Hyderabad Workshop – Feedback!


Thank you Hyderabad from the core of our heart for the love that you showed. A full house again and that makes it three in a row (Bangalore, Delhi & Hyderabad). We are overwhelmed by your response. Your patience, attentiveness and interest deserves an applause.

We were speechless when we got to know that, a girl from Kerala attended the workshop twice (Bangalore & Hyderabad) and said it was worth it!  Also people had come all the way from Rajasthan, Noida and other far off places. Hats off for your love, dedication and the trust you have on us.

Your encouragement acts as an energy booster and keep pushing us to work harder for your success. Your questions keep us thinking and criticism help us improve.

We promise you that there is a lot in store for you and we will come up with new initiatives to guide you better and play some positive role in your success.

We are planning to have our upcoming workshops in Chennai and Pune. The dates have not been finalized yet. Once done, we will put a post on that.

Kindly share your views, learnings and experiences so that others can have a glimpse of it.

Again thank you all for making our Hyderabad workshop a huge success.

For FEEDBACK on the Bangalore workshop -> Click Here
For FEEDBACK on the Delhi workshop -> Click Here

All the best 🙂



  • prateek shendre

    No words of appreciation can match the hard work and dedication of IASbaba team, All the sessions were awesome specially on IR, Essay, Ethics. Food was also good. Your hard work motivates me to work harder. Good job team! Yeah at last I want to say, I am a Marathi and in Marathi ‘BABA’ means father and IASbaba is no less than a father figure.

    • Thank You Prateek.
      But we would prefer to be your friend 🙂

      • prateek shendre


  • Warrior

    Thank u baba for your valuable Direction,helpful suggestion and ending motivational speech which boost me to fight again

  • Rohit

    Thanks babaji for plan to have workshop in Pune.Plz arrange as soon as possible.eagarly waiting for your dates.

  • hajarathvali

    It’a gyan transfer from Elite to upcoming elites..I really inspired by your words…and selfless hardwork and dedication..Thank you IASBABA…I have transformed my thought process at the end of the workshop..Kudos….

  • Ashraf Ahmed

    Really It was awesome workshop sir.learnt a lot from this workshop.the sessions on IR,ethics and answer writing were very wonderful.hatsoff to the hardwork,dedication of whole IAS BABA team..

  • dhiliptcs

    I am eagerly waiting to attend the workshop in chennai..

  • Sagarica Bhattacharyya

    Please arrange workshops for the aspirants in Kolkata also…☺

  • Naveen – Nav0225

    Welcome to singara Chennai 🙂

  • SBS

    Babaji seriously I don’t know IR can be that easily handled until Vivek sir has explained those four parameters to deal in an answer. Sir’s strategy to handle Ethics was excellent it has changed my orientation towards the subject.

    I joined a coaching institute where Essay class used to be like a news reporter reading some news and we used to write like robots(I know it’s waste to write but the Sir expected that from us) Yesterday when Essay strategy was put before us I pitied myself for joining that institute and also thanked God for introducing me to IASBaba. If not you who else can give a strategy outstanding like this I bet no one.

    Current affairs session was beautifully handled. We found the hard work you do behind every article. While I am reading today’s newspaper I am seeing Mohan sir in it interacting with me in what angle we need to read.

    Answer writing session was great. More than that I like sir’s Motivation session, for a girl who couldn’t clear mains and was in a situation where many think what was she doing , that session was like boost to recharge ourselves and regain our strengths.

    And finally it was the day well spent with brilliant minds,down-to-earth personalities. Thank u Baba for conducting a workshop in Hyderabad.

    (sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes as I am not that good writer)
    Ps: IAS Baba again proved that it meets expectations, I just posted my feedback in other thread as then Hyderabad workshop feedback thread was not posted,by the time I check for today TLP it was there…so I’m reposting it here. Thank u again Baba

    • Thanks Sbs for those motivating words 🙂

      • B.Kumar

        Can you upload videos of Seminar on YouTube ? ….Thanks.

        • SBS

          As Baba told there are no videos taken….u can attend the next workshop ,it’s worth travelling

  • snjiv

    Baba..thank you for the workshop ..

    Yashwant sir-essay strategy was really helpful ..innovative..thank you..

    Mohan sir-what to read and what not..how to read current affairs..mind maps were very informative..

