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  • IASbaba
  • October 7, 2015
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What is Spirituality?


The moment you listen to the word spirituality, all the ideas that come to your mind are false. Every single concept of spirituality you have been introduced to is wrong. Finding a teacher to surrender to; searching for a god whom nobody has seen; going through the routine of practices that you don’t understand; changing your food habits and what not. These are of course some of the less weird ones! There are things that are simply out of this world to even mention.

There is only one true meaning of spirituality; there has always been only one; A single conscious living individual striving for a perfection that can complete him. An individual who is willing to go through the pains and frustrations of life to attain to his inner perfection is a spiritual being.

In that sense Michael Jackson was more spiritual than many of our stone faced ever grinning spiritual pundits put together. A man who is constantly working with his mind and body (I don’t mean the plastic surgeries though!) to understand its limitations, to transcend its pain and frustration is a spiritual man.

Most of our so called spiritual gurus have just given up on us. They themselves are far removed from the vibrancy of aliveness. They no longer live; they only talk about the symptoms of living, like a cancer patient counting his days who can reflect on nothing else but the left over aliveness from the days gone by.

Don’t let anybody fool you into believing that spirituality is about passively sitting and listening to a teacher, admiring his ancient costume and forgetting yourself in his service. There is no other uglier sight than one individual serving another in the name of spirituality.

No matter what fancy theories they give for the justification of service, it is cruel and manipulative. Surrender is always for yourself and your higher calling; it is never for any individual. And ultimately spirituality is not an idea; it is a creative quest by you, to attain to that perfection called you.

The true meaning of spirituality is in the collective experience of your spirits journey through the mystical realms of life. The very process of understanding yourself and your life’s journey makes you spiritual.


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