• November 14, 2015
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ISRO has recently launched the communication satellite GSAT-15

GSAT-15 carries

  • 24 communication transponders in Ku-band
  • GAGAN (GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation) payload operating in L1 and L5 bands.

GSAT-15 will replace INSAT-3A and INSAT-4B

 It has a design life of 12 years

India has a huge demand for DTH services for televisions. Currently India is short of number of transponders that are required for the service

The 24 communication transponders in Ku band present on GSAT-15 will substantially add to the capacity of DTH services. Ku-band is especially used for DTH services

One big advantage of DTH, which GSAT-15 supports on a larger scale, is that there is no bar from remoteness and terrain. The dish can access the satellite and provide services for television and telecommunications

India has been extensively utilizing the DTH services by “EDUSAT” – exclusive educational purpose satellite

GSAT-15 is the third in series that caters to the GPS services launched under GAGAN. The other two are GSAT-8 and GSAT-10. GAGAN is used mainly for aircrafts

GSAT-15 was launched using the European launch vehicle Ariane. India has the launch capability of only 2000 Kg (by GSLV series). GSAT-15 weighs over 3,000 Kg. Hence, foreign launch vehicle is needed

The GSLV uses cryogenic engine in the third stage of its launch. This was indigenously developed by India after Russia withdrew from collaboration due to threat of sanctions from USA under MCTR agreement

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