    Vivek sir-what to say..really wonderful..international relations strategy is superb..and ethics part..cleared many doubts

    Athiya( forget to ask spelling of name :P) SIR..(require capitals bcoz of his voice..which shows confidence….I searched for particular adjective for loud sweet voice in google..:P..dint get). Answer writing session was very good..and
    KARNE SE HOTA HAI..(this is the first post in baba..though following from past 6 months..was afraid of writing..how my language will be..but tdy m happy tat I started)

    You are a motivational speaker..:)

    Vivek sir’s friend(IRS officer posted in hyd) spoke very well with humor.

    Did I miss anyone..!?hope no..

    Thank you everyone who came all the way from namm Bengaluru.

    And sorry for not much of interactions.. from our side..though u guys were encouraging..

    I bet u guys ll get encouraging thanksgiving replies from many candidates this time…

    I hope next year ..I ll be one among them..:P

    Thank you baba Ji..:)

    • We will be waiting for that 🙂
      You are most welcome Snjiv.

  • SVSR

    Who said it is a workshop?!!! It is an ENLIGHTENMENT SERMON delivered by IAS Baba and Team to flush out the myths accumulated in our brains and to open the minds regarding preparation, strategies and approach for UPSC as done by the Buddha in 6th Cen. B.C to show proper way in life.

    It was a great pleasure to see d mentors and interact with them. All of them are young, energetic and dynamic bureaucrats who are envisioned to extend the reach of proper guidance to the remotest corners. It will not be any exaggeration to say that we will never come across such guidance sessions in India. Their patience is enormous – right from clearing silly unmindful doubts to erasing the stubborn mindsets of aspirants in an intelligent way without hurting their interests.

    In that more than 8 hours of session, no one looked bored or sleepy. Started with interactive session, all the team members presented various SMART strategies for approaching different subjects :

    > Kumar Vivek Sir’s strategy of COMPARTMENTALIZATION (4 C’s) for International Relations show the rightest path for easily tuning in to the subject in examination orientation. His reasoning for approaching Ethics paper is great. All the doubts regarding Ethics paper was cleared with best examples.

    > Yeshwant Sir’s strategy for ‘Essay’ is path-breaking. In less than 15 minutes, minds of everyone in the session has opened. With beautifully articulated PowerPoint presentation, he enumerated writing and approach strategy to write a multi-dimensional essay.

    > Mohammad Sahney Sir’s speech reinvigorated the students with new energies by clearing inherent doubts like “I am an average student in academics, graduation etc., whether I could clear it or not”. One should learn how to fight from the ground level with hardly any weapons in hand from him.

    > Another sir (wearing purple shirt and yellow tie – sadly forgot his name) is the ‘PATHFINDER’ for session. He is a kind of ‘IMPASSE BREAKER’ as he intelligently broken the mindsets of students with stubborn minds. His words and quotes are extremely motivational. His strategy for Answer Writing is awesome – highlighted all the dimensions required for presenting a good answer for any type of question.

    > Mohan Sir’s session is the PATH to sail in the ocean of Current Affairs. In company with Yeshwanth sir, they showed the way for preparing Mind Maps and How to contract more information into few lines – an essential thing for notes making.

    We all have an opportunity to have lunch and snacks with the mentors. They are so patient that they have cleared all the doubts even after hours of completion of session.

    Being a government employee in Secretarial Services, I’ve experienced many Officers in the ranks of Principal Secretary to Special Chief Secretary. Very few of them gentle, approachable and reformist mindset. Administration and behaviour of Officers are becoming so irrational that, people and employees are calling IAS as “Indian Arrogant Service”

    Hope that Bureaucrats like the IAS Baba’s team and future officers under their guidance would break this notion and make governance ‘People Friendly’.

    • Thank you SVSR.. We are overwhelmed.. 🙂



      • B.Kumar

        plz upload videos……thanks.

      • mfrd

        Baba video post kr do

    • Subhash

      of course similar experience in delhi too

    • iasvet6attemptmainsfailure

      my essay part is weak. is it possible to get video of this yeshwant sir u mention or may be some utube link to his session.

      • SVSR

        hi brother……. as Baba said there are no recorded videos of workshops……..

        If u expand what exactly are ur doubts, I can analyse what sir said in the session and may give suggestion to u……..
        My email: [email protected]

        Much better, u may write email on ur concern to IAS baba’s mail, then sir will give u apt solutions..

        all d best..

        • iasvet6attemptmainsfailure

          thnx bro for replying. i will send u an email.

