Think, Learn & Perform (TLP) – UPSC GS Mains [Day 62]

  • October 31, 2015
  • 3
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 1. With gradual increase in the longevity, social security is turning out to be a major concern in India. What are the steps taken by the government in this regard? What measures according to you can be taken by the government?

2. In a Presidential form of a government, one on one debates are seen between the presidential candidates. In India there has been a trend of image worship during elections where voters are seen to be voting on the name of a candidate rather than the party. In this scenario, do you think one on one debate should be allowed in India, so that voters can make an informed choice? Is India ready to adopt the Presidential form of government?

3.The reluctance of the political class to come under the purview of the RTI Act has created a serious trust deficit among citizens which is not a healthy sign for the Indian democracy. Do you agree with this argument? Examine the issue in light of the recent CIC order and the response of the government.


4. A whole new spectrum of movements has been witnessed recently wherein the otherwise socially affluent castes are demanding reservation in government jobs and education. Where are we heading as a society as far as the domain of reservation is concerned? Are we actually ushering into an era in which reservation will be de-stigmatized and it will rather follow economic backwardness as the sole criterion? Discuss.

5. Volatility has become a typical feature of the global economy. The way the Chinese stock market crashed in August this year and it’s ripple effects were felt in India and other parts of the world bear testimony to this. This may eventually lead to a trend what economic analysts call as counter globalization. What do understand by this? Analyse.

6. The acts of atrocity against the Dalit community point towards the prevalence of pervasive intolerance in the society. They also bear testimony to the blatant ignorance of the constitutional ideals that stood for social, economic and political justice. How do you view this issue. Elucidate.

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