IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Road to Mussoorie-2016!!

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  • September 25, 2015
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Integrated Learning Program (ILP) - 2016
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Road to Mussoorie-2016



We have received more than 500 queries mailed to us in the last month as to when IASbaba will launch its program for 2016. This letter is in response to the same.

We are fully aware of the anticipation that is making you restless about our 2016 plan. Most of our sincere followers have performed well in prelims this year and that has motivated us to work even harder for the benefit of the aspirants. Our 60 day plan for prelims was the first of its kind and had more than 10000 aspirants who utilized our platform.

As of now IASbaba has crossed a peak of 17000 unique users a day and now on a regular basis has more than half such numbers with nearly 2.5 million page views. These figures are testimony to the trust that we have earned in the past few months. If with such a modest beginning, we could achieve well beyond our own expectations, what will happen if we go that extra mile to ensure our 100%! We don’t know yet.

But one thing is for sure. IASbaba’s offering will not be the regular one!

We are aware that there are many others waiting for us to release our plan so that they can copy the same (in the name of minor modification).It happened to us in prelims time and think and learn program initiative.

We are only happy that others are finally trying to grow up to IASbaba !

We have noticed that the strategy used by coaching institutes is to make aspirants run behind books, strategies, classes, newspapers and different magazines. We wish to change this paradigm of UPSC preparation for the better. We believe in quality, innovative and smart work. Our program will also reflect the same.

We at IASbaba are striving to stand up to the name of one stop destination for IAS aspirants. And in the coming days you will see that our plan would actually stand up to that vision.

Moreover, we will not ask a common aspirant to buy our programs and then glorify only the toppers (who would have been toppers with or without some proxy classes). We firmly believe in equity and we will ensure that through our program.

Just think over

What will be the use of rote-learning of all the books? What will you achieve by glaring advertisements providing you with 10000 questions to be solved through Test Series? What will you do with those truck-loads of information? You must strive for knowledge. Knowledge is liberation; if not, it just is a mere deception.

We, at IASbaba believe in potential, dream and desires of a novice which is so pure in itself. The zeal of a fresher is such that it can achieve the unseen, the impossible!

And we are determined to guide this energy and zeal towards success through smart guidance.


Detach from the Noise

What is the point of dancing in the dark tunnel, when a simple turn and a straight path would lead you to the light? That light is important, for you to see, feel, understand and prioritize- detach from the noise, attach yourself to your goal.

No requirement, and no prerequisites other than you being one of the serious aspirants despite being a fresher, a working professional or a veteran. We only need committed individuals who can match with our pace.

The pace is nothing but tireless work with quality study and the sincerity of achieving one’s dreams. We do not believe in directionless study and let others spend years for which only a single serious year of preparation is more than enough.

We are working day and night to bring the best possible strategy and plan for all the sincere aspirants. We believe in quality and can never compromise on it. This is the only reason that we are not doing anything in haste. We simply want to ensure that the strategy, plan, resources and guidance that we provide to you must be of the best quality. We also have in mind the special requirements of working professionals. Our plan has incorporated all these dimensions.

Very soon, we are going to launch our plan. Meanwhile, we request you to please stop bothering too much about the time. Its not about time but Quality of Time!.

Most of you complain about being misdirected, irregular and not able to sustain the motivation through out your preparation. Aren’t you?

Our plan will be of such kind that will provide you smart way to do away with your worries.

We simply do not want to give you sermons on plan and then forget about the fact that “are you doing it, are you following the given, are you able to learn, are you keeping pace with the strategy, are you able to comprehend the preparation process” or not?

If you prepare with us, be assured of one thing and that is- Beating the fear around this preparation by achieving excellence!

Believe us, when you will see the course plan, all your worries will go away.

So are you ready for the 12 months mile?

Are you ready for the right hand to drive you closer to your sky?

Join us if you are a fresher as we can show you the right path.

Join us if you are a veteran as we can reinvigorate your energy.

Join us if you are a working professional as we can save your time and efforts.

Join us if you are ready to walk that extra mile.

Join us only if you are sincere enough to stretch your limits.


Seats are limited! So make up your mind because coming year will be the most hectic but decisive of your future.


As we believe,

That Me or you,

We are the silver lining-

In the world of our clouds, above!

Everest is far, far away.

And the climbers will reach its peak—bit by bit.

Road to Mussoorrie…bit by bit!



Must Read this before you make up your Mind to join usLIFE BEYOND UPSC



Note:  We saw many people sharing numbers for whatsapp like endeavor. We have a smart and better strategy for making your group learning more targeted and effective. Share your numbers here if you want to be part of IASbaba’s way of doing it.

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