  • The program was compact and well managed.

    Kumar Vivek sir’s classes were just awesome and all of you too. Your experience with the exam and the administration was the crux. Thank you for sharing the same.

    Thanks for removing the misconceptions and notions.
    Feeling rejuvenated after the workshop. Thank you team for the motivation.

  • srk

    It’s been my privilege to be honored with the ashirvad of Babaji(s). In fact, before attending the workshop I have been having many apprehensions like who are the people behind this brilliant initiatives, is it really possible to tune our mindset to align with UPSC within a single day, Is IASbaba justifies the tagline of “One Stop Destination for UPSC Preparation ”. But, finally travelled 329 km exclusively for attending this Workshop.

    To my surprise in the reception itself met Mastermind Yashwanth Sir, They have nicely arranged everything and followed KISS(Keep It Simple and Short) in every aspect. The Icebreaking Initial session started with busting of myths is the eye-opener to all.

    The approach for IR taken by Kumar Vivek sir is simply brilliant. Dealing with a subject like IR which is very dynamic, exhaustive in nature is explained with a simple and easy approach.

    In fact, After listening to Mohan sir Current Affairs session I feel like enlightened suddenly. How to consolidate different resources, How can we able to read any article in 360 approach explained very well.

    The Essay session of Yashwanth sir is such that you can’t stop to utter the awesome word. Within 50 minutes , he made me confident enough to able to write 1000 words of Essay. The Framework Provided by him is such that, can able to attempt essay without having any exclusive reading but with our Common Sense.

    Atyab Ali, the motivator, his poise, confident inspired a lot. His humorous way of teaching is such that you can’t able to stop laugh, my stomach cramped in fact. The last few words of his before closing session remembered my school teacher.

    They all are caring and really passionate enough to do something. They successfully infused the plug-in of you can do it in my brain 🙂 . “We never win over long difficulties. The only way in our sight is to continue our fight as much as we can”, said by one of the honorable speakers. IASbaba boon to a lot of them who can’t afford painful coaching. Finally, my trip is worth it.

    In one word I can sum up that IASbaba is incredible.

    • Thank you SRK for this brilliant feedback. All the best.

  • Ambarish

    The session was enlightening as the organizers had the heart in the right place. However, I wanted to give a couple of suggestions to make it a more stream lined and hard hitting affair
    Logistics and Event Management
    1. It would be good to know the itinery of the session to all the participants beforehand. This is of immense help especially for the outstation participants. It will also double up as a time keeper and would help ensure that slippages in schedule are kept in check
    2. Well-spaced break outs – Sometimes marathon sessions do take a toll on your body no matter how interesting they are  It would have been better to have frequent 5 min break outs after every session to increase the alertness levels of participants
    3. Efficient dining services – I know most of the folks would be bored by now. However, when you are running an 8 hour long session wherein so much of knowledge transfer is taking place, even the smallest things count. It would have been good to beef up the catering staff a bit by opening up additional counters. This would have ensured that your lunch break didn’t turn out to be a 1.15 hrs affair instead of the 30 mins planned by the organizers
    4. Session handouts – I saw lot of students taking notes while attending the session. I think it would be good if the organizers print information handouts and workbooks for each of the session beforehand so that students concentrate entirely on the session without having to fall for that “temptation” to take notes
    5. Pre and Post Session feedback – It would be good if you take a pre-session feedback to check what students expect from the session. This would help you for better targeting of session material. Similarly collecting written feedback from participants immediately after the session ends would be of immense help

