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Integrated Learning Program (ILP) - 2016
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to CSE 2016 Plan


NOTE: For Registration Process, scroll down to the end




IMPORTANT NOTE on Free Initiatives running on the Website

The following Initiatives will run for FREE (Irrespective of whether you have enrolled for 2016 program)

  • IASbaba’s Daily Current Affairs
  • IASbaba’s Monthly Magazine
  • Think Learn & Perform (TLP) Program –MAINS
  • Yojana Magazine
  • RSTV Analysis 
  • Press Information Bureau (PIB)
  • All India Radio


So do not get disillusioned. 2016 Plan is exclusive of FREE running initiatives. Means everyone either registered or not will be able to get regular updates on above mentioned initiatives FREE of cost.


Important Note: We request the interested aspirants to read it carefully and then take a call 


Let us cherish for what you all are waiting so desperately……here it comes!!



We know what you want!

We know what holds you back!

We know how to assist you!



All of us dream and why shouldn’t we. In fact one must dream big. There is no tax on that. Every year you see the list of successful candidates who would become civil servants to serve their country. And then you dream to be one among them. You are always ready to walk that extra mile for your dream. You are ready to invest your mind, your body and your money. You sacrifice your sleep, your relations and your friendship. You are ready to do whatever it takes to realize your dream.


Now consider this. You need active support and guidance for your success in the coveted Civil Service Examination (CSE). For you, the attempts that you take for CSE is of immense psychological and emotional value. But ask yourself one question: Is it the same for those who guide you? 


But fortunately, everything is changing around us. Gone are those days when you had to bargain with the arrogant taxi operators to go around the city. You have service providers like Ola and Uber competing hard, to get your attention and to provide you with affordable services. Similarly, on the click of a button, you are able to order food, clothes, watches, books, groceries and what not. These changes have been rapid and surely they have challenged the earlier exploitative models of business and services.

Similarly, be it the way we communicate with each other or the manner in which information is being exchanged through different media, the entire paradigm of education and learning is also changing. When we started our website, we had in mind these changes or rather

…… we wanted to become an agent of this transformation


So what do we want to change?

What do we aspire for?

Where do we lie in this transformation matrix?




We want to end the way UPSC aspirants are being exploited and make full use of the most powerful empowering agent of the 21st century i.e. the Internet.

Why on earth would one need to spend lakhs on coaching in the age of the internet?

Why should one leave his/ her home and pay artificially hiked rentals for the shabby rooms of Rajinder Nagar?

Why should a needy working professional take unpaid leave to prepare for CSE?

Why should information not be affordable to all at the ‘click of a button’?


We at IAS Baba have, therefore, come up with a plan that has the potential to remove the obstacles that one faces while preparing for CSE. If you have a working internet connection in your computer or phone, you won’t have to leave the comforts of your home, waste lakhs on coaching, spend thousands per month for your accommodation and food, leave your job or be gullible to a market that is driven solely on perception and herd mentality.

We are glad to launch our most awaited and biggest plan for CSE 2016; an integrated plan to cater to most of your needs and requirements.

The UPSC Prelims Examination will be held on 7th August, 2016



Welcome to IASbaba’s 2016 Initiative


The entire plan is divided into four phases till MAINS 2016. The strategy and efforts will vary with each phase. The Fifth Phase will cater to INTERVIEW-Starting with the profile of the interview members, preparation of bio-data to Mock interviews.

The major problems that a sincere aspirant faces in the preparation phase are inconsistency, improper strategy and lack of proper guidance. To take care all of these impediments, we at IASbaba have come up with a comprehensive programme. This one year long programme is designed in such a manner that a working professional, a beginner or even a veteran will be bound to push him/herself towards the ultimate goal.


The different approach in our learning process:

The biggest handicap in the current learning system is the non-effective utilization of study materials due to the huge stock of irrelevant resources and books around you. We have thus evolved a totally different approach to guide you so that your efforts result in higher productivity rather than you becoming a computer hard drive of irrelevant data incapable of giving expected output 🙂


What is the real Challenge for an Aspirant?

Foremost, of course, is to understand the pattern of CSE & its requirements. Why is it that most aspirants even after spending 2-3 years of their productive life are unable to understand the requirements of CSE?

It is because most of them prefer to adhere to the perceptions created in the market. They keep referring to multiple sources, useless magazines and copied notes on current affairs. But all this drudgery hardly bears any fruit for most of them.

This is because hardly anyone guides them about the basic and principle prerequisites to understand and follow; which are


“Role of Thought Process”

“Smart vs Hard Work Philosophy”

“How to develop Analytical thinking”

“What not to Read than what to Read”

“How to connect the dots in their preparation”

“How to process the Inputs to produce maximum Output”

“Role & importance of Original thinking & how to develop it”


We have received thousands of requests for the enrollment. Based on the affordability, need and our capability, we have designed following programs.


