• November 18, 2015
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Importance of Handloom industry

  • Handloom industry is as old as our civilization and it is a living tradition
  • Handloom industry is a labour intensive and skilled industry. More than 43 lakh workers are engaged in Handloom and its allied activities
  • Handloom sector contributes 15% to the total cloth production in the country
  • Strength of the sector lies in
    • Uniqueness
    • Flexibility of production
    • Openness to innovation
    • Adaptability to suppliers’ requirements
    • Wealth of the tradition
  • Their usage is also eco friendly, which is useful for reducing GHG emissions and achieving India’s INDC targets
  • 1 metre of Khadi uses only 3 litres of water whereas 1 metre of mill cloth uses 55 litres of water
  • Khadi is slightly more traditional than handloom. In khadi, cloth is made by hand spinning and hand weaving; In Handloom, mill spun yarn can also be used



  • The weavers and spinners are not getting minimum wages
  • They do not have social security
  • Skilled workers (Handloom sector) are earning less than the unskilled workers. Hence they move to unskilled work in MGNREGA, rickshaw pulling etc.
  • Various schemes of the government are not being implemented properly
  • The handloom workers are not getting raw materials like threads, dyes etc. at affordable rates
  • When big orders come for exports, the traders get benefited rather than the artisans
  • Sometimes duplicate materials are being sold in the name of handlooms. The genuine skilled weavers are losing market on account of this



  • India Handloom” brand will be given to entrepreneurs who provide good quality yarn, purity of design and abide by zero defects
  • Certain categories of clothes are reserved for handloom sector only
  • Incentives to cluster approach, technological up gradation, marketing promotion, revival of potentially viable societies through loan weavers, assistance and subsidised yarn, credit etc.
  • National Handloom Day – Aug 7. It was on August 7, 1905, the “Swadeshi Movemen”t was launched

What yet needs to be done?

  • Availability of handloom products online (E-commerce)
  • Popularizing handlooms (Branding & Marketing)
  • Direct wages to the bank accounts of weavers for govt schemes
  • Internal reorganization of the structure of the sector so that maximum benefits go to weavers and spinners instead of traders

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