    Session Structure and Content
    1. Introductory Session – This can be streamlined. While it is important to keep inform everyone about the good work IASBaba has been doing and posting on its website due regard should be given to time lines as well considering that we are a little short on time. I would suggest to bundle these things in a short 5 min introductory video along with testimonials of candidates who have found IASBaba of immense help
    2. “Choosing the Right Optional” by Yashwant – It was revealing! 😀 Wont forget the life partner test  I found other things very helpful as well such as information asymmetry and getting the basics right. Similarly the need to be continuously motivated and being happy. They were crucial takeaways
    3. Mohammed Saem’s inspiring speech – Man! That was from the bottom of his heart…. You don’t get to hear such candid and inspirational speeches frequently. He talked as if he was an aspirant amongst us. Truly motivating. Thanks Saem once again! And IASBaba for helping the aspirants and Mr Saem with each other
    4. International Relations by Kumar Vivek – Another Master Class. Totally reoriented my approach towards IR by showing us the framework based approach
    5. Current Affairs by Mohan – Another revealing session. It will surely help me trim down the 2 books worth of notes on Current Affairs since I have started preparing for the examination. I also realized that one has to do things differently in order to succeed. Mohan just showed that how it can be put to practice effortlessly
    6. Session on Essay writing by Yashwant – This once again showed me the reason as to why I am not able to write quality and well-rounded essays. I would definitely try his approach
    7. Sub-session on interview – My apologies for extending a Q&A round!! The question whether I should express my thoughts freely or try to channel them into the confines of political correctness baffles me every night! Yashwant, Athiya and the Senior Gentleman Officer from KA State helped me to resolve the dilemma to an extent  I also want to extend my apologies to the participants who had to bear my ranting for approx. 5 mins
    8. Session on Answer Writing by Athiya – KARNE SE HOTA HAI! That summarizes it all. Hall mark of a true Baba _/_
    9. Session on Ethics by Kumar Vivek – Another master class. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the complete session as I had a bus to catch @ 5.30 pm. His pointers were very helpful

    • srk

      Hi ambarish,
      I am the guy sat besides you. did u rememeber ?

      • Ambarish

        Hi Sanjeev, Yep… Will surely keep connecting online as well 🙂

    • thank you Ambrish for your valuable feedback. We will take a note of your points and try to improve on short comings.

    • Main Samay Hoon…

      The moment I glanced your this write up and read the 1st line, I knew it was you. 🙂
      We had words while the 1st tea break.
      You have really great insight about issues and a streamlined, stuructured expression.
      Stay Blessed!

      • Ambarish

        Thanks for the compliments Ravi! It was good to interact with people who share the same passion… Keep writing and reviewing questions on the forums 🙂 All the best for your preparation too!

        • Main Samay Hoon…

          Thanks Brother! 🙂

    • Shinchan Nohara

      hi Ambrish I am Sayyed Huzaifa from Nashik. we met at the seminar if you remember.

      • Ambarish

        Hi Huzaifa! How was your drive back to Nashik? Meri toh bus mein waat lagg gayi yaar 😀

        • Shinchan Nohara

          Acchi thi bhai. Main ek din stay karke 2nd ko nikla waha se and via karnataka aaya. Kuch kaam tha waha isliye. 1.30 am to pahucha aaj. Chal apna khayal rakhna and stay connected

  • MDA

    A thank you note:
    A to and fro journey of 22 hours to attend what i thought was a workshop culminated in many disillusionments:
    Team Iasbaba is a sincere team of young and humble people ( rare breed, especially when we think of bureaucrats), who very well understand our mindset, problems and even flaws.
    Optional: ” choose as if choosing a life partner” sounds funny but exactly how it should be!
    The approach to IR, answer writing ,essay writing, ethics and even choice of newspaper are totally different to what i had been reading/ hearing until now.
    Each of you as speakers were so good that it kept me feeling , ” i must listen, else i will regret”.
    One observation: Your hospitality, sincerity( interactions during breaks and even after the sessions were over), patience ( in answering queries), realistic (approach to interview) , hard work testifies your success. You seriously deserve the creditable position you are in!
    One confession: i was humbled by the experience. To reach that position ( where you are right now), i need to have all those attributes.
    The workshop was a real eye opener and would recommend it to my peers who SINCERELY want to SAIL through the UPSC exam.
    Quoting IASbaba” Karne se hota hai”
    THANK YOU IASbaba!
    P.s: people travel to meet celebrities. Don’t know about them, but atleast meeting you, Sirs, has been an experience i will share with my family, friends and anyone who wants to hear my story.

    • Thank you so much MDA for this note. it means a lot to us.

  • My name is Eshwar

    Respected Babaji ,

    I am Kavali Eshwar, a Civil Services aspirant ( attempted

    Mains-2014,2015).I have attended your workshop at Hyderabad .

    To be frankly speaking, I could “unlearn,relearn” the intricacies of

    the amazing and challenging journey of Civil Services from today’s


    I could regain my confidence after my two successive failures in Mains stage.

    The words of wisdom of Yeshwanth,Kumar & others re ignited

    my passion towards the exam.

    I hope by your support & blessings,I would become an IAS officer very soon.

    Wish you all the best and thanks a lot for your workshop.

    Please convey my regards to the IAS Baba team that have made today’s

    event a grand success.

