Creative Guidance: Book Review – The Sufis– Idries Shah

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  • February 19, 2016
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The Sufis

The Sufis – Idries Shah

The Sufi is everywhere and nowhere. He can be your colleague at work; your teacher at school; or just a stranger you pass by. The Sufi tradition is ancient and hidden. The only way to identify a Sufi is to become a Sufi.

Sufism is a mystical tradition hiding the ancient truth of inner wisdom and awakening. It is different from all other mystical traditions in way that it hides in plain sight. A Sufi practices his meditations and teachings in secret.

In the book ‘The Sufis’, Idries Shah gives an introduction as well as an insight into the marvelous tradition of Sufism. Sufism is an extremely practical and relevant tradition. It involves regular practice of strengthening one’s mind and body through the system of meditation.

Sufism is also the path that leads one to the ultimate reality of life. Idries Shah, who is the foremost authority on Sufism, provides a complete and detailed understanding of the real Sufi Tradition.

Read this book to enter the vast inner world of Love, Light and Wisdom. When the world is stripped of its allure and enchantment; when one begins to practice solitude and simplicity, he is given an opportunity to experience the truth.

‘The Sufis’ is not just a book about the Sufis by a Sufi; it is a book for all of us. It is a book for all those who have a longing to understand the nature of life and reality. It is a book for the seeker.

Read this book. You are sure to be enlightened by its depth and simplicity.

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