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Mains Examination, Think and Learn
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To be started tomorrow- 29th June 2015

Thank You all for the tremendous response IASbaba has received over the week. Few days back we started Baba’s Daily Current Affairs. Hope you liked it. You might have understood by now the importance of current affairs and the way to prepare it. Once you follow Baba’s Daily Current Affair your conceptual base and in-depth understanding will be broadened. To continue with the challenge of conceptual and qualitative learning, we are introducing our “THINK and LEARN” initiative to strengthen your base for MAINS Examination that majorly depends on writing skill.

Mostly, aspirants prepare for UPSC in instalments. Once Prelims nears, they completely shift their strategy and start rushing towards accumulation of infinite knowledge in ‘Finite’ mind 🙂

However an ideal candidate prepares with a well settled strategy and plan. Their plan is inclusive of every stage of UPSC examination. Their preparation is based on concept building and in the process all three stage preparation is taken care of. You too need to base your preparation on learning and building concepts rather than counting hours.

Let’s say if you learn about ‘One issue’(daily) from now and write ‘One’ answerevery day, just imagine!! You will be ready with 60-70 qualitative issues without actually gearing up for Mains. The time prelims get over you can start preparation without tension.

Bottom line is Everyone makes strategy but only winners practice to face to ammunition on the D-day.

About the initiative- THINK and LEARN

As IASBaba always tends to give an overall comprehensive learning experience, we are proud to announce a new initiative to tackle UPSCMains 2015 along with this year’s prelims. We are planning to start an innovative learning process (Think and Learn)with the following features –

  1. A set of conceptual General Studies questions, which would be of UPSC level, yet grounded at a very basic conceptual understanding. These questions would be ideal to those beginners (And veterans) who want to have a sound conceptual clarity along with answer formulation and writing practice. Questions will not be a copy paste of news articles from current affairs. If any article or issue of that day current affairs fits into Mains, IASbaba will provide comprehensive questions on that. Other questions will be mix of current events and static portion.
  1. One-on-One Review from the experts at IASBaba themselves (Read below for surprise 🙂 ). We have found that, individual feedback helps the student a lot, in both finding his own mistakes and in motivating him further to write more answers, when a lot of personal attention is poured onto him. So, we have a dedicated team at place, to give feedback to every single answer that is written as a part of this initiative – A bold vision that not even coaching centres can boast of.
  1. A Model Answer (Within 200 Words) will be posted in the evening, along with the best answers of the day. This helps all the aspirants in understanding how to incorporate various ideas, current affairs, theories and concepts coherently into a single answer within the word limit.

These three pillars of this new initiative – Conceptual Questions, Individual Review and Model Answers, would be the bedrock of clearing the Mains examination. Are you ready for this journey?

The Mains Think and Learn Initiative will start on 29th June 2015, Monday.

So, gear yourselves with pens, rough sheets and a bucket-load of enthusiasm! 🙂


Where IASbaba Differs?

  • Feedback and Reviews will be provided by IAS/IRS officers with personal guidance on Writing Skills.
  • The top 10 answers of the month get to have a one on one interactive session with IAS toppers.
  • The best answers of the day will be featured at the top with Name of the aspirant.
  • None of our competitors can offer the same. In the end quality matters and it comes with sheer hard work and dedicated approach. 


Share your thoughts and give your feedback. Our Team will be working 24/7 for you.

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