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  • November 1, 2015
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Psychology & Religion

Of those who are sincerely seeking truth and happiness; the world is divided into two main divisions of Psychology and Religion. There are those who obsessively hold on to the study and understanding of the mind, and then there are those who strongly believe in the religious scriptures and their teachings.

Leaving an exceptional few, almost all are either psychological or religious in their approach to life. The only trouble is, neither of these paths can take us where we want to go. Both of these paths taken independently will lead us nowhere.

If we take the road of psychology; it will lead us right to the middle of the war zone of our mind; there are no directions, no sign posts to guide us here; we have to rely solely on our own ability to understand what is happening. Only a few lucky ones who survive here, will eventually find a way out. For most others, life simply becomes an unending battle with the mind.

If we take the path of religion; it will lead us to the nearest war museum. Here everything is paused, cataloged, and neatly arranged for us to understand things clearly. But it does not provide the necessary challenge for learning. We will spend the rest of our lives just admiring the relics of the frozen truth, all the while falsely believing that we are getting somewhere.

Only a psychological approach to religion will lead us in the right direction. While religion contains the expressions of truth, psychology provides us with the methods to explore it.

If we can study the scriptures for guidance and use our own mind as a battle ground of understanding, we will eventually get there. Psychology is blind and Religion is crippled, the only way to move ahead is to put them together.

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