IASbaba’s 3 Unique Programs



Program 1:  PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2016 (ONLY)- Registration Open


Micro Level Plan covering whole Prelims Syllabus- Will be published for registered users

20 Tests based on Plan

3 Full Mock Tests before Prelims 2016 (inclusive of 20 Tests)

Result Oriented Test Series

  •     All India Ranking
  •    Areas of improvement/subject wise
  •    Complete Analysis of your performance

Detailed Solutions for every Test in PDF format

Tests will be conducted OnlineReal Time Exam atmosphere



Program 2: INTEGRATED LEARNING PROGRAM (ILP) (Prelims, Mains, Interview*)- Registration Open

Divided in Five PhasesRead later in the article

Micro-Level Daily PlanRevision Friendly

A Separate Platform for 2016 Aspirants- Forum, Q&A Discussions

Repository‘Virtual Library– Segregated quality articles and notes for Mains

Personal Interaction via Mails

Learning with Mind-mapssimplifying complex issues, learning to interlink various aspects of an issue and better retention.

Current AffairsAspects to focus on Prelims and Mains

Quality Notes for Conceptual Understanding

Guidance on Mains ‘Answer-writing’ and ‘Essay’

Fortnightly Minor Test-  Apart from Test Series

Monthly Major Test-  Apart from Test Series


Program 3: Test Series + ILP + PERSONAL GUIDANCE THROUGH CALLS- Registration Closed

Limited Seats

Open to All

All features of Program 1 & Program 2

Advantage of being in personal contact of IASbaba Team throughout the plan/Telephonic calls

Personal Mentoring till Interview.

3 Mock Interviews

3 Days workshop with IASbaba- This is now available to both Program 2 and 3 users

*Read at the end for selection process and requirements for Program 3




Let us look into the details of FIVE Phases of ILP-2016, Program 2 and 3


  • Phase-I: October to Mid-February 2016: Building Blocks (Basic Level)– Focus on Content Development- Prelims oriented integrated with some aspects of Mains
  • Phase II: February to May 2016: The Great Leap (Advance Level)– Focus on Mains preparation
  • Phase III: June & July 2016 – The Art of Being Prepared- Revisiting Prelims! Revision (Phase I & II) & Full Mock Tests; Important aspects to focus from Prelims perspective
  • Phase IV: TLP 2016Write it ‘Right’! – 100 Days Mains Challenge & Writing practice, Essay.
  • Phase V: INTERVIEW– Mock Interviews



(*Note: The plan provided below is only a broad plan. Detailed micro plan will be provided after you register with us)


PHASE 1 : Building Blocks (Foundation Course) – Prelims Oriented


[October 2015 to February 20164 Months]

It is seen that an aspirant starts with full throttle in the beginning but deviates in the middle; the prime reason being impatience, carelessness and anxiety to cover everything under the SUN. Our programme is designed to streamline this energy into a more meaningful, enjoyable and result-oriented preparation. We intend to build your base; step by step considering human capability :). Hence we would like to call this phase as Building Blocks!

There is a myth that the moment you start UPSC preparation, writing answers is a must. We beg to disagree here. Practically, one needs enough time to build up one’s knowledge base and conceptual understanding, to master sufficient content to be produced while writing.

“Just for the sake of increasing traffic on the website, IASbaba will never encourage a beginner to start writing Mains answers. Everything has to be done step by step otherwise though the gains will happen but it will take your quality time and year”- And we intend to reduce you efforts not to burden you.


If you start writing from the very beginning, there is every chance for you to get de-motivated in between because of various reasons, some of them being-

  1. Oh! My friend writes better than me.
  2. My answers are far inferior in structure and quality
  3. I am missing out on Current Affairs and completion of syllabus and many more!


This is because you have not done your Homework 🙂 


PHASE-I will comprise of


  • Basic Content & Concept Development (Prelims)
  • Coverage of basic Concept-building aspects of Mains’
  • Daily targets- Topic wise
  • Mini tests– 15th Day of schedule
  • Major Test– 30th Day of Schedule
  • Full length tests– after completion of 4 Weeks
  • Enough space will be given for revision & Optional in between
  • Qualitative articles granting Analytical Perspective!
  • Learning with Mind-maps – simplifying complex issues, learning to interlink various aspects of an issue and better retention
  • Guidance on Mains Answer-writing



Phase I is designed to build a base for your preparation. This phase will also provide you with valuable insights for developing an understanding of current events and its relevance and connectivity with the static portion.

Broadly we have SIX major domains to start and finish with, namely Economics, Geography, Polity, History, Science & Tech and Environment.

The plan is based on Topic & Issue wise learning wherein you have to prepare by connecting the dots unlike before where you were going book wise.


What do we mean by Topic wise?


