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  • February 2, 2016
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Only in certain moments does the human spirit soar beyond the narrow confines of social limitations; those are the moments of our creative expression; the only moments when we are truly alive.

Creativity is not just a choice; it is our nature and our living expression. Only moments of creative expression lend any meaning and purpose to our lives.

Creativity is a process of getting in touch with our innermost core, where the infections of the society and the world have not yet reached. Finding an expression to express the joy of being within ourselves is creativity.

Creativity envelopes every single aspect of our lives. When we are rooted in the present moment and are expressing from the depth of this moment, we are creative.

It is not only music, dance, singing or painting that are creative expressions; the very breath we take, when taken with full awareness of the present moment, becomes creative.

Creativity can be extended to every single action of ours. We can talk creatively; we can read creatively; we can walk creatively; we can even sleep creatively; the only criteria for creativity is being aware of the present moment.

Anybody who has ever tried to be creative knows that the greatest obstacle for creativity is accumulated knowledge and our attachment to it. When we are able to let go of our opinions, judgments, fears and assumptions; we become available to the present moment, which is the birthplace of creativity.

Once practiced regularly, being in the present moment and being creative can become a solution to all your problems. Creativity takes away the burden of expectations; it takes away the fear of failure; it gives enormous depth and control to all your actions; it ultimately frees you from inside.

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