Think, Learn & Perform (TLP) – Public Administration [Day 4]

  • IASbaba
  • September 2, 2015
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Think and Learn, Think and Learn-2015, TLP Mains 2015
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Think, Learn & Perform (TLP) – Public Administration [Day 4]


Paper 1 – Organizations

Q.1) Line and staff agencies are the different sides of the same coin. The relative distinction might be obvious from an outside perspective, but there is no absolute difference between the two. Critically Discuss.

Q.2) Weber’s excessively exaggerated endorsement of the bureaucratic model as the most ‘rational’ and ‘efficient’ administrative system is the cause for the incessant decline of many developing countries. Critically discuss.

Paper 2 – Union Government

Q.1) It is agreed that the Uttarakhand flood disaster and the response exhibited to it, reflect multiple vulnerabilities and incompetencies relating to systems of governance at local, state and central levels. Comment on this assessment.

Q.2) “The Central Secretariat is an over-staffed organization which has been hampered by non-essential work and for a large part, has become an unwisely and superfluous system.” Elucidate.

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