UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (2) 2015-16: Manbir Singh Board

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  • March 13, 2016
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Name- Alankrita Pandey

Board- Manbri Singh


(Chairman sitting very far and was speaking very softly, he was not audible clearly)

Ch: You are a computer science engineer. But you have taken public administration optional. (then mumbles something)
Me: I assumed he is asking why? so I started answering.

Ch: (Interrupts me in between) and says I am not asking why. You have the liberty to take any subject you want. I am just making an observation.
Me: (Smiling) oh okay, sorry sir.

Ch: What is governance? What is governance deficit? What should we do to solve this deficit?
Me: Answered mainly wrt enabling direct contact, bridging trust deficit between government institutions and people, democratising the processes more. Gave some examples as community policing etc.

Ch: Police in its work itself needs firmness and too much involvement of people may lead to lawlessness. Also, officials do not have time to have direct contact so what is the solution?
Me: I agree with him on police point and say that involving community will further strengthen the information network, cooperation from people and hence will help them. I meant by democratising them we should make them more accessible and not flexible. And as far as officials are concerned, the responsibility has to be passed on to the lower authorities and also the need of empowerment of panchayats and end with- decentralisation is the key to governance deficit.

M1: What are the pros and cons of social media?
Me: Answered in points wrt communication across geographies, told my personal example of communicating with ministry of railways, so has helped in public service delivery. Cons wrt cyber crimes as stalking etc increasing, the information flow is so vast and fast that impact is huge so control of that information is the major problem, data privacy concerns.

M1: Don’t u think we are going into a virtual world because of this, people are not communicating with each other. Pooja even on facebook so whats the use?
Me: Sir there are pros and cons to everything. But yes we need to make aware our masses to use social media in a beneficial manner and esp children getting addicted as it has been seen in many cases where they get influenced adversely with the information flow. We need better parenting in such cases and also regulated use of social media to be encouraged.

M1: What is net neutrality? why is it in news now?
Me: answered.

M2: What is the meaning of minimum government, maximum governance?
Me: explained with an example of automated verification of senior citizens for pension annually where they dont have to go physically. Use of ICT to minimize government etc.

M2: What work is being done for swaccha bharat in Kanpur?
Me: Told about trash skeamer to clean surface garbage of Ganga, segregation of waste at source is being encouraged and waste to electricity plants are coming up.

M2: What are the authorities working in this field?
Me: Sir primarily municipalities.

M2: Where do they raise their revenues from?
Me: Sir its mainly property tax, fees, and grants.

M2: so what is the problem of financial crunch with them?
Me: Sir yes resource crunch is one of the major problems of municipalities but after the increased devolution from FFC, things will change for better I believe.

M3: You are related to both kanpur and allahabad. What is the historical importance of kanpur?
Me: told starting from 1857- nana sahib.

M3: interrupts and asks where he was based in kanpur?
Me: Bithoor and tell rest of the answer regarding communist party of india and HRA being founded in 1920s and role in quit india etc.

M3: Asks about allahabad.
Me: Tell it was a major centre and one of the oldest eduation centres.

M3: There is something very peculiar about JL Nehru which is somehow related to allahabad. Do you know something?
Me: sir sorry I am not aware.

M3: Its that JL Nehru lost only one election in his life that was allahabad municipality and that too by one vote.
Me: Oh thank you so much sir.

M3: There is a very famous freedom fighter who is related to both kanpur and allahabad.
Me: Sir sorry I am not able to recall.

M3: I’ll give u a clue. He was born in kanpur but died at allahabad.
Me: Sir chandrashekhar azad.

M4(lady member): Why did industried decline in kanpur?
Me: Told.

M4: which sector is the focus of economy?
Me: told about manufacturing, make in india, demographic dividend etc

M4: What was the focus of budget speech?
Me: told Agriculture and other factors.

M4: Why did you quit oracle?
Me: Told.

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