All India Radio – Water Problem in Maharashtra and Karnataka

  • March 30, 2016
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All India Radio
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Water Problem in Maharashtra and Karnataka


Recently section 144 was imposed in Lathore district of Maharashtra to prevent water riots from happening. Due to frequent droughts, diversification of economic activities and illogical use of water, the water crisis in India is looming far greater than what is expected. With Monsoon still 3 months away the problem seems to increase if proper measures are not taken on time. The article deals with the issues and solutions related to water problem.


Poor water management techniques are the important reason attributed for prevalence of water crisis in India. In last six decades the successive governments have not given enough importance for proper water management. The only thing that has been done is construction of dams. But very less emphasis or zero emphasis has been given for maintaining the quality and quantity of water in such water bodies leading to present water crisis.


Another reason attributed for water crisis in this reason is sugarcane lobby. Maharashtra is having the highest number of sugarcane mills in the country and sugarcane is one such crop that requires more water compared to other similar cash crops. In this way the cultivation of sugarcane also has contributed for such a crisis. To address these problem farmers can shift to less water intensive crops like oil seeds which are presently being imported from other countries.


Secondly improper attention given to management of watersheds in the region. The scientific way of managing water from watershed is well tested for positive results. Silting of wetlands is also a problem, with periodic silting and degradation the water retention capacity reduces significantly and adds to the crisis.


The government needs to come up with solutions like changing the cropping pattern which requires less water and rectify the mistakes that are being done over years. There needs to have a multidisciplinary approach involving various scientists and ecologists to devolve various water management techniques so that effective solutions are created than building dams and canals.


Need to shift energy consumption pattern from thermal power plants to renewable energy resources like solar, wind, etc so that we can reduce the use of water in thermal power plants.

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