Think Learn & Perform (TLP): History [Day 3]

  • IASbaba
  • September 1, 2015
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TLP Mains 2015
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Think Learn & Perform (TLP): History [Day 3]


Q-1. ‘The Indus Civilization had an abrupt end’. Discuss the statement and explain how the Indus Civilization could influence Indian culture in its later history. 30M

Q-2. Discuss the economy and the trade contacts of Indus valley civilization. 20M

Q-3. Discuss the extent, settlement patterns and subsistence economy of the megalithic cultures. 15M

Q-4. In the absence of a written script chalcolithic pottery gives us fascinating insight into the culture and life styles of the people of those times. 15M

Q-5. Discuss the water management and its conservation planning Harappan (Indus-saraswati) cities. 10M

Note– Also important for GS, because of the ongoing Saraswati controversy and last month Irfan Habib interview analyzing its connection with Harappan civilization


Map: 10M

  • Daojali Hading
  • Bhimbetka
  • Chirand
  • Nagarjunkonda
  • Chaligai



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