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The security situation in the North East region seems to be complex since insurgency and extortion continues to exist. Agitations also take place in the region from time to time.

Development and security go hand in hand. Without security development cannot take place and without development security scenario suffers badly. They are complementary.

Factors that affect security situation in the NE region are

  1. Geo political scenario
  2. Ethnic differences between various tribes
  3. Inaccessibility of terrain
  4. Lack of development
  5. Border problems with neighboring countries
  6. Insurgency from bordering countries

The ethnic groups have clashes among themselves and this is being taken as advantage by other ethnic groups from outside the border.

There is a need to review the deployment of security forces in the region. There has been an overall reduction in insurgency and violence in the region.

Moreover, the civil society is demanding the withdrawal of AFSPA from many parts. Hence, the number of troops can be reduced.

The police forces should be given modern telecommunication & surveillance equipment and training to handle the situation.

Government is also planning to develop North East region as a tourist destination.

Developmental programs like Bringing Green Revolution to North East have also been launched.

The lawless elements in the region don’t allow development programs to take place. They resort to violence, extortion, kidnapping officials, theft etc. Otherwise, they will lose their stronghold in the region.

The youth in the region are especially attracted to such atrocities for petty amounts. They don’t have employment opportunities in the region. Hence developmental programs are a must.

The developmental programs should not be completely handed down to states. There should be a North East Development Council to look after the development in the region and the centre has to intervene as and when necessary.

The centre must involve sociologists to study the region. The social system of the region should not be ignored. There are many different social practices which should be allowed to prosper.

There is Border Area Development Program which covers most of the North East border areas. The norms for this program have been changed to include Swachatha Abhiyan, Skill Development, Promotion of sports, rural tourism, construction of helipad etc. This flexibility in BADP will help involving youth and local people in the development process.

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