IASbaba’s Social Movement : Save Bellandur Lake!

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  • November 28, 2015
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IASbaba's Social Movement
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Hi Friends,
This post is a request by IASbaba to all the aspirants.

Some of our team members are deeply concerned with environmental and governance issues which has had an adverse impact on the citizens especially the marginalised.

One such case is the highly polluted and toxic Bellandur Lake. It is the biggest lake in Bengaluru (Karnataka). The unregulated sewage is being dumped into the lake which has made the highly populated region vulnerable and many have fallen sick.

While the State government sleeps in deep slumber. Everyday scores of Habitat, children and women around the lake have to face the brunt.

What we can do as citizens? As aspirants wanting to bring change in the future?

One actionable on our end is that we can create enough noise around the issue to bring it to the attention of the media, to educate the public, to foster enough public attention so that the Government wakes up to act!!

One such is the petition below:

You can find the link at end of this post.

Till date there are 36,000 odd supporters who have signed the petition to save Bellandur Lake. We want this number to reach 50,000. Signing the petition will not only save our natural resource but also the people who are living in the densely populated area surrounding the lake. It’s time for some action!

Please support the cause! This will make the Karnataka Government to take notice of this and fix the issue.




On the similar lines, there is a petition started by various lake trusts and civic groups of Bengaluru to retain Upalokayukta Justice Subhash B Adi, who has been applauded by the lake trusts for the steps taken by the Upalokayukta to revive water bodies.  The efforts of the Upalokayukta were quite visible in relocating the slum from the Puttenahallilake bund, the slum was relocated with proper infrastructure facility; and another instance when the Bengaluru Urban Revenue department officials intervened and notices were issued to the encroachers of Iblur lake.

The government in order to protect itself is dismantling the lokayuktha completely.

Justice Adi’s survival is crucial for Lake Bellandur’s survival.

For more information on this issue CLICK HERE


Please support the below two causes.

Bellandur Lake of change.org

Upalokayukta  change.org

A sincere request from IASbaba to all the aspirants.


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