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  • December 1, 2015
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Beauty of Monotony

We are always in readiness to praise a great idea or an insight capable of changing our lives. But how often do we recognize the importance of monotony, routine and consistency of following up on a great idea or a vision.

It is impossible to understand success without understanding the importance of monotony. Success in any endeavor requires one to perform certain routine, monotonous activities which more often than not are boring and unrewarding.

A great idea, insight or a vision alone does not constitute success. Success is a result of the monotony of doing the right thing, again and again, without tiring. Success is the ability of figuring out the necessary set of activities to be done and performing them consistently, day in and day out.

The idea of monotony is even more important for an IAS aspirant. After a few months of tossing and turning around, a smart IAS aspirant quickly figures out that there are only a handful of activities that needs to be done; the whole challenge is doing them consistently.

Monotony and consistency are the key areas in which individuals get separated. If a hundred people decide to do a particular activity, only 10 will succeed in doing it on a continuous basis. And among that ten, only one will continue to do that activity with the same level of interest and motivation with which he started.

Just try this simple exercise to understand the importance of monotony. Every day for 15 minutes just stand in front of the wall of your room and stare at it. Fix a dedicated time for doing this and do it without missing even a single day.

Here is a proven fact about this exercise. If a thousand people have read this; a hundred will decide to do it. At the end of one week, fifty will be doing it. At the end of one month 20 will be doing it. And at the end of 6 months, out of the thousand who began only one will still be staring at the wall.

You might give up on this idea saying, what nonsense is all this; why will I waste my time starting at a blank wall instead of spending that time doing something more productive? You might give a hundred different reasons for not doing it. But the actual reason will always remain the same; it is too damn difficult.

It is infinitely easier to do ten different things in one hour compared to doing one thing consistently for ten hours. This is where everything gets differentiated. Your talent, intelligence, creativity, visions and dreams amount to nothing if cannot pick up a single activity and do it consistently.

Your enthusiasm and excitement can get you started, but what will keep you going is the sheer grit and determination of doing the right thing consistently. How well you do a simple monotonous activity the hundredth time is where you get differentiated.

Try the above exercise and share your experience.

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