UPSC Prelims 2015- 40% Questions from IASbaba

  • IASbaba
  • August 25, 2015
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IASbaba's Daily Prelims Test, IASbaba's Daily Prelims Test 2015
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Hello everyone,


Let me tell you my beautiful story which began with IASbaba two months back. Just like you all, I am a regular visitor at IASbaba. Having participated in most of their initiatives (if not all) I have immensely benefitted from this new born giant. Being someone who attempted every daily test posted on IASbaba I thought of doing an elementary analysis in my post-prelims craziness. I wanted to check exactly how much I gained from these daily tests in sheer numbers/marks (at the end of the day that’s what matters, we can all agree to that).

And to my surprise, I could easily locate more than 40 questions from here. I had a feeling that many questions were familiar but couldn’t locate until did some labor 🙂 I wonder how and why Baba was silent on this 🙂

This is just to pay back my thankfulness and gratitude for the work Baba has done in such a less time and with amazing precision. As an ardent follower I explored everything they provided from strategy to tests to notes.

Here’s my analysis for current and future aspirants: An astonishing 40 direct hits out of 100 were from IASbaba’s 60 day program (there could be more or lil less , this is only my analysis based on what I could locate. I strongly feel there are many more left)


Please Note: Why am I doing this?

Because I am so touched and influenced by their genuine quality work which has benefited me immensely. I am sure there are thousands out there who share the same feeling.

When someone so qualitative and selfless can touch your life, I thought this was the least that can be done.

Jai ho baba!

 You guys know me as Nishant (the guy with maximum no of written answers in think and learn ) 🙂


Total Questions = 44


Link to Prelims Strategy– Click

Most of you might have missed to go through it. But I was blessed to read it and luckily got many questions solved from there 🙂




14th Finance Commission-Eco compilation, Daily Test Day 33]  &


Fortaleza Declaration – [ Daily Test Day 57]


 Inflation in India – [ Eco compilation, Day 58] &


Tax to GDP ratio – [ Eco compilation]


Deficit Budget – [ Eco Compilation]


Core Industries Weight–[ Daily Test Day 29]


RBI – SLR – [ Eco compilation]


Agreement on Agriculture , Peace Clause – [ Daily Test 57]


Convertibility of Rupee – [ Eco Compilation]


Monetary Policy –[ Daily Test 29 ]


Basel-3 norms- Economics Strategy





IUCN CITES –Full Mock Test 


Fly Ash –[SNT compilation, Daily Test Day 54]


Dugong – [ Daily Test Day 52]


Green Climate Fund –[Environment Compilation]

Tropical Wet Evergreen Forests occur –Couldn’t locate. But sure I solved it here. Baba should know this 🙂

Rio+20 –[ Daily Test Day 35] & Environment Strategy

Geographical Indication

Ozone depleting Substance- & Environment Strategy

Floating Vegetation that supports biodiversity-


Nitrogen Fertilizers-




Civil Service Board chairman – [ IAS Baba Full Mock]

Welfare State – It was also asked in IYB questions

Fundamental Duties –[ Daily Test Day 2]

Parliamentary System –[Polity Compilation ]

DPSP –[ Daily Test Day 2 ] & polity strategy

India is member of which organization?– Same question was asked with different options


Powers of Rajya Sabha –[ Polity Compilation]


Question on Public Account mixed with Consolidated Fund of India-  &




SnT / Current Affairs


Near Field Communication – (direct) IAS Baba Think and Learn (day 2), Prelims Strategy for S&T and Test also. Couldn’t locate 🙂

H1N1- Swine Flu- S&T strategy

Ebola Virus places –Map Based Questions from Daily Tests and S&T strategy

Fuel Cell –[ SnT Compilation ]

Bio-Toilets– S&T strategy

Remote Sensing– S&T Strategy


History/ AnC


Kalamkari –IASBaba Compilation – Culture Terms

Cabinet Mission – [History Compilation]

GOI Act 1919 –Daily Test Day 1 ,



Tides –It was also asked. I couldn’t locate. Babaji must be knowing 🙂

Tropical Cyclones in South Atlantic – [ Geography compilation Q]

Tropical Wet Evergreen Forests –[ Environment Compilation ]

Root Bridges –I remember it was asked somewhere. Couldn’t locate

Countries around Mediterranean Sea – Babaji asked three questions and in once such questions, JORDON was also there. Map Based Questions in Daily Test


NOTE- Yes I am being little lazy for links 🙂 But I tried my best that too just as a thanks giving gesture. You can bring more and add to Babaji’s feathers. At least they deserve this. When coachingwallah’s and other websites can CLAIM only with few key words and boast about it, Our Babaji deserves a standing ovation for hitting it so closely and to everyone’s surprise just in 2 months. Hats off Baba. I feel most of you would agree with me on this!

I can’t even wait for your Mains preparation anymore. We want it right now:)

Disclaimer– We are not claiming ourselves to be the best here. This is just a gratitude from one of you. We still believe you may have performed very well without IASbaba. You should decide your resources and follow it religiously. Online sources are immense and you are Free to use everything you want 🙂

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