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  • March 20, 2016
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There might be a lot of reasons as to why there is so little trust in our so called modern age; one reason that stands out more than anything else is the professionalization of the art of deceiving which more often than not, goes by the name marketing.

There is a very thin line between marketing and fooling. It is unfortunate that there is nobody out there to identify the difference and educate people about it. The worst of all, the victims of excessive fabricated marketing campaigns are usually children.

Children come into the world wanting to believe in what is being shown and taught to them; hence they simply accept all the marketing information as facts; when in reality all they are being shown through the adult world of televisions and video games, are nothing more than elaborate and ingeniously conceived, sophisticated lies.

It is neither marketing, nor the intensions of the people behind these campaigns that are evil. The evil is simply the addiction to stretch things a little too far to get what they want. Let’s take a few examples.

What image comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Suffola’? Probably a heart, which is on every package of the product they sell. Suffola is almost exclusively marketed as cooking oil that is good for your heart. Their campaign slogan is ‘Make the healthiest choice for your heart’ and there is an image of oil being poured into the heart with the slogan ‘Heart is a body engine, oiling it with Suffola’.

The only thing that comes to mind while watching this ad campaign is ‘Who has done the grave mistake of forgetting to inform the marketing team that the product they are trying to sell is cooking oil.

Just to clarify, the competitors of Suffola have not paid us to write this!. Also we have no particular grudge against Suffola. It is just one example from the vast ocean of ad campaigns which more often than not are simply misleading.

Also it is not very hard to imagine the origins of this add. The marketing team of Suffola might have been given an assignment to boost the sales of its cooking oil. The team would have read somewhere that a lot of people are avoiding oil to reduce the risk of heart attacks. ‘Voila! The Eureka moment’, the marketing head might have shouted, ‘we have found the perfect way to present our cooking oil – It protects your heart!

Nikotex is a nicotine chewing gum. It is marketed as a solution to help you quit smoking. There is no evidence what so ever that a nicotine chewing gum can replace your habit of smoking; well, even if you accept that this might help a smoker, have you ever thought about all the non-smokers who might get addicted to chewing a nicotine gum. Nikotex is not just sold for those who have an id card that says ‘I smoke’, it is sold for all.

This article is for the common man. A business man who is hell bent on selling his product no matter what, will have a completely different opinion about all this. Anyways, we cannot go on a campaign against ‘ad campaigns’. All we can do is be more aware of the information that is being presented to us and choose for ourselves.

As for children, we can only hope that through some miracle they acquire the ability to discern the right from the wrong which can save them from all the marketing that is going around. Marketing that is all head and no heart has always done more harm than good. As the aspirants for this country’s most prestigious decision making positions – we hope that you stand for the voice of the common man.

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