art forms, architecture and dance etc. UPSC has knack of picking such issues that happen to be in news and ask static questions. Novice aspirants have no idea that the question though static could be solved if he/she would have followed a smart strategy. We admit that it is difficult to read those boring articles.


  • CCRT website– Mostly UPSC favours to frame questions from this website. Let us prepare before UPSC tests you.

Indian Year Book

There is a general perception among aspirants around IYB that UPSC doesn’t ask too many questions from this book. And many avoid it for simple reason that it is bulky and boring. We would like to correct you. It’s not!! Whattttt?? Yes you got it right bro J

It is one of the most valuable tools which will help you from a strong foundation which would help you throughout the journey of the exam and life.

There are people who could not clear the exam and went to join companies like Mc Kinsey, Goldman Sachs etc. We have seen them referencing to this book for the first basic thorough and genuine understanding of any subject related to INDIA.

This particular book can give you enough material for prelims for which you panic and poke your heads here and there. It seems to be boring and irrelevant for many, but after following our plan your perception will change. Trust us, surprise!!

We will divide IYB into number of chapters per day. Around 30 important chapters are there and if we follow single chapter a day, it can be done till the end of July 2015. Still enough time to revise. We have intentionally removed some of the chapters that are not important from Prelims point of view. Let us save our time and focus on relevant stuffs J

Chapters like Polity and core Economy will already be covered in 60 Days Plan. We will frame questions on current issues of polity and economy from IYB.

Economic Survey

Honestly speaking, this particular source can be your vanguard for whole economy section if your basics are good. You just need to objectively and smartly prepare it taking into consideration the current affairs aspect into mind. It’s difficult but not impossible. Anyway, we are here to ease the challenge and guide you with the right approach. The same strategy will be followed as in IYB.

We will post the plan weekly. First plan will be posted on Sunday Evening. Initiative will start from Tuesday- 30th June.

Share your views and feedback about the plan and let us know if any modification is required.

Baba’s Gyan– Admire your potential. Never have mind blocks which prevent your full potential to boom. Do not think that I am from this background, my English is not good or I should have joined that coaching. All these are self created, self imposed mental blocks which only reduce your potential.

Remember that these are in your mind not in your talent and capability. Once you realize it, you are enlightened.

As the divine monk Vivekananda put it:

All the strength and succor you want is within yourself. Therefore make your own future. Let the dead past bury its dead. The infinite future is before you.

Great convictions are the mothers of great deeds.

Common You Can Do It!! Its the greatest opportunity for you. Come on JOIN US


And if you find our questions on par with UPSC and Tough, we would like to quote our belief in Swami Vivekananda words:

“Each thought is a little hammer blow on the lump of iron which our bodies are, manufacturing out of it what we want it to be “

We would like to change the “thought” to “questions”

Note- Weekly Plan will be posted tomorrow evening

Share you feedback and views in the comment box. Your motivating words and appreciation is our fuel!!

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