Creative Guidance: Book Review- The Dhammapada!

  • IASbaba
  • October 10, 2015
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‘Everything is because of your thoughts; you are nothing but your thoughts’. Right from the first revelatory idea of existence and mind till the last verse, The Dhammapada is a collection of Buddha’s teachings whose grandeur, accuracy and simplicity is yet to be matched by the spiritual world.

About two thousand years ago, his words first echoed through the wilderness of Sarnath; from then till now, his teachings have flowed through countless minds to retain their originality and touch the innumerable troubled hearts to liberation.

The Dhammapada contains the essential teachings of Buddha, covering topics from Mind & Body, Life & Death, Awakening & Liberation. His verses are a pure delight for the mind of a true seeker and they are as relevant to the modern world as breathing is to living. ?

How often do we come across situations in life when we need inspiration and inner wisdom to awaken our slumbering spirits, to take us on a flight beyond the confines of mundane daily living? The Dhammapada is more than insightful; it’s an inspirational tale into your inner world.

Spend enough time with each verse; you cannot read this book like a story. Come back to the verses again and again, reflect on them and apply it to your daily living. The depth and meaning in these verses will hit you when you begin to live it.


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