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  • June 18, 2015
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Prelims 2015, UPSC
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IASBaba’s ‘PRELIMS 60+3 Day PLAN’

Starting on June 18th 2015



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Now, that there are only 66 days remaining and the rumour about the General Studies II (CSAT) has settled down, it is time to jump on to the preparation bandwagon with lighting speed.

We believe that, with proper guidance and plan of IASbaba, you will have the strategic advantage to crack the exam with flying colours. In the ‘60+3 day Plan’ IASbaba will provide you:

  • Topics to be covered with time bound framework
  • Important Sources to refer
  • Daily Prelims Questions
  • 3 MOCK TEST’s (in the month of August) – FREE !!


In the next couple of months your only focus should be on ‘Preparing for Prelims’. Study smartly (we won’t use the word strategy here, since there is no ONE single strategy to clear this exam). Give more importance to GS paper I.

The next 66 days will be the most challenging days. If you are up for it, join our cruise on June 18th 2015. IASbaba will be the compass that every sailor needs to reach one’s destination. We will provide you the right-path to help you reach your goal. If you are ready to work-hard then success is yours!

Reading without practicing questions will be a pointless exercise. Solving more questions will not only act as revision but more importantly make your concepts clearer. It will drive with-in you a thought-process. Every time you solve a question, your mind gets habituated to the answering patterns. This will help you in elimination of the wrong answers, which is very important in Prelims and it also improves your chances of getting more answers right.

The standards of UPSC are such that you will know the answers for at most 50 questions, the remaining questions (if not all) can be answered through ‘elimination method’. This is what most people call an intelligent guess. Since from here on, how many more questions you are able to answer correctly matters the most, to qualify to the next level (Mains) of the examination.


But then, the most important question for all is ‘how to make this intelligent guess’?

This comes only through ‘Regular practice’ and ‘Conceptual understanding’. So IASbaba provides you with both these resources through the Prelims Plan. Take a look at the ’60 + 3’ day plan below.

Please note that, our questions will be both factual and conceptual (on the lines of UPSC), more leaning towards concept-building. Once your basic understanding is strong, chances of getting answers right will only increase. And it will also lay a strong foundation for your Mains examination.

Now, coming back to our Plan-


What is  ‘60 + 3 day’ plan all about?

The rationale behind this plan is to make you Read and Revise more and more in the remaining 66 days left before the Prelims exam (on August, 23rd).

Starting from June 18th, you have approximately 66 days with you.

  1. The first 60 days, we will cover the entire syllabus of Civil Services Prelims consisting of the core subjects like Economics, History, Polity, Geography and dynamic subjects like Science & Technology, Environment, and Current Affairs.


Each day you will get 20-25 questions

  • 10 questions from the Core subject
  • 5-10 questions from Current Affairs (CA)
  • 5 questions from CSAT

Please note that, CSAT questions will be published only from Monday to Friday (5 days a week).Let’s take a break for CSAT on Saturdays and Sundays and focus more on GS Paper-I.

We have divided the first 60 days into 10 cycles. 

In the first cycle, we will take 2 Subjects Polity and Geography. In the table below, we have demonstrated the 1st cycle :

June 18th (Thursday) Polity + CA + CSAT
June 19th (Friday) Polity + CA + CSAT
June 20th (Saturday) Geography + CA + CSAT
June 21st (Sunday) Geography + CA
June 22nd (Monday) Science & tech + CA
June 23rd(Tuesday) Environment + CA + CSAT

This cycle will continue but with the change in the Core subjects. That is, on June 24th & June 25th you will have History and on June 26th & 27th Economics; and again Science & tech and Environment on June 28th&29th respectively along with CA & CSAT.

This cycle will continue for 60 Days i.e. till 16th August.


  1. The next 3 days gear-up for the Mock-Tests, which will be starting from 17th We will provide you 3 Comprehensive Mock-Tests– Absolutely FREE! (100 Questions each) from GS Paper I on 17th, 18th and 19th August, 2015.


Note: The last 3-4 days before the D-day are the most crucial days. You need to work on every single aspect under your control such as setting up your body clock in tune with exam, revising from the best sources, keeping your motivation high, avoiding common pitfalls which would sink even the best of preparations amongst others.

Wait for IASbaba’s gyan on the same. It would be released on Aug 19th, 2015.


Intention behind the plan

To equip you with the best, time bound, qualified prelims plan as followed by toppers in the last couple of months before the D-Day.

The plan will also break the monotony, keeping you in a positive frame of mind and at the same time give you ample time to study for a subject.

What is even more interesting, the subjects chosen are also complementary. For instance, we have chosen Economics and History together and Geography and Polity together in a cycle. In the first pair, Economics is dynamic with more concepts whereas History is more static. In the second pair, Geography is concept based, whereas Polity is static (of course the more dynamic nature of polity related to Governance is covered under our current affairs).

Why 5-10 questions from Current Affairs?

With the change in the Civil Services Exam (Prelims) Pattern and the recent trend of UPSC asking more questions from the Environment section, Governance issues ( which is an integral part of Current Events) 5-10 Questions will be framed from current affairs on daily basis.  These questions will be in tune with the ‘new pattern’ of the Exam.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the important aspects of the Prelims Exam, the Current Affairs will cover all relevant sources like –

PIB, Indian Year Book, Economic Survey, Yojana, Newspapers, Government websites, Down to Earth etc.

Why 5 questions from General Studies II (CSAT)?

Again going by the new pattern of UPSC Prelims, we have stuck to 5 questions. CSAT has been made a qualifying paper, and we know that it is very easy for most of you to score 33% in CSAT. But let’s not be complacent. Practicing daily 5 questions from CSAT regularly won’t do you any harmJ. In fact it relaxes you after solving 20 questions from Paper I.  Take CSAT test, when you want to relax.


Baba’s Gyan 🙂

In Prelims, the most important thing is to ‘identify’ the correct answer among the 4 given choices; you don’t have to memorize and remember each and every thing that you have studied. So chill and enjoy the process 🙂

The schedule might be tight, but there is very less time left. If you are consistent, hard-working, motivated and regular with Baba’s ‘60 + 3’day plan, you have a greater chance of clearing the Prelims Exam.

Now, Fasten-up your seat-belts and get on to the cruise, Let us sail through J Good luck!!

We have framed 10 questions for today. Please take this test sincerely and share your suggestions and views. From tomorrow we will start with our regular Prelims Plan


Prelims Sample Questions<- Click Here

For Master plan<- Click here

For Detailed Weekly plan<- Click here

Weekly plan will elaborate on with ‘what aspects to focus on’ and ‘sources’ to refer.


Please note that it is up to you to select the source you are comfortable with and prepare accordingly. If you are comfortable reading Chronicle Magazine’s 20-day special for each subject, and if it makes your concepts clearer, then go-ahead. At the end of the day, you should be able to get as many answers right as possible!

Those who have already read the entire syllabus at least once can consider these Tests as a revision.

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