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  • July 17, 2016
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Give Up

The voice that says, ‘Give Up’

If there is anything worth fighting; it is that silent inner voice which says, ‘Give Up’. It is surprising how often we hear this voice. Almost everything we try to accomplish in life requires effort and giving up is the easiest way to escape the effort. Hence it’s a constant mantra of the mind to keep chanting ‘Give Up’.

You have been studying for a few hours, you are tired and feeling sleepy, there is that inner voice saying, ‘Give Up’ go to sleep. You have set the alarm to wake up early in the morning; the alarm rings and there is that inner voice again, ‘Give Up’ just go to sleep.

The most difficult of things to recognize and overcome is this tiny whispering voice which constantly limits what you are and what you can be. There is no success for the one who cannot overcome this inner voice. Success is simply a way of recognizing this voice and overcoming it.

The voice ‘Give Up’ has a cousin ‘Do it later’. ‘Do it later’ is almost, if not even more detrimental to your progress than ‘Give Up’. At least with ‘Give Up’ you can eventually recognize it as a weakness and overcome it. But with ‘Do it later’ there is no real motivation to break the habit. ‘Do it later’ is pure negativity dressed in positive clothes. It takes more effort to recognize and beat it.

Both of them together, ‘Give up’ and ‘Do it later’ can bring down your infinite potential to almost infinitesimal level. If you cannot listen to and overcome this inner voice again and again, you will not be able to accomplish much. There are no big barriers to success, what you need to be aware of are these tiny inner voices of tiredness, boredom and negativity.

Just beyond the voice ‘Give Up’ is the vastness of your true potential. If you can just push yourself a little further every time you hear this voice, then you can go farther than you have ever imagined. In truth there is absolutely no limitation to your creativity, energy and positivity. It’s just that listening to your inner voices of negativity has become a habit. Once the habit is broken, you will discover a whole new you.

Try this. Every time you feel like giving up, just tell yourself, ’10 more minutes’ and push yourself to accomplish the task for those 10 minutes. Again when you hear the voice, ‘Give Up’ tell yourself 10 more minutes! This simple habit of pushing yourself a little further every time you want to give up can make all the difference.

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