SYNOPSIS- IASbaba’s TLP 2016 [4th May] – UPSC Mains GS Questions [HOT]

  • May 5, 2016
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SYNOPSIS- IASbaba’s TLP 2016 [4th May] – UPSC Mains GS Questions [HOT]


1. In a backward district of Bihar, you have been given the responsibility of recommending the establishment of certain industries which can generate sustainable employment in the district and also contribute to the growth of state GDP. Which industries would you recommend and why?



Recently, the Centre had notified 21 districts of Bihar as “backward” areas. While establishing industries in these districts one should take all parameters like geography, topography, availability of raw materials, climate, social and cultural factors and others into consideration.

By considering the above parameters, we can deduce at recommending the following industries suitable for backward district/s of Bihar.

(Your answer should consider some of the following industries)

  • Agro-based and Food Processing Industries
  • Dairy and Leather Industry
  • Handicraft and textile industry
  • Mixed farmingand Animal Husbandry
  • Silk Textile inidustry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Forest based product industry
  • Jute and paper industry

Note: Briefly provide reasons/factors why these industries can be set up.

For instance,

Agro-based and Food Processing Industries: Bihar is one of the largest producers of variety of fruits like mango, guava, litchi etc. also, in terms of quality they are well known. India’s food processing industry is a sunrise industry and Bihar can provide the quality and quantity of raw material. By providing raw material and cheap labour both industry and state can flourish.

Sugar Industry: Bihar’s climate is favorable for sugarcane production. With proper irrigation, Bihar can take advantage of this cash crop and boost this industry at its corridor.

Silk textile industries: People of Bihar is known for their best sericulture practices and the climate of the state too suite for mulberry planting. Textile industry in such district will make high quality silk will fetch high price.

End with suitable conclusion

Apart from industries, setting up educational institutes would help professionals like teachers and others and would also help children to reap sustainable benefits of the above industries thereby helping the GDP of the state to grow significantly.


Best answer: DreamPossible

Bihar is endowed with huge number of resources like huge working population, fertile land, cattle’s etc. still it is one of the BIMARU state (sick state). Following Industries can be developed considering the factor endowment of the state:

  1. Agro-based and Food Processing Industries: Bihar is one of the largest producers of variety of fruits like mango, guava, litchi etc. also, in terms of quality they are well known. India’s food processing industry is a sunrise industry and Bihar can provide the quality and quantity of raw material. By providing raw material and cheap labour both industry and state can flourish.
  2. Leather Industry – Bihar is rich in cattle population and can provide raw material to leather industry.
  3. Handicraft and textile industry – Historically, Bihar is known for artist and weaver which can serve this industry.
  4. Sugar Industry- Bihar’s climate is favourable for sugarcane production. With proper irrigation, Bihar can take advantage of this cash crop and boost this industry at its corridor.
  5. Mining Industry- Due to presence of various minerals like mica, lime stone, bauxite, etc. it can serve mining industry.
  6. Forest based product industry- Bihar has large area covered under forest with specific trees, herbs, shrubs which can be used for producing organic product for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Also, timer can be used for furniture industry.
  7. Other industries, with proper electricity it can sustain various small scale industries like manufacturing of tin container, plastic industry, etc.

With proper infrastructural development, irrigation, transport facility Bihar can unlock its huge potential and give employment to its population.

2. A Hollywoodmovie based on the life of a great mathematician from India was released few days back. Can you name that personality? Also discuss his great contributions in the area of mathematics


Recent Hollywood movie was released deciphering the life of Great mathematician S. Ramanujan, named as “The man who knew infinity”.
S. Ramanujan has made significant contributions in the field of mathematics. Even though he was less qualified he was a genius in maths. At the age of 11 he matched up with the knowledge of two great mathematicians in his family and at 12 he solved trigonometry on his own and developed various theorems which were later tested, some are proven right by mathematicians.


  1. Astounding formulae for infinite divergent series, continued fractions, irrational number, improper integrals, number theories where infinite series of Pi(?) is significant.
  2. The Ramanujan Conjecture, which is an assertion of tau-function.
  3. The Hardy-Ramanujan number, 1729 – smallest number expressible as the sum of cubes of two numbers in two different ways, (1, 12) and (9,10).
  4. Generalization of the Jacobian functions with Ramanujan Theta, which finds application in String theories.
  5. Mock theta functions that later evolved into Infinite theta functions and Fourier coefficients for Jacobi forms.
  6. Ramanujan ternary quadratic form.
  7. Development of Bernoulli’s number properties, selective for research work used currently.
  8. Classification of whole number.
  9. Calculated Euler’s constant to 15 decimal places.
  10. Contribution to quadratic equation and discovery of hyper geometric series.


