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  • IASbaba
  • September 13, 2015
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Footwear Outside Please

Footwear Outside Please!


‘Hey, don’t laugh too much or you will cry soon’. ‘All your sufferings are because of your past karma, you can do nothing about it’; I am pretty sure that India is the only country where people use such ridiculous statements and give equally ridiculous justifications for using them. You have to wonder as to what is wrong with us, are we neurotic or something. What disease have we caught that makes happiness unbearable to us.

Before your patriotism blinds you completely, just look around; you will see how sad, grim and worried we Indians are. We are the most worried people in the whole world. Of course, if you are an Indian, you would not agree with me; after all, there is no machine out there that can measure how much you worry every day! If there was one, then the worrying results of the worrying machine would certainly have been worrying!

Here, we have heard people talk about robbers, rapists and murderers so often that it almost seems like our day isn’t normal if we don’t meet at least one such person on our way to work. Just ask yourself this simple question; how old are you now? And in all these years, how many personal one on one encounter you have had with such people; there are good chances that it will be none.

We surround ourselves all the while with that idiot machine called television, whose primary purpose is to search for the most exceptional cases of horror and re-glorify it in the name of safety, education, awareness and entertainment. Just flip through the channels, observe a little carefully and you will see.

If you are obsessed with watching television, then there has to be a part of you that is obsessed with violence and pain, or else you will soon lose interest in what you are watching. The ones who create these television programs know this; if the whole purpose of the game is to captivate your senses, what other better ways there are of doing it than by using excess of violence and pain.

There are some who make a living by keeping you sad and then there are others who make a living by preaching you ideals of happiness; beware of both. Maggots feed on you only after your death; there are blood sucking leeches who feed on your living emotions. Life is your journey, you are the only player here, rest all are mere spectators. Don’t let them tell you how sad and grim life is, nor let them convince you that it is a beautiful paradise.

Every moment arrives to teach you something and then disappears to make way for another. Be available to that moment; it will teach you more than all your preachers ever can. The world is merely a collection of your experiences; nothing exists here apart from what you have stumbled upon in the dark. If you cannot make sense of what is here, nobody else can.

We live in a wonderful world; a tapestry of colors, beauty and magic. Here everything is perfectly set for your adventure. The early morning breeze, the chirping of birds, the conspiracy of the earth and sky to lay those early morning dew sprinkled grass carpets; what a stage for the play of life.

Well of course; this is not the view of the world you are most familiar with. If you allow yourself to be surrounded all the time with ideas of fear, death, disease and destruction, how can you see anything beautiful? Your mind is a shrine, it is not a public toilet for everybody to come in, do their thing and go. Allow only those who can worship to enter, and let them leave their idiotic ideologies and footwear outside.


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