Suppose we set a plan for Geography. Then we will divide whole Geography into several Topics and Subtopics as per Prelims & Mains. Let’s say

Indian Geography World Geography
Physiography The Earth & Universe
River Systems Land Forms
Minerals Climate Types
Climate Atmosphere


Note– Likewise for other subjects


Our focus will not be book wise preparation but Topic & subtopic wise preparation. The benefit of following this approach is multifarious:

  • It enhances your confidence in your learning method.
  • It binds you to the core of better understanding of whole issue around the topic.
  • Most importantly it aligns your conceptual understanding in much better manner and will help you understand the current developments associated with these topics in a coherent manner.


How IASbaba will be instrumental in planning?





Then, we will provide you a detailed consolidated list of all the sources to be referred for each topic and subtopic that will include chapters from various NCERTs, standard reference books, links of relevant newspaper and magazine articles, and of course detailed write ups by IASbaba. It means that you cover maximum possible dimensions in one go and don’t get overwhelmed by the bulk of resources around you.

Things to be done in Phase- I

  • We will give you Daily targets along with topics and references for the same.
  • We will also provide quality articles on important topics/ issues
  • After completion of each two weeks plan- you will be asked to appear for a minor test based on your preparation
  • We will not only cover the static but the current affairs related aspects as well both from Prelims and Mains per se.
  • In 4 months of PHASE-I, we will make sure to cover all the relevant NCERTs and other basic sources of preparation.
  • We will try our best to improve your conceptual understanding rather than rote learning.
  • Learning with Mind-maps – simplifying complex issues, learning to interlink various aspects of an issue and better retention
  • By the end of PHASE I, you will be done with the thorough completion of basic books and sources along with previous year papers in terms of conceptual clarity.
  • You will be provided with Mains oriented questions from the Daily topics. These questions will be of the basic level but it will let you understand the actual sense of dimensions to be prepared for Mains integrated with your Prelims preparation.
  • You need to simultaneously write answers for those questions and prepare your notes accordingly. We will provide synopsis wherever required.
  • If you complete this phase, your understanding would be developed in terms of scope and depth of information required for the next phase that will help you to attend PHASE-II in a confident manner 🙂




PHASE 2: The Great Leap – The ‘Main’ Perspective


[March to May, 2016, 3 months]

  • Now you are ready to focus on specific strategy for Mains preparation. Here, we will divide the whole Mains syllabus of Paper 1, 2, 3 & 4 into various topics and subtopics.
  • Most of the Topics of Paper 2 & 3 are associated with Current Affairs. We will point out and let you understand such topics in this phase.
  • Except Paper 1 & 4, preparation of Paper 2 & 3 will be interlinked throughout.
  • This Phase will focus on comprehensive coverage of Mains syllabus along with basic level of writing practice.

NOTE: In 1st Phase of ILP itself, you would have covered many concepts related to Mains perspective. So this phase would help you in learning new concepts and revising the concepts already learnt in Phase I.


How IASbaba will be instrumental in planning?


  • A separate platform on the lines of TLP 2015 will be given to all of you.
  • Here the Plan will have decent spacing for you to cover the topics in qualitative manner. You will not be forced to study or complete large portions in haste.
  • Proper understanding is the key and not simply forcing you to complete the syllabus just for the sake of it.
  • Wherever required, IASbaba will give you relevant mind maps, quality notes and synopsis.
  • After the completion of say 5-6 topics, we will send you Mains related questions for writing practice.
  • You have to solve them and maintain notes for revision. We will try our best to provide synopsis, wherever required for addressing the questions based on ‘directives’ like Critically Comment, Discuss, and Analyze etc.
  • In 3 months, the plan will cover whole Mains syllabus qualitatively.



PHASE 3: The Art of Being Prepared- Revisiting Prelims!


[June & July 2016, 2 months]


  • Aspirants are always busy with accumulating their notes, reading till the end but the most important part, i.e REVISION is always given least importance. So, IASbaba’s Plan will force you to Revise everything you have prepared in the last Two Phases 🙂
  • For the two months, you have to equip yourself in recollecting & revising the concepts prepared till now.
  • In this phase, we will provide you with very important insights from the Economic Survey, Planning documents, Government reports and Committee recommendations.
  • We will also assist you to use these facts and figures in your answers to make it more qualitative.
  • Full Mock Test



PHASE 4: Write it ‘Right’!


[August 2016 – December 2016 (3.5 Months)]


  • Integrated with TLP 2016 (On the lines of TLP 2015)
  • Revise & write
  • 100 Days Micro-plan
  • Static portion connected with Current Affairs: Dots Connected!
  • Techniques to ‘remember’ and correctly apply your knowledge
  • Reviews and Guidance for improvement in Answer-writing and Essay



  • Details regarding this phase will be provided in the later stage and people who will get an “Interview Call” will be called for FREE MOCK Interviews and Personal Guidance




So, what benefits do you get from ILP-2016?

