Creative Guidance: Book Review – Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell

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  • July 26, 2016
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Malcolm Gladwell is a genius story teller with an uncanny knack of weaving stories that are both compelling and real. The richness and depth of psychological understanding he brings to his writings is arguably the best in the world.

In Outliers he explores the elusive concept of success in the world. He explores the causes of success, the path, the story and the truth. He makes profound statements about how success is not just about talent and gift but it is more about the circumstances and situations people are put in and how one reacts to those situations.

He brings in the story of one of the most successful people in the world, Bill Gates. He explains with a razor’s edge precision the situation and circumstances that led to the enormous success of the software giant.

He explains how Bill Gates was lucky to be in a college which had the only computer and how he was able to find a way to pass through the maximum usage hours restrictions to eventually go on using the computer for as long as he wanted.

By the time Gates turned 20, he had spent a little more than 10,000 hours working on computer software. This along with a few key situations and circumstances that prevailed during the time led to his enormous success.

Outliers is a must read to understand the dynamics and functioning of success. Success has more to do with being at the right time in the right place than about anything else. Read this book to get a completely fresh and new insight on the idea of success.

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