India declared December 22 as the National Mathematics Day, to celebrate mathematics in deep respect of this great mathematician. Even the footsteps left behind by such personalities bring pride and glory to the nation.

Best answer: The Dark Knight



3. The Indian case is that of an ‘over legislated but under governed’ country. Do you agree? Critically examine.

  • Intro:

Any democratic government functions as per the powers drawn by the law, which gives it legal authority to carry out its functions, but at times, the same laws become hindrance for the effective discharging of the government’s functions.

  • Body:
  • Instances which show that India is over legislated and under governed:


  1. Agriculture: From state APMC act to model APMC act, FCI all have been unable to arrest the distress sale by farmers and money making middlemen. Land reform is another such area with laws governing zamindari abolition to land ceiling results are not encouraging.
  2. Labour: there are numerous laws governing working hours to maternity benefit, social security to wage payment but their implementation has been dismal with discrimination met to women and other disadvantaged group. Almost 44 labor laws clearly show poor coordination.
  3. Industry: In order to establish an industry, it needs pass various filters of laws and procedures like Industries Act, Labour Act, Minimum Wages Act, Workmen Compensation Act, Environmental clearances, tax auditing, credit access etc. All these cumbersome processes placed Indian in the rank of 131 in Ease of Doing Business Index, and many start ups are leaving India
  4. Taxation system – many laws like Income Tax Act, Corporate Tax, Customs Act, Central Excises, VAT, State Commercial Taxes, Excise, Prohibition etc., often resulted in delayed resolving of cases and has seen increase in tax evasion by individuals and firms.
  5. Environment: environment protection act 1986 was preceded by water act 1974 and air act 1981 and still the Supreme Court and the NGT having to pass numerous orders and guidelines to regulate environment is an indication of poor governance.
  6. Children: numerous laws like Right to Education act, Childlabour Prevention act and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act have been passed to protect the children from sexual abuse and exploitation, but still many children are left outside the education system and are sexually exploited.
  7. Women: Protection of Women from Domestic Violence act 2005 and Criminal Law Amendment 2013( Nirbhaya Act) ,Dowry Prohibition Act, Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, are meant to provide safety for women and yet the nation ceases to be a safe place for women.
  8. SC &STs: The Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 and the subsequent amendments have made the law stringent, but the conviction rates are abysmally low, their improvement if at all is only marginal.
  • Conclusion:

Write a suitable conclusion.

Best answer: EL NINO.

India has been described as a country that is over-legislated and under-governed. There is an attempt to solve every problem under the sun through legislation, even though that legislation can’t be enforced:

Essential Commodities Act 1955 – Several orders issued under it has brought essentially everything under it. Production, marketing, shortage and distribution for all these products is not possible as is seen in frequent rise in prices of pulses and onion.

Labour Laws – There are around 50 Union-level statutes that directly deal with labour. These don’t agree on definitions like “wages”, “child”, “workman” etc. Still the working condition has not improved. Workers are dying in mines, child labour is rampant.

Laws to protect Tribals – There are several laws like Prevention of atrocities act, protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955Forest right act, PESA act, to protect right of tribals. But still they are harassed by forest officials and struggle to protect their habitat. e.g.: recent struggle in Niyam giri hills.

Laws on taxes – There are numerous laws on tax evasion, tax avoidance and money laundering. Recent Panama papers reveal that governance on these laws is poor.

Environmental Laws – We have around 25 environment related central legislation. But still according to whom report 13 out of 20 most polluted cities in world are from India.

Still India has very satisfactorily governed the patent regime checking bio-piracy and patent demands by just minor changes in original formula and software patents. Our nuclear energy safety governance is excellent. Due to good governance Kerala has become 100% literate in primary education, Sikkim is 100% organic state, A.P is going to be the first “open defecation free” state etc.

Government has made efforts to harmonize Labour laws, and discard irrelevant laws to increase “ease of doing business”. This efforts need to be carried on to social domain as well because over legislation becomes the cause of under governance


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