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  • August 24, 2015
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Let’s try this. Let’s take one day off from our usual lives; from everything we usually do, from everybody we already know, from every place we have already been to. Let’s spend this time all alone with ourselves, somewhere far away. The very idea is scary, but if we are able to do this, we will realize something very significant. The most impossible people in the world to be with all alone is we ourselves!

Compared to us, everything else is perfect; the whole existence is unimaginably blissful and beautiful. The only trouble in our lives is us. We have a knack of taking the best of everything life can offer and turn it into our object of worry. We are perfect worrying machines. Even the existence sometimes wonders if we are really its product; nothing else in it even comes close to beating us in this art of worrying.

Reflect on this; what else in existence has this insane habit of worrying? How often have you seen your house dog or cat worrying about its future! How often have you seen a pigeon or a sparrow with its head down, deep in contemplation, worrying about its uncertain and bleak future? Absolutely nothing else in existence has this habit of worrying. Worrying is a unique and distinguishing feature of the human race!

We worry because we have forgotten the single most important rule of life; we have forgotten that life cannot be lived in the past and the future; we have forgotten that life is now! We worry because of our intelligence; worrying is a result of substituting our presence of mind with too much intelligence. Think about it, how much of our lives are wasted in intelligently worrying about what is gone by and what is yet to come.

There is a vast difference between being prepared for the future and being worried about it. There is a very thin line between intelligence and insanity. While Intelligence is the ability to project the consequences of our actions into the future and reasonably predict the outcomes, insanity is forgetting everything that is happening now, in the hopes of attaining to that projected future. Worrying is a disease, it is a dis – ease of the mind. It is an insane habit of scratching the wounds of the past to find a cure for it in the future; it is meaningless, purposeless and painful.

Why do we worry? We worry because we want to worry; because we know how to worry; there is no other reason for it. It’s the same reason why we feel sad, depressed, scared or frustrated. People, places and activities only reflect our inner emotions, changing them will change nothing. We will still be unbearable to ourselves if we cannot transcend the habit of worrying. The only way to live blissfully is by learning to live within ourselves; it is by learning to live in the present moment by unconditionally accepting everything about us; by learning to find that inner sanctum within us, where we can live far away from all our worries!


Note- Behave like a winner in all circumstances. Real champions never dwell into their failures and start working on their mistakes. IASbaba is here with you, all the time. Let’s work together and build a perfect launch pad learning and amending from our failures 🙂

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