Think and Learn – UPSC Mains [Day 11]

  • IAS baba
  • July 8, 2015
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Think and Learn – UPSC Mains [Day 11]

9th July, 2015


GS 1) Analyse the major differences between Carnatic and Hindustani classical music forms. (200 Words, 10 Marks)


GS 2) Critically discuss the potential of IBSA forum, India’s role in it and the need for its revival. (200 Words, 10 Marks)


GS 3) The initial generations of Bio-fuels have been seen as a threat to the food security of the country. Comment on these various generations and explain how do the third generation bio-fuels address these food security problems? (200 Words, 10 Marks)


PS – Suggestions Required – Do you all want each question as a separate thread? Or do you want to answer all the questions in the same thread? Some users have emailed us saying that all the answers in the same thread are too haphazard and unsystematic, so they are difficult to read.


So, if everyone agrees to it, then we shall give a separate link to each question in the Think and Learn Mains initiative, so that all the answers can be collected at one place.


Thank You.

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