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  • March 13, 2016
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It is an Adventure

Almost everybody who has ever lived has tried to understand life and put it into one category or another. The greatest mystery of life is that it can fit into almost any category and at the same time remain beyond all definitions.

Love, service, contribution, success, fame, experience, memory, learning, journey and so many other human expressions have tried to define life. But the one definition that stands above all, the one that lends life its true meaning and purpose is adventure.

Adventure is risking the certainty to walk an unknown path for the sheer joy of experience. Life is the grandest of adventures for everything here is imagined; the path, the journey, the traveller and the destination. Nothing here is fixed and certain whatsoever. That’s what makes it an adventure.

As Einstein ones said, ‘The greatest gift of mankind is not knowledge but imagination’. Pure imagination driven by the desire to conquer the unknown makes every moment of life an incredible adventure.

The moment we accept the fact that life is simply an adventure, it lifts the whole burden of struggling for perfection. How much of your time and energy is wasted in trying to live a perfect life. A perfect life is almost certainly a perfect myth.

Here is a beautiful passage from the book ‘The Master of Jinn’ for those who are still wallowing in the hardships of life and wondering why is life so unfair.

‘At the first light of dawn over the middle desert, the black scarab beetles come out of the sand and scurry up the face of the dunes to pray. Standing in line after endless line along ridge and crest, they face the rising sun and bow, as if in the prostration of obeisance, lifting their hindquarters to the warmth, gathering the morning dew of the cool desert night into droplets of water that role down the hard shell into the waiting mouth. I wept at the sight of them. They were my last tears.’

Everything is welcome on the path of adventure; fear, failure, disappointment, even pain and suffering. There are no positives and negatives in this grand adventure of life, everything happens to make the journey a little more exciting.

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