    Warm Regards,


    • thanks a lot Eshwar and all the best for all your future endeavours.

      • Hope

        sir please post workshop videos

  • neeharika

    very good workshop
    it had showed me right way in which way i need to move reach my goal
    thank u iasbaba n team everyone were awesome cant tell which is good
    and i need to thank kumar sir for guiding in geography
    thank u ias baba n team for inspiring and encouraging us

    • you are most welcome Neeharika.

  • It was a pretty intense workshop. As I was there was no agenda posted earlier on the website (or I missed it and I didn’t read about what happened in other workshops), so I was not aware of what exactly to expect from the workshop. I took prelims in 2013 just to get an idea, without preparation. I am thinking of taking prerlims 2016 and going all out for 2017, hopefully with success.

    Over all the workshop was pretty good and useful and totally worth attending although, personally couldn’t agree with few points. It’s just my personal opinion though. All I can say is,that I don’t completely agree with anyone telling aspirants that this is how you should write or talk in the interview (referring to only a few ethics/interview suggestions not all and if the students just do that but still keep their “original attitude” intact, then I don’t think it’s good!!).

    Instead I would rather suggest and hope aspirants actually try to change their (aspirants) attitude completely and not just for the time being for the test/exam/interview/training. I just might be overthinking things though. I think you are not really to blame too, because that is what the UPSC and the government in general seem to expect from us and you are only advising what needs to be done based on that.

    I still appreciate whatever your team has advised us yesterday. It was a great session. I would be waiting for the 60 day plan and see how well it works this time around (especially for me). I hope you would create a weekend classroom sessions or so (as I am working) in Hyderabad, doesn’t matter which paper is it.

    Thanks a lot for the workshop!

    By the way, I read your entire story on Quora just after the workshop! Great going for you guys!
    https://www.quora.com/Is-Akand-Sitra-the-owner-of-the-website-IASbaba (I hope you don’t mind me sharing this link here)

    Good luck with your future endeavors! 🙂

  • BST

    It was an “awesometacular” experience to meet the brilliant minds behind IASBABA.

    (sir plz don’t forget that you have promised us to post an article on sociology optional strategy 🙂 )

    Thanks for everything 🙂

    Just a doubt sir plz plz plz clarify this: -^-

    To yeshwant sir : Sir what to do if essay topic is a quote?
    In sez question what is national perspective from polity angle?
    To Vivek sir : What to do if in case studies (a) and (b) questions are contradictory to each other? Should we maintain same attribute in both?

    • thank you for your feedback BST. Kindly mail us your questions on our official email id. we will surely answer them.

      • BST

        Sir I had already mailed u..

        • Hi BST

          Apology for the late reply

          For both Essay and Ethics, we will come up with detailed posts after Prelims. Stay tuned!

  • Anya Shetty

    Simplicity-Courage-Enthusiasm of IASbaba simply overwhelmed us Y’day. Experiences we got form your UPSC aspirant days and myths broken down, the perpectives we got from each one of you Yashwanth, Kumar Vivek, Sam, Athya, CA ( miseed his name) speaker and the entire team.. they really are very practical and eye opening. I never thought the way you think would make a huge impact. I would keep that in mind and put my heart & soul into my preparation. Always remember anything I do, watching a movie, dancing, cooking, or just walking.. I would give my best into it – A conscious Life… I promise I Will be A Sincere Human in whatever I do .
    Thank you All.
    It’s not just UPSC preparation. Its beyond it. Its’ Life.

    • Thanks a lot Anya for your encouraging words.

      • Anya Shetty

        WE will surely look upto The Iasbaba initiatives and definitely participate and make the most out of it & make sure your efforts don’t go into vain

    • Main Samay Hoon…

      CA guy’s name is Mr. Mohan.
      Suggestion: Explore the entire IASbaba site (if you haven’t) there is plethora of killer stuff lying just few clicks away.

      • Anya Shetty

        Mr.Mohan, got it.
        Sure I have always been & continue to do …

  • nehru nethala

    Oh yesterday was my day as I woke up at 3:15 am, it was against my routine schedule. It is nothing but early bird catches more food, in terms of free OLA ride, free valuable suggestions through work shop and finally nice food. So “Annadatha Sukhibava”

  • Dharavi Writer

    sir, Punya madhe tumcha hardik swagat aahe ! Bhet dya punyala anhi amhala ENLIGHTMENT cha DOSE dya _/_

    • Nakki ani lavkarach! 🙂

      • susheel

        sir please share pune and chennai workshop dates..

