Think, Learn & Perform (TLP) – UPSC GS Mains [Day 73]

  • November 11, 2015
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1. The Sustainable Development Goals are too many in number and too vague in substance to warrant any concrete ground results. comment.

2. Entrepreneurs were planted in backward resource rich areas, thinking that the growth done by them will trickle down to the local community. On contrary it led to drain of resources. Again investors are being invited to invest money in backward regions under “Make in India” initiative. Do you think it will give the similar results or will it lead to growth and development. Analyse. 

3. “Socio-cultural reasons play an important role in deciding the economic growth of a country. ” Comment. Compare India’s growth with the West based on the above statement. 

4. JAM trinity is said to be an important cog in the growth wheel of India. How do you think it is essential for the development of the rural areas?



5. Recently, Rajasthan enacted a law that significantly transformed the provisions related to labour in the state. Also, there is a view that state governments should be given free hand in framing their own land acquisition laws. In your opinion, do these changes indicate towards a paradigm shift in federalism in India? Critically analyse.

6. India’s relations with Central Asia has been more symbolic than of substance. More than two decades of stagnation and cosmetic ties have diminished India’s prospects in the region vis-a-vis China. Do you agree with this assessment? Critically comment. What course corrections would you suggest to give boost to the ties?

7. The lack of a legal architecture for the intelligence and investigation agencies of India is repugnant to the ideas of democracy, rule of law and accountability. Do you agree? Is parliamentary oversight needed in the functioning of these agencies? Analyse.

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