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  • May 28, 2016
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Hypertension and Stroke in India


World hypertension day is on the cards. A recent report by lancet has showed that hypertension has been a common phenomenon nowadays owing more to the changed life style of people. It has estimated that by 2030 close to 31 million people will be affected by hypertension and its associated health issues. The article deals with the reasons for hypertension and what is the way forward.

With globalisation and increased technological advancement in various fields the importance given to health per se has reduced. Now more people suffer from Sleep deprivation, stress, and obesity which are leading to health issues like mental impairment and hypertension. With all the above complications health issues have gained significant attention of the governments across the world and more is being done.

Hypertension is one such health complication that has no significant or any palpable symptoms. It is said that one in three persons suffer from hypertension or mental impairment issues. This is a huge hindering block for proper diagnostics and treating it at right time. On this hypertension day efforts are being made to spread the awareness about hypertension by organising awareness campaigns and conducting community programmes.

Even though government is taking various measures to prevent non communicable diseases like cardio vascular, diabetes, tuberculosis, hypertension etc there is a lot of scope to do more like to bring norms in every health centre to organise mass campaigns to check hypertension in villages and towns and secondly to sensitize the Para medics about hypertension so that they can supplement the doctors in checking BP. On an individual level people should make use of these policies so that they reap the benefits of government initiatives and ensure well being in the society.

Hypertension is a silent killer. If it is unchecked it can lead to kidney failure, heart and eye problems. As the famous quote goes to say “Health is Wealth” persons should adopt a healthy life style that includes walking, jogging, moderate eating, consuming less salt and requisite sleep etc With India on the cusp of reaping the benefits of demographic development it cannot afford its major chuck of its population with mental ailments which in turn has the potential for hindering the development. Government of India needs to be more proactive in sensing such serious health issues in the society and address it in time bound manner.

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