  • Friends, if you have observed, we did not have videography for any of our sessions. We put in a lot of effort in each of our workshops. So we want you to come and cherish the experience yourself.

    • BST

      Yes sir, yesterday I wondered about same thing…but now I got the answer. Thank you for wonderful and unique experience 🙂

  • Main Samay Hoon…

    Although the feedback or response to the Hyderabad Workshop can consist of numbers of ‘paragraphs’ and ‘points’ with a well ‘structured’, ‘organised’ and a proper ‘intro’, ‘body’ and ‘conclusion’ format. About the ‘facilitation’ of ‘strategic importance’ of ‘multi pronged approach’ by ‘skilled’, ‘accountable’, and ‘responsible’ ‘personnels’ in an ‘integrated’, ‘coordinated’ and ‘inclusive’ manner in a ‘UPSC-ecosystem’. 😛

    In my words I would like to sum up the entire workshop in ‘minimum words with maximum communication’ by: In the process of transformation from an aspirant to a bureaucrat the ignition was this workshop.

    Hats off to the IASbaba team.
    Stay Blessed! 🙂

    • thank you Ravi.. you have proved that you ‘Sincerely’ attended the workshop. 🙂

      • Main Samay Hoon…

        Haha! Thanks Baba! 🙂

  • Vijay Ashok

    Baba,First I would first say thank you for showing the right path for achieving our goal..The way each speaker relates their life experiences to connect to dilemmas faced by aspirants is commendable..
    @Yashwant: Sir ,your approach to tackle essay and how you choose optional etc.. are very good and cleared my fears on essay
    @Kumar Vivek:Sir,I should honestly say it changed my IR preparation strategy.. Your suggestions about answer writing is good.. I should specifically say you have cleared most of my doubts regarding Geography optional… The way you asked us to approach was never told by anyone…Thank you
    @Mohan: Sir your approach on CA is very good
    @ Atyab: Sir,how did you get that much energy? The way you told to write answers is good..
    Overall,Is has been very very good session which changed our perspective of preparation and I hope I’ll implement those strategies in coming mains.. Thank you once again IASBABA??

    • Thank you Vijay.. All the best.

  • chaitu

    IAS Baba…. The workshop in Hyderabad was awesome in many respects. I personally feel, the workshop has built up self-confidence like any thing, which is one of the most significant
    take away from the event.The preparation strategy they explained regarding International relations, Ethics is worth mentioning hear. The people who attended were so interactive and intermingled……… Sincere request from my side is please try to include “INTERNAL SECURITY” as part of your next workshop if possible…..Thank you so much for conducting such an event. Hope you guide me till the last mile…………..

    • thank you Chaitu. We will keep your suggestion in mind.

  • Umakant

    With due respect to Yashwanth sir,Kumar Vivek sir and whole iasbaba team,I want to express my gratitude to you all sir.
    Actually I was having exam the very next morning so I was told to focus on that rather attending the workshop in Hyderabad which is almost 1600 kms far away from Noida but I was adamant to attend the workshop and to meet iasbaba team.The workshop not only changes my way of preparation but also strengthened my belief that I can do.The effect of meeting you sir was so deep down that after that day i started saying clearing CSE “asaan hai”.
    I was very happy to attend the workshop and to meet you sir due to which I scored full marks in exam even though I was not fully prepared.Now I m clear with my purpose and started working on that leaving all other so called back up plans because there is only one way to success either you will succeed or you will fail to do so.Thankyou so much sir..Yashwanth sir for not scoring marks but for marking the beginning of new era of my life.
    May you live long sir 🙂

  • Laxmi

    baba ji upsc me , marks kitne obtain kye hai dekhe ja sakte hai

  • Shubham Chaturvedi

    When will you be organizing workshop in Pune baba?

  • Subhajeet Chakraborti

    I am overwhelmed with all the response from friends and people who have attended the sessions. I am out of Prelims this year due to incorrect strategy and lack of correct mindset (I started preparation too late), but thanks to IASBaba website I am planning a full fledged regimen to see me through Mains 2017. My humble request to Team IASBaba, please consider Kolkata for workshops next year, it will be very helpful to all aspirants from Eastern India.

  • Er. Vijay JHINJHA

    Plz tell me babag.. when will u organize workshop in Rajasthan ?

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