Creative Guidance: Book Review – The Wealth of Nations – Adam Smith

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  • June 7, 2016
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The Wealth of Nations

The Wealth of Nations

At about 1200 pages, ‘The Wealth of Nations’ is arguably the most comprehensive and complete understanding of the economic background and history of the modern world.

‘The Wealth of Nations’ explores the origin of the modern economic system, which has its roots in the ancient trade and exchange system. The book is a thorough and systematic analysis of the role of currency and its evolution.

The book gives a thorough and readable narration about the systems of labor, taxes, wages, market and economy. This book is a delight for economists as it explores some of the most complex economic theories in the simplest possible way.

‘The Wealth of Nations’ can be credited with the fabulous task of simplifying the complex structures of economic theory for the understanding and education of a common mind. Every lay man can understand and comprehend the ideas explored here.

Read this book to acquire the wealth of knowing about the wealth of the world. Where did all this come from; what are the important circumstances and events that shape our world; where are we headed and how will the future of economy look?

‘The Wealth of Nations’ by Adam Smith is almost a guide book for economists. You cannot miss this book if you have any interest in world economy.

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