  • Special platform for 2016 Aspirants- Forum, Q&A Discussions
  • A forum for like-minded people. Example: Public Administration/Sociology/Geography Optional
  • Repository Section‘Virtual Library– Segregated quality articles and notes for Mains
  • Start to end solution to all your preparation needs right from planning to performance.
  • Learning with Mind-maps – simplifying complex issues, learning to interlink various aspects of an issue and better retention.
  • Consistency of efforts and streamlining of your time and energy
  • Intensive answer writing practice and assessment throughout the plan + Synopsis
  • No need to enroll separately for Test Series
  • Regular performance track and motivation
  • High quality (IAS Baba standard) write ups and synopsis on specific topics and issues
  • Personal attention of IAS Baba through personal chat and telephonic conversation*
  • Weekly offs for your own work and other areas of priority
  • All your worries about exorbitant coaching fees, high rentals, oily food and crowded spaces will be gone.
  • If you are a working professional, then this plan can be a boon for you. You need not look for strategy, sources, questions, reviews, doubt clearance etc.


Again Note:


For subscribers of Program 1– Only Test Series

For Subscribers of Program 2– Test Series+ ILP 2016- Integrated Guidance from Prelims to Interview with High Quality Notes and other benefits as mentioned above

For Subscribers of Program 3– Test Series+ ILP 2016 + Personal Guidance Program by IASbaba Team till Interview


Selection Criterion for PROGRAM 3


  • Send an email to with subject Title- ” ILP 2016 Program- 3″
  • Give a short description of yourself in not more than 100 words and mention your mobile number.
  • We will get in touch with you for a short “Telephonic Interview”
  • Selection is purely based on your seriousness not experience 🙂

Fees Structure


Although we wished to charge nothing for the plan, we are bound with certain things. Since the plan is going to be really big and requires lots of resources, we have built a resource team to supplement our efforts. The expenses range from maintaining a server, paying the developers and our support team that comprises of data operators, typists, technical personnel to handle traffic on the website etc. We can’t afford these costs at our own. Moreover, we have to carry this team for the next 14 months without fail. Keeping in mind all the above factors, we have decided to charge a nominal fee or rather contribution from our users/ followers.

While people spend lakhs in coaching and more than 10 thousand in test series, we at IAS Baba have come out with a smart payment based on your resources. Taking into consideration all the requests from our dear followers, we have come up with a differential payment structure.




  • 7 SEATS FREE FOR PH ( Economically Weaker) CANDIDATE



Note: Above candidates (PH and Economically Weaker) should mail us at with the Title ” ILP-2016 PH/Economically Weaker” with proofs regarding the same. We will talk to them and select accordingly. Registration Closed


General Plan


Program 1:

For IASbaba’s Test Series (only)
: INR 3800 + Service Tax = ?4,351/-


Program 2:

For complete One year ILP-2016 (inclusive of Test Series): INR 7000 + Service Tax = ?8,015/-


Program 3:

Test Series + ILP-2016+ Counselling & Telephonic Interaction+ Workshop* : INR 12000 + Service Tax = 13680/-

*Note- Service Tax: 14.5%


Registration Process

*The registration for Payment is Active now! Click Here -> PAYMENT ACTIVE

You have to follow below steps to confirm your registration

Step 1: You will be redirected to a page where you will have an Option to Select any One of the Program.

Step 2: Then fill the Form provided (which includes 10 Sub-fields)

Step 3: Make the payment in any of the 3 Means provided (details regarding the payment  is provided in the next slide)

Step 4: User id and password will be sent via e-mail

Step 5: Send the acknowledgement of payment to

Note: Make sure that all the 5 steps are followed


Payment Options once above 5 steps are done

You will have 2 options for Payment

  • Online to IASbaba’s Account through Payment Gateway
  • Offline/Manual Transfer (through NEFT/IMPS or Bank Branch) to IASbaba’s account- Send the Transaction ID/Acknowledgement/Screen Shot to and


NOTE: Once the payment is done in ‘Any’ of the above methods, please send a screen shot of the Acknowledgement/transaction ID to and

Contact Us:

For any queries related to the THREE Programs of IASbaba, mail us at



You can have a look at Powerpoint for the important highlights of the Plan- Road To Mussoorie-2016 ILP Program!!


End note


Go through the entire Plan carefully. And take a decision based on your requirement. We hope that,  you make an informed choice that will serve your purpose!

No matter who you are, where you live, what your educational background is, whether you are working or not, whether its your first or last attempt; IAS Baba is with you in your journey. We will ensure that we create a level playing field where affordability and accessibility can never hamper one’s potential to excel.



You don’t have to be great to start

But you have to start to be great



App, Virtual Library, Forum, Separate Platform, Test-Series 2016 <-Click Here


Thank you

IAS Baba

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