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  • July 9, 2015
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Hi All,

Hope you all are gearing up to face Preliminary Examination. We have tried our best to instill the heat of UPSC papers through our Prelims Tests. Many of you may find it a bit off the track but trust us, each and every question is a direction for you to prepare and a sign of How to read/study?

The response so far has been amazing and providing thrust for us to work even harder. Thank You for such an overwhelming experience of love that you have bestowed on IASbaba 🙂 Its something we can’t express through words. Hence coming up with action to prove what you can expect from us in near future. (Lot more surprises still awaiting 🙂 )

We had given Syllabus MIND MAPS of MAINS for your reference. It was more of general understanding of the syllabus. Not many of you are aware of this (We feel). It’s a request to kindly have a look at them. It will surely ease your understanding of the syllabus and things to keep in mind while preparing from basic texts or current affairs.

For many of you, reading the newspaper is just an exercise or more of a culture as being part of civil services fraternity (to be). But to tell you the fact, its exactly opposite of what you conceive of reading newspaper as part of your preparation. We want to change this outlook of yours. But How?





Now, about this initiative (MIND MAPPING)


When you go through our syllabus Mind Maps, you will understand the linkages and aspects coming out of various topics. It is a reference though.

How Mind Mapping helps?

Many of you couldn’t remember the whole story or issue unless a rigorous effort is put. Even after this, you tend to forget most of the points after few days or week. The productivity is the real issue here.

If we can have Mind Mapping for such topics, it will not only help you remember the whole issue but also helps in revision. You will be escaped from revising bulky notes. Isn’t it?

IASbaba has planned to give you coverage on important topics/issues from current affairs and static syllabus which has broad connectivity and interlinking of concepts.


For example- Take World Wars as a reference


Many of you couldn’t remember the interlinking of Events-Stages-Treaties and hence while writing answers, wrong facts or beating around the bush becomes part of your expression. If we provide extensive coverage of such topics through Mind Maps, there is every possibility for you to remember the real chain of events, issues and interlinking of concepts and facts.

The same is true for current affairs. UPSC mainly asks ‘ISSUE-BASED’ questions and for this, one need to be well versed with connecting events and proper understanding of in-and-out aspect of the same.

Take IRAN DEAL as an example

If a MIND MAP covering the important aspect of the deal, significance, strategic implications, India’s role, West and Middle East conflict etc is given, how easy it would be for anyone to produce an effective answer for any question around this topic.

Not only in Mains but in Interview– It is a huge concern for many to reproduce answers in seconds/minute. If Mind Mapping becomes an inherent part of your learning exercise, just imagine the efficient output and confidence with which one can handle any question.

IASbaba is trying its best to impart innovative and effective learning exercise for every needy individual and ensure that you stay focused on qualitative learning rather than falling prey to time-money-life consuming entities around you. It is your life’s greatest dream and only you have right to decide of its worth by learning to succeed or preparing as you were.

We request you to provide your honest and valuable feedback on IASbaba’s work till date and about this initiative as this will run based on Demand 🙂

Your Participation?

  • Enlist the topics you feel as important for MAINS
  • Issues in Current Affairs you find difficult to understand
  • Kindly don’t spam the post by numerous, irrelevant, trivial issues 🙂


P.S- We request you to spread about IASbaba so that we are encouraged to cater to thousands/lakhs of aspirants who are still suffering with the cause of ill-learning. Start your social service from now only and let each of us impart this learning to each and every individual out there.

“Together we can, we will. Strength of community is more powerful than individual effort. We have started it. You have to strengthen it”

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