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  • November 11, 2015
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Hello Friends,


Many Many Happy Diwali to all of you. Hope this Diwali brings light of success in your life!

Let us ponder upon some pressing issues other than celebration. You all must be busy in buying gifts, sharing happiness and joy with friends and family and why not? This day is meant for this.

When we first thought about Civil Services, by default, Social Service was in our mind. Whenever anyone ask, why you want to become a Civil Servant?

Our answer- ” Because I want to do social service. Because I want to work for the society. Because I want to bring change in society”. Isn’t it?

If we plot a normal distribution of UPSC aspirants 80% would fall under this.This post is for those aspirants. Offcourse there would be aspirants who would want it for money,power status alone.

Now, in the atmosphere of celebration, festivals, and our own happiness, how many of us actually think about sharing our happiness & celebration with “Deprived/Needy Section of Society”?


When we are buying stuffs worth thousands, they are struggling to buy one time food for their survival. When we are spending extravagantly on clothes, food and gifts, they are struggling to sustain their livelihood.


“Just think of your neighbor who is struggling to sustain with one meal a day”

We should be sensitized enough to have empathy towards our surrounding, in this case, our neighbor or surrounding.

This insensitivity is the actual cause of deprivation and poverty in our Country. We seldom care and ponder over our responsibility. Almost all of us blame Government and other authorities for this.

And this sensitivity is the first step towards you being a successful administrator.

V P Baligar , Secretary GOI installed the first dalit priest in Mysore temple in early 1980 because he was sensitivitied enough to see the discrimination and injustice around him.

D K Ravi had lunch in governments school to check first hand the quality of SSA.

Just imagine, if each one of us develop this sensitivity and empathy, whole society will change.

Its not the matter of providing food. That is just an example. The Big Picture is “Sensitivity and Empathy in spirit not in words”.

Have you ever thought of giving a treat to children involved in Child Labour and are thrown on streets to beg? These children, biologically and psychologically share the same childhood and feeling as ours. On Diwali or other festivals, they also expect someone to give them gifts, crackers, sweets etc.

Cannot you afford this for one such Child?

Look around you. You will find Old People abandoned by their children, physically handicapped & deprived people, Children involved in Child Labor and begging on streets. Go to them, share the celebration with them. They are one of us. They too deserve to be happy. Our happiness and celebration is at the expense of their pain and sufferings. How can we celebrate without them?

We have lost the basic thread that defines us as HUMAN. And that is humanity. Let us take a pledge today!

We will develop this “Sensitivity” in us. We will start social service from within.

Are you waiting to become IAS officer to start social service? Common!

Let’s do it from now. Let us share our happiness with all of them and share the experience to motivate others also.

And this will be a wonderful step in your journey towards Mussoorie!

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