TLP Mains 2015
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1. On the outline map of India provided to you, mark the location of all of the following. Write in your QCA Booklet the significance of the locations, whether physical/commercial/economic/ecological/environmental/cultural in not more than 30 words for each entry: (2 x 5 =10 marks)

A. Cherrapunji
B. Jaisalmer
C. Vembanad lake
D. Beas river
E. Utkal coast

2. Briefly explain the following terms in not more than 50 words each: (5 x 5 =25 marks)

A. Cloud burst
B. Chinook
C. Mistral
D. North-east monsoon
E. Retreating monsoon

3. How the recent disasters in Uttarakhand and J&K were different in terms of their causative factors, characteristics and impact? Discuss in detail. (25 marks)

4. Explain the mechanism of monsoon in the Indian subcontinent. What are those phenomena that disrupt the normal monsoon cycle? Explain (25 marks)

5. What is the difference between planetary and local winds? What changes do local winds bring to a region? Explain by taking at least one example each from Africa and Europe. (25 marks)

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